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Thanks for 300000 views by monkeygigabuster
Thank You Again (jaafar85 Mods) by jaafar2009
StreetModders has reached 5 million views by monkeygigabuster
A New Milestone of StreetModders by monkeygigabuster
Street Fighter V Mods
SF5 Tifa Chunli Body Mod by morugen
Soul Calibur VI Mods
SC6 mod: Invisible Horse for Nightmare by Immersion456
SC6 mod: Invisible items for 2B and her Pod by Immersion456
Thicc Adult Amy - SC6 by bbbSFXT
SC6 mod:  Fewer Special Effects for Soulcalibur VI by Immersion456
Dead or Alive 6 Mods
DOA6 (PC) - Swap mod - Various Girls in Kula by cesarfc01
DOA6 (PC) - Swap mod - Various Girls in Tina by cesarfc01
fgCut SNK014 by fgh1t6
DOA6 Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger mod pack by monkeygigabuster
Jump Force mods
JUMP FORCE   2019-05-13 18-27-49 Moment(4) by AOLevel
Dragon Ball FighterZ Mods
DBFZ Kid Buu as Rayman by monkeygigabuster
DBFZ Broly as Wolzard/Koragg by monkeygigabuster
DBFZ Stage Mod pack by monkeygigabuster
DBFZ Vegito as Deadpool by monkeygigabuster
Tekken 7 Mods
Tekken 4 Inspired Hwoarang by TheI3arracuda
Julia T7 Splash (TheFURY Version) by MudassarRiaz
Steve T7 Splash (TheFURY Version) by MudassarRiaz
Lucky Chloe's Kazumi Crimson Hakama Cosplay by SlawPro
Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Mods
Doa5lr Mod Pai Mixween by yattsuke
DOA5LR MOD Brocken Jumila/Manila (for Mila+++) by yattsuke
Sarah is Lady Death by DweezleDee

Mature Content

DOA5LR mod: Hitomi Girlfriend For Hire by peresabcod
Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Mods
MCU Ultron for MVCI by Fewtch
Venom Voice Mod - MvC:I by Maniacs4Life
Infinity War Iron Man  - Marvel VS Capcom Infinite by Fewtch
Infinity War Captain America for MVCI by Fewtch
Ultra Street Fighter IV Mods
USF4R Training Stage Mod (Day) v1.3 (Updated) by BEARIliyan
USF4 Sakura Edit by SeriousEdd
USF4 - JPX Stage Mod W/DL Link by QuiseMajor
Yo! Video Games by edoyuma08
Street Fighter X Tekken Mods
SFXT Cammy: Mission Accomplished by Ayiep27
Other Fighting Games
Baby Raditz SSJ4 [Xenoverse 1 mod] by GroxKOF
Adult Mods

Mature Content

Tifa Kunoichi Black Topless by DweezleDee
Work In Progress
[SFV MOD Preview] Falke as Lightning FF XIII by TiggieWhite
Tutorials and Tools
DOA5LR Mod: Custom skin in Story Mode by adn700
Fighting Game Fan Art
your lips are poison by MysticLu

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Super Group
Until Nov 16, 2019

Founded 7 Years ago
May 16, 2012


Group Focus
Fighting Games

1,255 Members
4,484 Watchers
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We have reached 10000000 views this month
On behalf of all admins as well as modders in this board, once again I thank you for everything
We have texture mod for DOA6 and let's hope we can do mesh mod for this game soon

Also looking forward to Samurai Shodown and KOFXV which also utilize UE4 this year

In order to mantain our Super Group status we have to pay a yearly fee of 4,796 DeviantArt points.

Why is Super Group status important?
So we can get access to the ability to create sub-folders. Let's keep our mods organized.

If you're feeling generous then please donate on my profile page:…

We have some points saved from last year, so we've already crossed part of the road!

Thanks to all of you for keeping this group alive.

Update (11.16.2018)

The Super Group status has been recovered in a record time!

Thanks to all the donators:

And all the Modders for all their great work.
For anyone who has the "black pupil-less eyes" issue with some costume mods, please try this fix below (confirmed to be worked)

UPDATE (20-01-2018):
1. Include the missing eyelens files for Kolin & Menat C1.
2. Include Urien's C4 eyelens file which I missed to see in the first place.
3. For future countermeasure, now I also include every characters' C1 eyelens file whether they are actually missing or not in SFVAE.

I make the "fix mod" by compiling every eyelens material file from every costumes (except C1) for every characters (except Dhalsim and also Sakura ofc) into one big mod.…

How to use: Install the AIO or any individual char fix mod first before any costume mod (eg. in PMM enable and put this mod above any costume mod; in MM activate this mod before any costume mod)
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K-H-E-H Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2019  Professional General Artist
Hey, can anyone convert this SFV character mod to a format where I can open it in XNALara or Blender? I am having a hard time being able to view it. It's full of uasset files which I have no way to open them.…
MisterCross Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice featured xD
sergiovandyk Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice group
jayblu Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2019
still waiting on good nips for doa6 nude mod
(1 Reply)
Princess-Flopy-13 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2019  Student General Artist
+ Commissions are OPEN!! +((:star:ESPAÑOL:star:)):
:damphyr: Hola chicos! HatSpin
:star: Estoy aceptando pagos vía:
:bulletyellow: Western Union Western Union (abbreviation) Icon ultra 
:bulletblue: PayPalPayPal (2007-2014)(2) Icon ultra 
:star: Detalle

Hi there! :star:
Sorry if I disturb you with my message :(
Now I'm passing for hardest economy's times here on Argentina, and I'm trusting in my artworks to try to paid the rent and food here where I lives :depressed:

I'm able to accept my firsts comissions finally~
Down, is the link with the artworks's examples, prices and requirements I do~

Don't worry if you cannot help; it will be very helpful if you share my comissions's journal with your friends!
I'm really needing help; and my works are my only help today; I'll be very glad if you could helping me with a comission, or sharing this Journal with your friends..
Thank you~
TheInsaneViking Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2019
Does anyone know of a bald / shaven head hair mod for Paul Pheonix in Tekken 7? If not, does anyone do it  for commission?
CherryR95 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2019
Can you give permission to add the Mortal Kombat 11 mod folder to me?
CherryR95 Featured By Owner Edited Apr 16, 2019
The Mortal Kombat 11 Modding is in the future when the game is released.
monkeygigabuster Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2019
Can you check the permission for DOA6 mod folder for me
(1 Reply)
CherryR95 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2019
Good news, i have an idea. The Nintendo and SEGA skins project for Street Fighter V. Known as Street Fighter V: Super Smash Bros. Edition.

Modders can create the character mods based on a Nintendo and SEGA characters from respective universes, such as Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Sonic the Hedgehog (with the exception of Zero Suit Samus mod and Capcom skins). Also has a Puyo Puyo skin pack fom SFV.

The new skins are:
Ryu as Mario (with colors including Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Toad and Yoshi), Ike and Brock (Pokémon)

Karin as Peachette, Pyra, Lip from Panel de Pon (possible), Sonic the Hedgehog cosplay, Amy Rose (human form) and Amitie from Puyo Puyo

Sakura as Princess Daisy (with Biker, Striker and Sports Outfits), Saria (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time), Adeleine (Kirby Star Allies), Misty, May, Serena, Hilda, Lillie, Dawn and Jigglypuff Girl (Pokémon), Fire Emblem Fates Sakura, Human Isabelle from Animal Crossing, Elise (Sonic 06), Luka Megurine and Draco Centauros

Falke as Rosalina (with Biker and Tennis Outfits), Celica, and Minerva from the Fire Emblem series and Female Link

Blanka as Blastoise, Bowser or Donkey Kong

Cody as Link (with Classic, Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, Hyrule Warriors and Breath of the Wild costumes), Marth, Axel Stone from Streets of Rage and Schezo

Cammy as Inkling from Splatoon series, Camilla, Shade the Echidna (human form), Beat from Jet Set Radio and Witch from Puyo Puyo

Juri as Bayonetta and Melissa Bergman from Metroid: Other M

Chun-Li as Mario Kart Racer Suit, Ashei from Twilight Princess and Rulue

Rainbow Mika as Francisca, Zan Patizanne and Flamberge (Kirby Star Allies), Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin and Ulala

Ibuki as Vividria (Kirby Star Allies)

Kolin as Pauline from Super Mario Odyssey, Marin, Malon, Anju, Mythra, and Maria Robotnik

Menat as Princess Zelda (with A Link Between Worlds-A Link to the Past-Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Twilight Princess designs), Palutena, Meloetta, Gardevoir, Great Fairy, Nabooru, Riju, Urbosa, Krystal from Star Fox, Lana (Pokémon Sun and Moon), Elma and Female Robin

Ken as Shulk, Kafei, Kagamine Rin and Vyse from Skies of Arcadia

M. Bison (Dictator) as Maurice Favreau, Ganondorf, Dr. Eggman and the G.U.N. Commander (Shadow the Hedgehog)

Ed as Adam Malkovich, Ness and Lucas (Earthbound-Mother series)

Laura as Female Knuckles and Human Rouge the Bat

Nash as Sonicman (Sonic 06)

Zeku as Greninja

Necalli as Zoroark

Zangief as Max from Streets of Rage

Wii Fit Trainer Costumes for Cammy, Juri, Karin, Kolin, Chun-Li, Laura, Falke, Menat, Ibuki and Rainbow Mika

Princess Peach Cosplay for Karin and Kolin (with Biker, Striker, Tennis and Rio Olympic Swimsuit Outfits)

Lucina Cosplay for Falke and Chun-Li

Captain Falcon Cosplay for Ed and Guile

And more...

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Have Fun!
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