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Mika: Fluffyness at Work

Warning, super large size picture at 5300 x 3400!

The clock strikes 12 in Mika's room as he continues to work away at his next digital art piece. Happilly and busily creating his next master piece, be it a commission or self portrait. In the back of him room he has a beanbag poof chair next to his music player, hooked up to an audiophile headphone to where he can lie down and relax himself in an audio bliss, music powered by the warm and lush tube amps. But for now he's still sitting within the glow of his computer, the art studio, and we shall leave him to be for he is fluffyness at work.

Mika's still so happy as he draws :3

See the progress shots down here :D

Mika Wip Progress by streetdragon95

Took about 40 hours to make this picture, tried new techniques too which took a while for me to stumble and get up again. 
You can full view to see various little details ^^

Used Paint Tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop CS6, and not enough RAM.

Feel free to use this as a wallpaper or poster, Enjoy~! :D

Mika character is by :iconstreetdragon95:

All art posters and pictures in this image belong to their respective owners.
starting from left to right:

Mika fan art (in the photo frame) created by the awesome :iconmizzium:

Artists at work by :iconarsonicartz: & :iconstreetdragon95: 
Artists together by streetdragon95

The various posters on the right you can find them in my gallery^^

ps: fixed minor shading mistakes, and also uploaded the wrong file by accident please hit refresh to show the correct version^^
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I just came across your character today. He's so cute!

streetdragon95's avatar
Thank you! I'm really glad you like him~ :D
Latiphire's avatar
You need to update this to have a Mikabucks mug on his desk and a Mikabucks billboard outside of the window >w<
DarkraiHero06's avatar
I like how some of the art you drew before is on the wall or table you work at!

It's very detailed! I love it so much!
streetdragon95's avatar
Thank you~! :D
And yeah since mika is drawing  in the picture i thought it would be cool to put some old works there too^^
DarkraiHero06's avatar
Mika, that's your Sona or character name?
streetdragon95's avatar
Yeap that's his name^^
DarkraiHero06's avatar
Ah cool, wish I had cool ideas for names...hehe
streetdragon95's avatar
Just let yourself be open to inspiration from anywhere:p
Leafysnivy's avatar
This is beautifully presented XD ^_^
Love it its 101% perfect
streetdragon95's avatar
Thank you very much! I'm really glad you like it :D :iconrubcheeksplz:
Leafysnivy's avatar
I think all of your art is great and I'm looking through all of them XD inspiring no doubt XD :heart: love them
Leafysnivy's avatar
Keep up the good work I'm proud I found your group and art XD so nice and pretty awesome!
Smoke-Gatedrifter's avatar
Floofiness is the best. :3
Dawnwisker's avatar
streetdragon95's avatar
Thank you~! :D 
Sorry for the late reply too^^"
Lati-Plushie's avatar
The work of so much days , it's very beautiful ! Cute Emoticon Blushing 
streetdragon95's avatar
Thank you very much :D
Lati-Plushie's avatar
You're welcome very much :D
Internetexplorer968's avatar
Art inside art inside art. Top right, and 2 on the bottom left. I see an easter egg of Mika. Although, the only limiting factor I see here is stillness.
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