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Birthstones: Moonstone

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June's Birthstone. This went from my most troublesome to most favourite. Moonies face was a wee bit problematic by just looking too flat but I'm very pleased with the outcome, especially with how the Moonstones came out.

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Is it a anthropomorphism?
wolfgirllovestodraw's avatar
I always though pearl was the birthstone of june
wolfgirllovestodraw's avatar
oh and by the way this drawing looks great and your other birthstone drawings are to
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I love how well blended it becomes with the hair! And because it's my birthstone.=3
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:iconsnowflarekit: look how cool this design is :0
IceeBones's avatar
That is amazing and cool
Sombraluz-Images's avatar
Not my birthstone, but my favorite stone. I love this design!
TheMystics11's avatar
1. didnt know which was june so this was the first i picked...
2. i love the night and the moon
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Love it! La la la la

I wonder what pearl and alexandrite would look like (June actually has three different birthstones). 
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Yaaaaaaaay! Junies like meeeee!
Ask-Whisperkit's avatar
Your art is freaking amazing.
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So it got changed from pearl, or is it both?
WillowMasqurade's avatar
Depends on which chart you follow, it can be both
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Ah. I like moonstone better.
WillowMasqurade's avatar
Personally anything pearly or iridescent i like :)
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Iridescence looks great, but I prefer it in more vibrant colors. Like the rich blues, greens, and yellows some spiders have.
WillowMasqurade's avatar
oooh yes.. i can agree with that
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I love thee hair a lot.
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EEEEE! I just now saw this!  My birthstone and a pretty lady who looks like my Mamaw wearing it to boot! *bounces*
rachelillustrates's avatar
Oh gorgeous, love the colors in the stone and her freckles!
RumpledRaven's avatar
Looks similiar to labradorite <3
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Very pretty :D!!!
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