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I don't know if anyone out there has had trouble with their knee, such as a sprain or strain, but it is a bummer I have to say.  Looks like after a fall that happened over 7 weeks ago, I am going to go to physical therapy.  When it rains it pours, as I also have been diagnosed with cellulitis on my foot.  Hey, if I am going to fall apart, let's get it all over with at one time, then I can be healthy the rest of the year!

Unfortunately, this has effected my stamina, my ability to sit and work on my art with all my supplies a mixed media artist requires at my fingertips.  I have been run down with the antibiotic now, but for those who have read my entries, do not despair!  I am driven.  I will not give up on this project.

If you happen to come to Festival Fridays in Buckhannon, WV, there is a chance I might be there.  I have filled out an application to have a display and I will be selling prints of my work, framed or non-framed, as greeting cards to start.  Let's see how this goes.  Wish me luck!

Today I have submitted a piece named PUSH.  This is shared with you on this extremely hot day, with temperatures over 85 in the shade with a bucket of ice, and the humidity is streaming down in vapors, at least from my hot human body....oh, and not in that way, you must be kidding me.  Although, I am looking good for my almost 53 years of age, and given the challenges in my life that I have endured...hey, I'm not too bad off in that department, at least I keep telling myself that.   The irony of this submission on this day is that it features a winter scene, as the day I created it there was snow over my knees for miles around me.  My daughter and I took a walk in unchartered snow, using our bodies as a plow, and walking over a mile.  One of the best workouts, I highly encourage those who can do, should. 

After a few days of family-reunion-activities, I am back to posting. As I have said before, "Things happen." 

Family reunions are filled with emotions, and sometimes they turn out to be rather disturbing in retrospect, but the last few days have been so very incredible and nurturing to me that I am ever so grateful to my family for being the eclectic mix that they are.  I have shared my portfolio of art with them, and they have placed a few orders of prints.  This means the world to me, as it was time to make some actual income or give up on this series.  I do not have these prints available to the public yet, but hope to do so soon. 

I should mention to you that I am working on May 23 today, and the date is June 26.  After I fell and hurt my knee, my body said I had to slow down a bit, but just imagine the challenge of this project!  I will need some extra time, but when I am finished I will have a 365 piece collection, each with a day of the year. 

If you are still reading this, thank you for doing so.  I encourage you to check out what I have submitted to you on Deviant Art, and don't forget to go down below the pictures to see what I wrote on the back of each original piece.  These are typically words of encouragement, some thought-provoking, some just plain funny, but hopefully enjoyable to you, or at least cause some sort of connection or question for your to ponder, as great art and writing should stir things up a bit.  I would not presume to call my work great, but I am doing what I can do.  Enjoy!

Stay tuned as always,

For those of you who have been patiently waiting for my return, thanks for checking on me once more.  I have had some personal changes in my life, needing time to reflect.  Have you ever noticed that when you need down time, that something will happen to you where you are forced to take a break?  Well, luckily I didn't break my knee, but I did sprain it and have repeatedly attempted to go forth as best I can, therefore not allowing the time for it to heal.  Then needing more time to rest after all.  So, thanks for waiting.  Hope to submit one a day for a bit until....more things happen.
Less than 24 hours ago I decided to share my link on my Facebook page.  If you are visiting me today, I hope that you find some peace in my words that are in the description of each entry.  They tend to be emotional and my pull at your heart strings.  The collection of art and writing may induce memories from the past or intentions for the future. I beg you forgiveness of my naïve attempt creating stanzas and creative spaces in the text, and hope that you open your heart to whatever meaning you are searching. 

Occasionally there has been a misinterpretation of my intention.  This is not discouraged, as this is the nature of abstract art.  Yet, if you find something offensive, ask yourself where this is rooted and trust that I certainly do not intend to offend anyone or their beliefs.  We are all on a journey, sometimes together and sometimes in solitude, yet we must find our own path to reach its destination. 

Thanks for checking in,