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Anime North is over for another year and I’m kind of glad it's done. I spent a lot of April and May stressing about costume plans and organizing my goods for the Nominoichi. I would say I'm enjoying a lot of free time now, but I caught a nasty case of the flu during Anime North that got worse in the days following the con and I’m still getting over it now. I haven’t been this sick in years! I've been battling dizziness, sneezing, fever, coughing, nausea and even laryngitis. I’ve never had laryngitis before, but my voice was almost totally gone last Friday and Saturday. It’s getting a bit better today. Needless to say, it's a good thing Colossal was cancelled for me! I doubt I’ll be back to 100% by Thursday when I was supposed to have left for the con. Not that I’m still not a little sad that I couldn’t go. I hope everyone that’s going has an awesome weekend!

Getting back to Anime North, it was still a good con this year, but getting sick did put a huge damper on the weekend. Things went really well on the Friday. I wore my Bulma DBZ: Battle of the Gods costume and had a lot of fun with it! Not too many people recognized the costume, but it was super comfy! It's just too bad it was quite cold that day! I had to wear a jacket when I was outside and a sweater.   

The Nominoichi went wonderfully for me this year. Pretty much every reservation was picked up and I loved talking with people that were passing by. I sold about 90% of what I brought and I was quite impressed that I sold a lot of the little things like small plush items, jewellery and DVDs that I brought. I sold all the Nendoroid items and almost every Figma and I only have 2 plush toys left. I was so impressed that I only had about 1 box worth of items left. I made just over $1,200 and I can’t help, but start to pick out what items I might want to sell next year. XD For every one figure that I buy now, I feel like I should sell one or two just to even out the space concerns. Anyway, it was wonderful to see so many of my treasured items go to nice people!

Saturday of the con didn’t go so well. Ammie gave me my Dilandau costume on Friday night, but I just felt really off trying to wear the costume on Saturday. I battled with dry eyes and I had trouble feeling comfortable wearing contacts. I also had a sore throat and I was sneezing. The uncomfortable contacts was the primary reason I changed out of Dilandau after just a few hours. I didn’t realize I was starting to get the flu. The costume looked really cool! I appreciate Ammie's hard work on the outfit pieces and the amazing work Adrien did on the sword! Wish I had photos to share, but I just wasn’t feeling comfortable enough to get photos of the costume. There isn’t much photo evidence of Dilandau. Ammie is such a sweetheart and offered to help me tailor parts of it and I definitely want to wear the costume again when I’m at 100% and I can put my heart into it. Maybe for Anime North 2016 I can organize some sort of Escaflowne group. I know Pan want to Cosplay as Merle. (^_^)

The rest of the con from mid-afternoon Saturday until I left mid-afternoon Sunday was pretty chill. I was able to buy some nice Madoka Magica and Sailor Moon fanart. I also found some Halloween related art pieces including a cute pumpkin brooch that I got from the crafter’s area. My favourite purchases of the weekend were gashapon Sailor Moon miniature wands that I got from another seller at the Nominoichi, another Kuma Crafts Sailor Moon necklace and I was finally able to complete my DC Ladies trio by buying the Kotobukiya Bishoujo Supergirl statue from a vendor in the dealer's room. Got a pretty good deal on it given that it goes for over $100 sealed online. She now stands proudly with my Wonder Woman and Batgirl.  

It was nice to see some friends and relax for much of Anime North. The only things keeping me going on Sunday, though, were an antacid, a Tylenol Cold and Flu pill, throat lozenges and a gravol. I'm glad I didn’t get seriously sick until Monday, but it’s too bad I had that cloud hanging over me during AN. I’m already looking forward to next year and hoping it’ll be better. Pan battled the bonanza that is reserving a hotel room at the International Plaza Hotel for 2016 and won so we have hotel space for next year.

Next up for this year is Atomic Lollipop! Gonna put working on new stuff on hold for a bit as June is really busy for me with wedding stuff I'm helping out with for my friend. I'll dig up some fun costumes to wear for APOP and we’ll see where else I go from there. Madoka’s school uniform will happen, but I'll probably hold off on debuting that until AN 2016. 

Joeycrick Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Geez, that sounds really bad. On top of that, it kicked in when you finally got a chance to cosplay as Dilandau. Talk about bad timing, that must've REALLY sucked. :iconsaddashplz:

Hope you feel better soon!
straywind Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015
Thank you! It was too bad that I just couldn't get into it when I was wearing Dilandau, but it was still a good test run. Looking forward to fixing up the costume and doing a shoot of it later. :3
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