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The Ska Boss
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Profession: USMC Marine
Art Style: Still worken on that one
Loves: great games, Air Soft, Dirt Bikes, Mechanics, a lot to list down
Hates: Crappy games, Annoying many to list..

Current Residence: Earth
Favourite genre of music: Right now its Big Band Swing
Favourite style of art: it depends
Operating System: Windows, hands down, Pure and Simple, Tried and tested and standing above all others
MP3 player of choice: PHILIPS BABY!!
Shell of choice: Shell?, Nautilus I guess (whats the heck do they mean)
Wallpaper of choice: any that i think is cool
Skin of choice: Mine........the one that i was born with
Favourite cartoon character: Vash for Tri Gun, i love that show
Personal Quote: What ever doesn't kill you........makes life more painful
No, I am not going to buy a core membership

No, I am not going to remove my ad blocker

No, I am not going to do ANYTHING to support your site


You get your head out of your damned ass.

Your ads are annoying, Give Viruses and crash browsers.
Your features are lacking and you constantly remove them for "reasons" mean while you ignore various other features fans obviously want, like being able to totally block someone so you don't have to see their "art".
You don't follow your own policies, letting Art theft run rampant and soft core porn photos meant only to provide faps for views run free because of "artistic nudity" even though it goes against your TOS.
You constantly stab your 'community' in the back and go around them about major stuff, "Duuurr, We want an icon that shows our community, so instead of taking a design from a contest or something, we hired an aloof asshole professional artist that is not connected to the community at all! .. COMMUNITY!" 
You ignore website breaking bugs and sometimes out right crippling errors and say everything is fine.
You steal peoples work and let it be sold in stores like HotTopic, and then try to cover your ass by some dumb TOS change that makes it vague and easy to interpret
You're incredibly unhelpful when it comes to doing ANYTHING for the people GIVING YOU MONEY.
Trying to fool everyone with "Core" memberships that are jacked up in price
Screw you, Screw you and the llama bullshit you rode in on.

Suck on THAT bit of info, You use to be my favorite art site, now I don't even bother posting crap anymore, You make it NOT worth it

You want to know how to make the site good again and have people willingly pay money for it?  Take the heads out of your asses, listen to what the people want, stop making decisions for the "Community" like "Grorious Reader Kim Jon Ill"  and listen to the people who use to give you money for features on the site.
  • Reading: World news
  • Watching: Ghost in a Shell
  • Playing: Team Fortress 2
  • Eating: Fried Chicken, Avacado..and salad... dont ask ...
  • Drinking: Dr Pepper



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Fallendragonwolf Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2018  Student General Artist
Fortunately for you, I have other means to communicate.
Jollyjack blocked me because he could not make a comeback or find reason to bash me.
You did not see the rest of his bullying. He sent a Comic about a tiny handed Trump and directed it solely at me. The response to bile was directed at me, even though I tried to apologize to that lying egotistical piece of shit. The comments weren’t even directed at him, they were meant for the idiots he goads into harrassing Trump supporters and those he hates. He, like the rest of the left, have fallen to abuse, hatred and violence to send a message, but they are angry that it is having the opposite effect and only bolstering me and the capitalists to keep going. It started out as a battle of ideals, but when he blocked me and my friend Thrillseeker, he made it personal.
He needs to pay dearly!
Streaked-Silver Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I saw the cartoon. I personally thought it was a bit funny.  I'm no never trumper, and i'll give himwhat he earns, but that comic got a snerk out of me

JJ is an ignorant ass, I will say this. He follows a bunch of misinformation they are force feed in the UK by a Government that is not about their best interests.

He needs to "Pay dearly"?  How so.
Fallendragonwolf Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2018  Student General Artist
He will get what is coming to him once Brexit finalizes. He lives in a country where even saying the word Nazi is taboo.
He is starting to lose his mind. If he posts something that has the word Nazi in it, he will be arrested in the UK.
Streaked-Silver Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
(2 Replies)
beacascabel Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for the watch!! Love Love 
Streaked-Silver Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're very welcome.
SomeNavySEALs Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday, my dood. Hope you're doing well.

[String of inane emogies and shit here]
Streaked-Silver Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! I got a war ax from it, so it wasn't bad.
SomeNavySEALs Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Just don't hurt yourself with it.

Other people? Knock yourself out.
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