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'science' stamp

By streamline69
7th of the series.

Previous ones:
1. [link]
2. [link]
3. [link]
4. [link]
5. [link]
6. [link]

based on this xkcd strip: [link]

made using this wonderful stamp template: [link] by $zilla774


I'm glad you like this stamp (that took 10 minutes to finish and upload) but it would be nice if you could take a look at some actual art in my gallery:
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This stamp is the TRUE meaning of art. 😂 Works,
Except for when it DOESN'T!!

(Troll filtering: specifically the Scientific Method, Does in Fact, have in-built and Scientist acknowledged, limitations on what you can use it for.)
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I love this so much
LadyPeri's avatar
Science is my bae
MapleTeaa's avatar
Bill Nye the Science Guy


great stamp btw :D
zupunupi's avatar
ToriKross's avatar
reminds me what jesse pinkman said in breaking bad
CapedFox's avatar
i love science
Selkra's avatar

Science is best subject.

I especialy love biology and space science. Reading 

plzmaketoast's avatar
It’s not called space science. It’s astronomy.
Selkra's avatar
Thinking back, I actually meant to say cosmology.
MapleTeaa's avatar
Space science is amazing :U
Selkra's avatar
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// Me too, bro !//
zackosletacos's avatar
// Yeaaah Mars! //
RupoorDragon's avatar
Two things pop into my mind at the word 'science'.
a) Bill Nye's theme song
b) the line "She blinded me with science!" in some song I can't remember the name of.
CapedFox's avatar
bill nye the science guy

wwhat have you done?! now it is in my head!
gnashingtrex's avatar
Love that guy! We watch his videos in science class all the time. We just burst out laughing sometimes.
PrideKennel's avatar
LOVE this stamp!
I am a religious person... And I agree that science works.
Ferkru's avatar
*high five* i am too! and i agree
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