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This Is Me Calling You

Chapter 1 is available here [link]

Edit: 28/04/12 Now in glorious technicolour.

Apparently this is multiple book appreciation week. I promise I'll do more MI artwork, I have in fact got a lovely piece due out on the 7th ;)

This is Mel and Kit from Team Human (Justine Larbalestier and Sarah Rees Brennan) which isn't actually out until July so I won't expand on them and hopefully this won't be considered a spoilery piece.

Originally I was going to stop after the arrest for cheese but the next bit was just too cute to resist <3

'Eeeee fanart for Team Human, out July 3rd! Isn’t this exciting? And isn’t it cuuuuuuuuuute! Agh the cheese, my heart.

Kit de Chartres: Raised By Vampires, Baffled By Human Courtship Rituals.' ~Sarah Rees Brennan

Talk about cheesy pick up lines *shot*

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Okay, If I'm honest, I have no idea who these people are. But this was possibly the greatest thing ever. Its soooo cute and very well drawn (but if someone could explain these people to me that would be great).
Street-Angel's avatar
It does say 'This is Mel and Kit from Team Human (Justine Larbalestier and Sarah Rees Brennan)' in the description.

Team Human is a book.
Pastel-Rains's avatar
Thanks, I don't know why i didn't think to look in the description, lol. But really, great art, super cute. I love everything about it:D
Osmostrix's avatar
So much truth about humanity here.Dance! 
RoseMei's avatar
It is cute. I don't know what team human is though. Better do some research.
Street-Angel's avatar
It's a fun read :)
KYOLUVER17's avatar
Is this book in america? i cant find it because i saw street angel in a UK magizine,NEO
Street-Angel's avatar
Team Human was released in America and Australia but not in the UK unfortunately. You can get it on Amazon though and have it shipped over if you're in the UK :)
KYOLUVER17's avatar
Hey,thanks!!!It looks like a really great book!!!:)
KYOLUVER17's avatar
I hope you wont mind but i drew this sene and kinda copied you but i m not taking credit its just its sooo cute and if i must say i drew it quite well!!! LOL (^_*)
Street-Angel's avatar
Okay, just if you post it online remember to link back to here okay?
KYOLUVER17's avatar
hey thanks I appreciate you actually responding because some people never reply!!!!!!!!!!!!
Street-Angel's avatar
Though I don't understand why you've drawn the scene if you haven't read the book?
KYOLUVER17's avatar
that is a good question......I am kinda odd.........I just really like that scene.I found it cute and it looked fun to draw..............
KYOLUVER17's avatar
btw you are really good at digital art. im more of a traditional kind of person.
LuvLuvMatchMakerGirl's avatar
One of my favorite scenes~!
Dee-Hille's avatar
Beautiful, I so want this to happen to me...
Street-Angel's avatar
It'd be nice huh?
Dee-Hille's avatar
Yes, so very much...I love your artwork I just got through looking at all your patches and stuff, and it was really pretty and creative. I can't draw that good but I do sketch. But great job!
KiarraD's avatar
Aww! this is adorable!
MlleTomate's avatar
This is so sweet *-* !
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