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June 7, 2015
A Dwarf Planet by streincorp
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Suggested by LiliWrites
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A Dwarf Planet

Artistic concept of the surface of Ceres - the dwarf planet orbiting in the asteroids belt - and some props just for fun.
It's the biggest member of the asteroids belt, between Mars and Jupiter: one third of our Moon and half of Pluto, but massive enough to assume an almost spherical shape, it can be classified as a dwarf planet.
The map I drew (August 2013) is obviously an artistic concept: It's based on two blurred images from the Hubble space telescope and two infrared images from the Hawaii's Keck II observatory.
HTS: link , link
Keck II: link , link
Made with 3D Studio Max and After Effects. No stocks. I drew every single pixel of the scene.

Wait the first turn of the planet if the animation doesn't seems so fluid.
It would be a loop animation, except for some Internet Explorer :noes: if so, right click > active loop and play.

:new: recently featured on NASA's Dawn mission site!
Wallpaper poster:…

Ricostruzione artistica della superficie del pianeta minore Cerere, orbitante nella fascia di asteroidi tra Marte e Giove.

Aspettate che il pianeta completi il primo giro se l'animazione vi sembra "scattosa".
Solo l'Internet Explorer è lento a caricarlo e non sempre è attivato il loop T_T: basta cliccare col destro e attivare loop (o ciclo) e play (o ripeti) oppure usare qualsiasi altro browser decente.
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higooor's avatar

This is a Hero Planet, Thank You and The THEUSes, Gods' E Deus.

Healt and Progress.

MrSpace43-Celestia's avatar
Can you please upload the textures?
BerryBlue64's avatar
Did you predict the future?...

I'm shocked at how much this resembles the real planet.
streincorp's avatar
Ah ah not so much, but thanks. I did my best with scientific speculations and theories before the new photos of Ceres :)
cullyferg2010's avatar
What most people don't know is that Ceres is the last line of defense of the Earth from alien invasion.  What they think is a sizable impact crater is really the energy projector disguised as such.  Think Death Star.
thetrueameicanidiot's avatar
Wow, that looks amazing
great choice for DD and tremendously fun

I hope you make one of Pluto after the flyby : > )
streincorp's avatar
Yep, I would, I had not so much time to dedicate to Pluto. Let's wait for Ceres and Pluto new maps (;
A-Gray-Phantom's avatar
Psst... Pluto's not a planet XD

Fully troll activate!!
krasblak's avatar
Congratulations on the Daily Deviation!
ExtremistMerlinFan's avatar
Ugg, science hurts ma brain bro! Creative. Abilities. Leaving.... body...
Marcusml333's avatar
This really reminds me of the style of the original StarCraft menu screen.
streincorp's avatar
Yes, I was thinking to StarCraft and Mass Effect styles.
PirateLotus-Stock's avatar
TheWarOfTheRing's avatar
This looks like it came straight out of a top-notch science documentary :)
J-Rayner's avatar
Awesome work!!
xXHopevsInsanityXx's avatar
Sad thing it needs Adobe Flash Player for it.. I have Firefox which Doesn't have Adobe Flash Player.
PirateLotus-Stock's avatar
I'm on Firefox and it's working just fine :/
PirateLotus-Stock's avatar
Do you have the newest version of FF? Perhaps that's the problem.  Flash should work with FF, you could try downloading it.
xXHopevsInsanityXx's avatar
No..But I have Google so I'm gonna check right now if it works
xXHopevsInsanityXx's avatar
I saw it.. IT IS SO FREKIN COOL! Shocked Face Zoom 
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