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A memorable year to mod by monkeygigabuster
End of a Decade (2011-2019) by monkeygigabuster
Thanks for 300000 views by monkeygigabuster
Thank You Again (jaafar85 Mods) by jaafar2009
Street Fighter V Mods
R. Mika Cheerleader Uncensored Underwear by bbbSFXT
Karin Battle Uncensored Underwear by bbbSFXT
Karin Uncensored Underwear by bbbSFXT
Tekken 7 Mods
TEKKEN 7 - Queen Lily by MaeveWarrior
TEKKEN 7 - Island Paradise Re-Color by MaeveWarrior
Kunimitsu Cosplay Shinobu Cocho (Hair updated) by CastleDragonH
TEKKEN 7 - Cute Healthbar by MaeveWarrior
Soul Calibur VI Mods
(SCVI_DL)motif (A01,B01) by Chem-pro94
Soulcalibur 6 Hyrule Warriors Zelda BOTW Mod by user619
SC6 Mod - Dragonslayer by Segadordelinks
Dead or Alive 6 Mods
Rachel Barefooted C1-C3 by Segadordelinks
DoA6 mod: Levitated Honoka Des Contest, male moves by immersion456
(DOA6_DL)Sonic(The Movie) by Chem-pro94
DoA6 mod:  Levitated Honoka Bride, male movesets by immersion456
Guilty Gear Strive mod
Guilty Gear Strive mod Ultraman for Anji Mito by monkeygigabuster
Consistent Skin Tone For Alts - Guilty Gear Strive by ShadowFlameBrawler
Gulity Gear Strive mod Berserker Armor for Ky by monkeygigabuster
Granblue Fantasy Versus mod
Granblue Fantasy: Versus - Zooey Alt Color 07 by KROWcx
GBFV mod Ladiva Big Red Diva by monkeygigabuster
GBFV Kamen Rider Agito pack for Soriz by monkeygigabuster
[GBFV] Soriz NoFundoshi mod by zetSuBou-Billy888
Dragon Ball FighterZ Mods
DBFZ Kid Buu as Rayman by monkeygigabuster
DBFZ Broly as Wolzard/Koragg by monkeygigabuster
DBFZ Stage Mod pack by monkeygigabuster
DBFZ Vegito as Deadpool by monkeygigabuster
Samurai Shodown Mods
[SS Mod] Carl Johnson over Haohmaru (C1) by SBandKLKFan3435
Samurai Shodown X Gyee Lan - For Ukyo Tachibana by ogami4
Samurai Shodown - Kazuki Kazama Fundoshi Mod by ogami4
Samurai Shodown - Sogetsu Kazama Fundoshi Mod by ogami4
Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Mods
[MVCI Mod] Jotaro Kujo over Ryu (C1) by SBandKLKFan3435
[MVCI Mod] MFF Movie Ultron (C1) by SBandKLKFan3435
[MVCI Mod] MFF Movie Thor (C1) by SBandKLKFan3435
[MVCI Mod] MFF Movie Thanos (C1) by SBandKLKFan3435
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Mods
DFFNT mod Classic Sword for Cecil Harvey by monkeygigabuster
Ultra Street Fighter IV Mods
Virtua Fighter 5 Bgm Music Mod (REDONE) by Keshaun15
Street Fighter X Tekken Mods
Cammy cosplaying Nina by KryptonGaming2701
Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Mods
DOA5LR Mod: Poker Face Swimsuit by repinscourge
Other Fighting Games Mods
The Judgment 6 Assassin VF eSports Menu Screen by onistompa
Adult Mods

Mature Content

DOA6 - Hot Summer by BigBossSpb
Patreon Exclusive Release
(DOA5LR)FANG by Chem-pro94
Re-uploaded and Compilation mod
Zangief-Bane (by UncleFestor) by mapsking
Work In Progress
TK7 - NAOTORA by huchi001
Tutorials and Tools
DoA5 Tutorial:  How to use any mod with Alpha152 by immersion456
Fighting Game Fan Art
Sexy Chun Li,Cammy,Juri Han in bikini by FeNiKs92

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There are many users submitted mods that were unavailable (dead link,deactived account,etc) so we decided to create this folder
If you guys have any old mods and want to share ,please upload to this folder.It would be a shame to see many dead mods
Also if you guys have a compilation of mod pack like doctrinedark13,we could also consider to have it on the folder:…

1/Make sure to credit the original modder properly
2/Do not re-upload a mod when the original author still have their own download link(that included patreon link too)
3/Due to the nature of re-upload,not all mods will be accepted so hope you guys can understand that.

Recently I have seen some modders posted their Patreon exclusive mod to main game folder which cause some confusion among users.
And I think "Fighting Game Art" folder wasn't meant for submitting those kind of mods.

So I decided to create "Patreon Exclusive Release".If your mod are patron exclusive only or subscription  exclusive only,please post your mods onto that folder.
When the exclusive time for that mod is over, you can send a private message to Segadordelinks to move that mod to the main game mod folder

For anyone who has the "black pupil-less eyes" issue with some costume mods, please try this fix below (confirmed to be worked)

UPDATE (20-01-2018):
1. Include the missing eyelens files for Kolin & Menat C1.
2. Include Urien's C4 eyelens file which I missed to see in the first place.
3. For future countermeasure, now I also include every characters' C1 eyelens file whether they are actually missing or not in SFVAE.

I make the "fix mod" by compiling every eyelens material file from every costumes (except C1) for every characters (except Dhalsim and also Sakura ofc) into one big mod.…

How to use: Install the AIO or any individual char fix mod first before any costume mod (eg. in PMM enable and put this mod above any costume mod; in MM activate this mod before any costume mod)
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cvdfer Featured By Owner May 17, 2021
humblegeorge Featured By Owner May 15, 2021
Thx a lot!
Segadordelinks Featured By Owner May 14, 2021
Hi. I'm afraid few people read these comments or the notes.
The best approach is to send a note/open a chat directly to Tekken 7 modders and see if anyone is interested in it.
humblegeorge Featured By Owner May 13, 2021
Hey there! 

Im a growing Streamer on Twitch and im looking for someone to design a specific mod for my main charactere in Tekken 7. A friend of mine told me this was the right place to go to, as the majority of Fighting Game Modders are part of this community. 

Im not certain how to approach this request though....

Should i just send a note with the specifics? 

Thanks for any advice, i appreciate it!
ryanthegame1 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2021
does anyone know if you half to update the PMM now because Rose is out if so is there a link for?
lStylishl Featured By Owner Edited Apr 21, 2021
Is there a way to replace Kunimitsu and Lidia's panels? Some panels are not converted to uasset renamer.
BNS_2 3 4 and DEF_1 2 correspond to the above situation.
lynnechae Featured By Owner Edited Apr 12, 2021
Is there a way to disable the auto tanning during the fight ? I realy hates it.  No Lebelia mod, so sad :(
Another-Jojo-Fan Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2021
hey what happened to the street fighter v adult mods? is showing only a few mods

TaikoMan98 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2021
Can someone make a T7 mod that ports Lili's T5, T6, and TTT2 model in like that Kazuya T2 mod??
Segadordelinks Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2021
You're welcome. Try it whenever an update messes a mod.
calfasilva Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2021  Professional Digital Artist
It worked. Some files indeed need the Z as you explained, others not. Everything is fine now, thanks a lot, my friend!
Segadordelinks Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2021
Hi. If you're using this method, try renaming the files with a Z at the beginning.
calfasilva Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2021  Professional Digital Artist
Hello guys. SFV post 06.010 question: Is anyone having trouble with colors on the mods installed in all characters C1 slots after the 06.010 update? I am. Every character with mods on C1 got colors scrambled.
SaliaFarron Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Spammer down.
vasxbodx Featured By Owner Edited Feb 26, 2021  Hobbyist
Hello everyone. Dead or alive 5 Does anyone know how to remove the hairstyle restriction? I have a limit of 199
Valormage2000 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello. Do anyone know where this awesome busty nude mod came from for Ultra Street Fighter 4? It's almost like the perfect best adult mod for Street Fighter.

BBW Decapre vs Chun Li USF4 - YouTube
MisterCross Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
CrossSCV Featured By Owner Edited Jan 7, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I feel like every modder on this group should see this. Looks like Capcom have changed their policies and it looks like part of it is targeting game mods.
Alvaretejeje Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2020
 hi! I have a request
Can someone make this items from DR for Devil Jin pls?
1 by Alvaretejeje   2 by Alvaretejeje   3 by Alvaretejeje  
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