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Atomoc Lollipop is over for another year. This was my second time going and I had a fun time. It wasn't quite as exciting as last year as the wow factor of the con being held at the Science Centre has kind of worn off, but there was still plenty to see and do. I was able to do shoots of both my casual Hotaru and my Bulma costumes with Elemental and I'm really excited to see how those turned out. We tried to incorporate a couple of science exhibits for Bulma photos so I think they'll look really cool.

I did get a chance to try making some crafts. I starting making a plush Luna-P on Friday evening. Didn't get a chance to finish it, though. Should be quite cute when it's done. I missed out on most of the other crafts, but my friend Pan was able to help me make up a kit so I could make my own plush poptart at home so I'm going to continue working on that for fun. Seemed to be a lot of really neat projects on the go this year. I checked out a lot of the Science Centre exhibits in detail and I even took a couple of walks in the outdoor areas. The Science Centre is quite gorgeous and a very unique con setting. It was quite surreal to watch the big nerf fight in the Weston Family Innovation Centre!

I was able to catch a glimpse of the Elijah Wood DJ set on Saturday evening. It was super crowded so it literally was just a glimpse, but it was cool to see him nonetheless. Still such an unexpected guest. I missed the Prozzak concert, but I heard the con hit capacity during the event and it was super popular. I remember that band being quite popular when I was in my early teens. The years really fly by! Finally, I happily paid to watch the Humpback Whales IMAX film. Whales in general (but humpback whales especially) are my favourite animals so it was a very exciting and moving experience to see a movie about them. The IMAX dome at the Science Centre is a really amazing theatre. It's so immersive so I definitely recommend seeing movies there!

I was able to get another 2 commissioned chibi art pieces of myself in my costumes for the weekend from a lovely artist including one with me and Pan (as Hotaru and female Magneto). The artist who offers to draw people as chibis is super talented and I really enjoy her work! Overall Atomic Lollipop was lots of fun. I again enjoyed the science exhibits and just the way the con blends in and is strengthened by everything the Science Centre has to offer. I do think I'll attend the con again, but I may not go all 3 days next year. It's quite exhausting. I do have to say, for costume shoots this is a really cool venue and for con atmosphere it's tough to beat!

Next is a break until I perhaps go to Fan Expo for one day. Again, I probably won't be working on any costumes over the next month or so, but I have talked to some friends who are working on Splatoon costumes for Otakuthon so I may Cosplay an Inkling Girl for Halloween this year. One of the members of the group has mastered making adorable Inkling hats so I might commission a hat from her. If I do that, I'll definitely re-wear the costume at AN or Atomic Lollipop next year. I am hoping before the fall that I can get some photos of my Saki costume from Onechanbara and also photos of Sailor Mercury and my Shinku costume from Rozen Maiden. It would be great if I could get some nice photos of some of my older costumes!
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July 22, 2015


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