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Boss Kobold

A commission I did for Kobold Quarterly. [link]

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wow he look so beautiful , would love to see more of them , really awesome style ,excellent position , so fantastic feet
StormBat's avatar
LOL Kobolds FTW
WeeFreeMrMan's avatar
I know it's just a commission for you but I love the little guys, mainly because I love monsters and underdogs, So thank you so very much for this. d^_^b
FrickinTickles's avatar
Ah, Kobolds. Staple low-level monster. Makes me wanna go bust out the D&D books and start rolling some dice. :B
Cowrider's avatar
mm I have a feeling the commissioner plays neopets and owns a krawk :P
ambivalentart's avatar
this reminds me of neopets :D
DreamPen's avatar
You're awesome when you do cute and charming works, but you're even more awesome when you go serious and hardcore! :+favlove:
Demosthenes-101's avatar
Ok....not exactly the cute pet post it of the day but a kick-ass character nonetheless! :D Reminds me of the "Gargoyles" series that Disney came out with awhile back. He'd be right at home in World of Warcraft! :D
brontolina's avatar
There are kobold NPCs in World of Warcraft, but they're more rat-like in appearance.
Demosthenes-101's avatar
Need more reptilians in WoW...
brontolina's avatar
But there are tons of dragons, lots of turtles, plenty of raptors and other dinosaur-types... I guess you mean "humanoid" reptilians?
Demosthenes-101's avatar
Yep! :D But then I don't play WoW.....^^; I just watch the YouTube vids for the fun of it. Namely for the hidden things and glitches....and the player like the ever so famous Leeroy Jenkins!!!!!!
brontolina's avatar
You get an achievement in-game where if you do the same dungeon quest and kill 50 rookery whelps in a certain amount of time, you receive the title 'Jenkins.'
Demosthenes-101's avatar
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purplemonster0625's avatar
hehe... the piece of yours i saw before this was a cute little hamster
big contrast!
great work!
Nightscream452's avatar
I thought Kobold's were furry wolf like creatures? when I first saw this I thought it it was a Draconian.
speak-for-the-dark's avatar
I believe the original mythological Kobolds were small, bald, monkey-like albino creatures with extra joints that ran around hiding in caves and making knocking noises.

Ah, modernization. :'D
Mister-Sidd's avatar
I thought those were just 'Knockers'...
Nightscream452's avatar
EEEEE! I believe your right!
speak-for-the-dark's avatar
I knew my mass of random faery knowledge would come in handy :'''D
Nightscream452's avatar
never know when those lawn gnomes will attack huh?
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