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Gabriel shook his head. "You're a decent Shadowhunter, James," he said, "and a gentleman. You have your - disability, but no one blames you for that. But this-" He curled his lip, jabbing a finger in Will's direction. "This filth will only drag you down. Find someone else to be your parabatai. No one expects Will Herondale to live past nineteen, and no one will be sorry to see him go either-"

That was too much for Tessa. Without thinking about it she burst out indignantly, "What a thing to say!"

Gabriel, interrupted midrant, looked as shocked as if one of the tapestries had suddenly started talking. "Pardon me?"

"You heard me. Telling someone you wouldn't be sorry if they died! It's inexcusable!" She took hold of Will by the sleeve. "Come along, Will. This - this person - obviously isn't worth wasting your time on."

Will looked hugely entertained. "So true."

P213 Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Well some of you may have seen the WIP on my profile in the little webcam box. Got around to finishing it tonight. Not entirely comfortable drawing Gabriel yet, to be fair this was only my second sketch and the first one that went all the way through to colour so my rendition of him may change as time goes by. Still he's likable enough I think.

I like this scene, not just because of Tessa but because you start of thinking Gabriel just a git and then his reaction to Tessa kinda shows that he isn't in a way. I shall say no more.

Some textures and shizzle from google.
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WILL'S SMUG EXPRESSION I LOVE IT.  (and Tessa's dress is gorgeous)