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Mias and Elle - Chapter 8 - Page 22

Back to the boys. Sorry to leave it where it gets steamy and replacing it with Mias' stupid face. I won't be skipping things but just needed to include the rest of the goings on at this point :)
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'O hearth mother how thou hath corrupted our innocent Petal!!!!!

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I love the smile on his face. It's amazing.

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I initially thought that big collar was a poof of smoke, like that woman just poofed in. I realized my mistake in the next panel, but now I can't un-see it. lol

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i have this horrible feeling that she is somehow going to summon Mias into her dream and make a big misunderstanding happen. this panel in general feels like some magically compelled shit that gives me the creeps

red-winged-angel's avatar

Oh my! (That'll be an awkward conversation later.)

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They would want to understand everything about the girl from above. In every conceivable way.

Mias certainly wasn't exaggerating there!

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Is Mias Angy? Angy cause she kiss other Dormaeus

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While this is most likely one of Mias's relatives, we don't know for certain if it's his mom or sister or some other unfortunate family member.

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I don't understand what's happening 8,D

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Let's be honest, we've all done it at some point.

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"Baby where'd you get your intimidating eyebrows from?"

Mias: "I got it from my mamma"

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Also, the inevitable awkward conversation later... Elle: Hey, um...Mias...are you as good as your dad in bed? Mias: smirks Why yes, of course I-...wait how would you-...MOTHER WHAT DID YOU DO??!??!?

Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar

“Children of Hurin” comes to mind.

RobinTheBard's avatar

...I mean...kind of?? O-o0 Not enough incest yet, somehow...also no dragons lol

Gnoll-El's avatar

Wait, WHAT?! The kinks just got out ran by the questions. Especially the, ah, ethical ones. Elle is going to wake up like she had been spring break partying in south Florida.

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wait, everyone in the comments seem very certain that that is mias's parents messing with Elle. was there any indication of that? Did I miss something? Or are we all jumping on the assumption train?

limited-capacity's avatar

I believe the assumption is coming from the matching eyebrow thing and subsequent conversation about the eyebrow thing being a family thing. However, I think it's just a transition element and that the lady is a form of the black-haired monster that was trying to gnosh on Elle earlier. I think it's that thing having another go at her in her sleep.

Aveangeladarkangel's avatar

see, thats what I thought, I thought it was the disturbing creature attacking her, but then the comments made me go 🤔🧐🤔

but again that thing was sitting over her, and when she opened her eyes it was suddenly that dark haired woman. I dont think this is Mais's parents at all, something else is going on

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There's also the fact of the portrait in the blood room, and that Mias referred to her as Hearth Mother

cant remember but they looked exactly like them

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Oh you'll find out! I'm about to summon it!

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