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Love Begins This Way

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I'd write out the scene but I don't have Clockwork Angel to hand. But basically Tessa hears the music and walks in on Jem who thinks it's Will who's walked in and continues playing.

Ah young love.

Tessa and Jem are from Cassandra Clare's Infernal Devices.

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I just saw the comments about 'Team Will' or 'Team Jem' and i'm here like 'Happy Polyamorous Will/Tess/Jem' ???

I just finished the first book today and im gonna start Clockwork prince tmr so i probably shouldnt be looking at all your fan art because spoilers but i just cant stop its so good :3
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awwww <3 i love this scene.
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>O<= kyahhhhhhhhhh! :heart: wonderfuuuul!
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ohhh i loved that part, and i totally ship Tessa and Jem ^^
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Love your work as usual!
Also I immediately started singing Flying Dreams when I saw the title. Long term effects of a NIMH based childhood.
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Excellent B) My cunning plan is working.
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Aww! <3 I love Jem! :)
And Will . . .
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Team Threesome B)
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In the first book, while I adored both Will and Jem, I felt Jem was the better pick for Tessa. However, Will just ripped my heart out in Clockwork Prince and now if is not happy by the end of Clockwork Princess I will just die. The problem is Will's happiness hangs in such a way that if he was with Tessa he would still not be happy because of Jem. It drives me crazy. XD
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And in theory Tessa will out live them both. So while everyone is bleeding their hearts out for the boys, Tessa's gunna be all alone.
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I always forget about that since Tessa doesn't point the fact out in the books meaning she most likely hasn't considered that much yet. I'd feel for her on the occasion as well, but right now while Jem and Will are still there I don't dwell on it much. However, I doubt she will be alone entirely...Magnus would always be a friend I imagine.
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Alone entirely wasn't my point. Alone as in, no one to love or be loved by alone, not, I have no friends alone.
Eimoudoust's avatar
Alright, well who is to say should wouldn't find someone else later on as well? It doesn't matter I guess, we won't know until Clare tells us (if she does at all).
Street-Angel's avatar
That wasn't my point either XD She very well might, but my point is simple while everyone is agonizing over Team Will or Team Jem everyone forgets Tessa's in a fix of her own.
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-laughs- Alright then. I suppose I can agree with that.
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