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Anime North was a few weeks ago now. Usually I like to write a little bit about my convention experiences after an event so I guess I should do that. Anime North 2014 was definitely one of the most stressful and tiring conventions that I've attended. Not to say that I didn't enjoy it, but taking on the Nominoichi for the first time was quite an experience. That really did eat up most of my Friday. I don't think I really had time to relax at all before the long wait in line and the struggle to manage all the items that I had brought to sell. The good news is that all the stress was worth it, I went to the event with 4 boxes and 3 bags worth of stuff and I left with only 2 full box of items left over. I made $1,500 selling stuff and I put most of that money into savings so I feel pretty good about that. I had fun selling with my friends Adrien and Pan and talking with people that stopped at the table. A lot of my figures and Anime items went to great new homes so that made it a cool experience. :3

I didn't really attend any other events at Anime North. Just getting in and out of costumes kept me plenty busy! It took me until after noon on Saturday of the con to get into my Princess Peach ball gown because I was so exhausted from Friday. I wore Princess Peach for a few hours and then I switched into my Tennis Princess Peach costume. I loved wearing my Princess Peach ball gown and I'm really happy with how it looks now, but with the shoes and the bulkiness of the dress, it's not something that I can wear for that long. I did wear the Tennis Princess Peach costume on Friday of the con, but with the Nominoichi, I didn't really get to relax while wearing it. I did a photoshoot of Tennis Peach with SolarTempest on Saturday evening. I was having some problems with the weight of the wig pulling it back on my head so I'm really hoping that won't be an issue in the shoot photos. I'm not sure if I'll bother clipping up the wig to imitate her ponytail in the future although I did sew wig clips into the wig to help with that problem. Overall I was quite happy with the costume. The dress turned out fairly well and it was pretty comfy. I'll probably wear the costume again later in the summer so I'll hopefully have some really nice photos to share in the next couple of months.

I spent most of the con wandering around outside of the Congress Centre or within the dealer's room and artist's alley and hanging out with friends. I kind of regret not doing more at Anime North. I spent very little time at the International Plaza Hotel despite staying at the hotel. I never visited the Sheraton hotel either. I think for next year I can see myself doing the Nominoichi again, but I'll definitely try to tone it down. I wouldn't want to bring as much to sell and I think I would like to split a table instead of coordinating a whole table next time. We'll see if I do that again. I would also like to go to Doll North for a little bit next year as I own a few ball-joint dolls and one of them desperately needs to be restrung. I'm not really in that hobby anymore, but I don't want to sell all of my dolls yet and I feel bad that one of them is totally floppy. I'll definitely try to take in more of the con next year and hopefully I won't find the con to be as exhausting. I should be Cosplaying Dilandau from Escaflowne next year so that's something I'm very much looking forward to.

I didn't wear the Snow White Lolita costume that I bought from Ammie, but I did pick it up from her at the con. The costume is super cute and I am looking forward to wearing it later on this year. Hopefully I'll have some photos to post by the fall of the outfit. Finally, I wore my new Usagi winter school uniform on Sunday of the con. I really tangled up my wig when scrambling to get my bags out of the hotel room on Sunday so I really need to get the wig detangled. I did a shoot with EleventhPhotograph so in the next few weeks I'll have a few nice photos of the costume that I can post here. The experience getting the costume and a Rei school uniform costume for my friend turned out to be a disaster, though. Not only did the costumes only show up 2 days before AN, but my friend's costume looked terrible. My Usagi costume turned out alright. The blouse is a bit thin and the red bow the costume came with was way too small. I had to grab the bow from my old Hitomi costume and use that for Usagi instead. Sadly, a snap on the bow broke as the con went on so the bow looked a little droopy. I was lucky, though, the Rei costume looks absolutely nothing like the uniform. The quality is so bad that it couldn't be worn. I'm in the process of a dispute with the seller and hopefully there will be compensation because it's really not the costume that was advertised. :( Sadly we paid for the outfits back in February so we can’t launch a Paypal dispute to get some of the money back.

That pretty much summarizes the con since I mostly did a lot of wandering, running into friends and there wasn't a heck of a lot of structure to my convention experience. I did learn that Cosplaying on Sunday of AN (and for most cons for that matter) is pretty much a waste of time. Next year I’ll definitely go casual and use Sunday as a chance to recover and relax instead of fussing over wearing a costume. I had a pretty good con, overall, all things considered, but I have a lot of hope for AN 2015.

As for the rest of the year, Pan and I are hoping to work on school uniforms from Sailor Moon. I'm thinking of making a new blouse so I can have a summer version of Usagi's uniform. Pan is considering Cosplaying as Ami so it would be nice if we did those costumes together. I might make that for Atomic Lollipop, although the con is just a few weeks away so I'm not sure if that will happen. I may wear my Halloween dress to Atomic Lollipop and I have a few other potential costume ideas of things I could re-wear. I'll post here again in a few weeks about it. I'm also debating about going to the Cosplay Picnic at the end of the month. If I go I might wear Tennis Peach or maybe the Snow White Lolita costume. I'm considering my options.

After mid-July my schedule is completely open. My next con might be Anime North 2015. I’m kind of hoping that I attend some other con or event or travel somewhere later this year, but I’m undecided. I am heavily considering going to Colossalcon next year. I’ve been hearing such good things about it for the last several years and seeing photos this year and knowing so many of my friends went is really getting me excited about it. I would have to figure out a ride and hotel space, but there is a strong possibility that I’ll try to go next year. Too bad the con is a whole year away! XD

I meant to update last month as I expected that I would be able to make my Tennis Princess Peach costume in just a matter of a couple of weeks, but I suffered a series of setbacks with the costume and I'm only finishing it up now. Honestly, it should have been simple, but I had the worse luck with it. The sewing machines that I have had a lot of trouble sewing the main knit fabric, I had to scrap my first version of the costume because the dress looked pleated instead of having a flare to it and painting the shoes turned out to be problematic. Thankfully my friend Pan lent me a pattern for a Power Rangers inspired dress that she had made and the pattern was pretty perfect for Peach. I had just enough fabric left to re-do the dress. My friend Adrien gave me advice on how to paint the rubber part of the shoes (with sharpie) so I was able to finish painting the shoes last night. I just need to clean up a few seams and it should be good to go. I wish my craftsmanship was better, but the knit fabric is so unforgiving. You can't just take out seams if you made a mistake. Any needle holes stayed visible. ~_~ Anyway, the costume looks ok and I'm really proud of the tennis racket my friend :icont-toast: helped me paint. It'll be a great prop for my ball gown too.

So my plan is currently to Cosplay Tennis Princess Peach on Friday of Anime North. I've been crazy busy organizing things for my Nominoichi table. That's going to occupy 90% of my time on Friday of the con, but you can find me at table N141 for much of the evening. I have plenty of Anime goods from series like Pokemon, Evangelion and Detective Opera Milky Holmes for sale. My items are mostly figures, but I have lots of Manga as well. My friends Adrien and Pan will be selling at the table as well. Pan is selling some Manga and a Yu-Gi-Oh duel disk and Adrien is selling a variety of video games as well as an amazing handmade Yoko sniper rifle from Gurren Lagann. (^^)

My plan for Saturday of the con is to re-wear my Princess Peach ball gown since I'll be bringing the wig and accessories for Tennis Peach. I'll only wear the ball gown until the late afternoon and then I may switch into Tennis Peach again or into a new costume from Ammie. Ammie is selling a lot of Anime goods and costumes at her table (N142) at the Nominoichi. I decided to purchase a Lolita Snow White costume from her. It looks like a really nice outfit so I'm really excited to wear it. (^_^)

I'm hoping to Cosplay Usagi's school uniform from Sailor Moon on Sunday with Pan as Rei, but our costumes have yet to arrive from the person we commissioned them from. The seller didn't ship the costumes out until April 30th, so I'm really doubtful that they'll arrive before the con in the next few days. (~_~) I'll probably update this post if they actually show up. I'm really looking forward to wearing the uniform with Pan so I hope it arrives! If it doesn't arrive, I'll probably wear Lolita Snow White on Sunday.

My costume schedule is really dependent on the weather. Right now it's looking like it may rain on Friday and/or Saturday. If it rains I don't think I'll wear my ball gown so I hope the weather is pleasant all weekend.

I didn't book any photoshoots for AN so I'm not sure when or if I'll have photos to post here after AN. Hopefully I'll get some nice photos of Tennis Princess Peach. I wasn't sure if I would get the costume done so I was hesitant to book shoots prior to the con. Hopefully I'll get some shots of Usagi and the Snow White Lolita costume if I wear both costumes. We'll see how things go. I'm just hoping the Nominoichi works out. I'm definitely going to relax after Friday evening. XD

After AN I'm probably going to take a break from sewing, but I'm already debating about my next costume plans. My parents bought me a new Janome sewing machine for my birthday next month, which is a godsend because the machines I'm currently using are either ancient or are super low quality. It's been a real hindrance on my sewing. I'm really excited to start sewing using a quality machine. (^^)

To everyone going to Anime North this weekend, I hope you guys have a great time. AN is one of only 2 cons that I'm attending this year so I really hope that it's a good con.

Update: My Usagi school uniform arrived on April 21st so I will be wearing Usagi at Anime North. :3
Some of my costume plans have changed so I think a new journal update is in order.

Originally my plan was to wear Dilandau from Escaflowne to Anime North, but that isn't going to happen for this year. I'll definitely have it in time for Anime North 2015 so I'm already looking forward to the convention next year. I might have the costume in time for the fall so if I happen to go to a con late in the year I can bring it then. I have nothing on my schedule so I'll probably hold off on wearing it until AN next year. I appreciate Ammie working on the costume for me so it'll be worth the wait.

Instead, I'm still thinking of ideas about what to wear for Anime North this year. I had said I was going to work on Princess Peach's Tennis dress and maybe bring it to AN, but I've decided that I will definitely add it to my costume schedule for the con. I was able to find fabric for the costume a few weeks ago thanks to help from my friend Amanda. I just ordered shoes for the costume a couple of days ago as well. I hope they arrive in time. They're the exact same plain shoes that I used for Bulma a couple of years ago. I'm thinking of painting the shoes and possibly sewing on details to match Peach's shoes. I've started modifying a pattern and doing a test version of the dress for Peach so we'll see if I can get it done soon. My hope is to finish the dress at least by the end of April.

I'm also thinking of ordering a pink tennis racket and seeing about modifying it a bit to match Peach's tennis racket in the game. If I mod a racket I can also use it as a prop for my Princess Peach ballgown. Speaking of the ballgown, I'm thinking that I might bring the gown again to wear for a while on Saturday of Anime North. I'll have to bring the wig with me for Tennis Peach so might as well re-use the wig for the con.

I might wear my new Princess Peach Tennis costume on Friday of the con. My hope is to get a table at the Nominioichi garage sale on Friday night. Tennis peach would be fairly comfortable to wear if I'm going to be on my feet and managing a table for the evening. Selling Anime goods on eBay and Storenvy has become a bit of a hassle lately as I've had to deal with some scammers that tried to take advantage of me. My hope is to clear out a lot of what I've posted for sale so I can hopefully quit selling later this year. That' my hope anyway! I'll post here if I actually manage to book a table later this month.

I'm considering bringing my Sailor Moon fuku to Anime North as well since I'll have the wig with me, anyway, when I debut the school uniform. I've never worn my Sailor Moon fuku at AN so it might be fun to bring. I'm still just thinking about that one. I have yet to receive my school uniform commission. I'm hoping the costume will ship in the next couple of weeks. I did buy and modify shoes so I'm ready to go once I get the outfit.

That's the current state of things for me. I'm debating about ordering another costume over the summer, but I'll think about that given that I'm not attending many cons and I'm not sure yet what the cost will be for the Dilandau commission. At the moment I'm just looking forward to nicer weather, which will hopefully energize me and motivate me to get working on costume stuff.
Just a quick update on the year. I decided to pre-reg for Atomic Lollipop, which is a summer convention that's held here in Toronto. This year the venue for it is the Ontario Science Centre, which is a pretty cool location in its own right and I live close by to it. The con will have access to the event space in the centre along with access to the exhibits after hours so that should be interesting. I haven't been to the Science Centre in a few years so I'm looking forward to it. I've heard good things about Atomic Lollipop so I hope the con will be a fun experience.

I actually would like to make a costume for the con that I might wear to Anime North if I can fit it into my costume schedule. It would be an alternate outfit for Princess Peach. I'm hoping to make her sports dress that she wears in Mario Tennis and also in the golf games. It's a fairly simple short sporty version of her fancy ballgown dress. I mostly want to make it to get more use out of my Peach wig and my crown, earrings and brooch. I would just need to buy shoes and make the dress. I already bought a pattern for it and I was hoping to start working on the costume last weekend, but I went to the fabric district downtown with my friend Pan and we had zero luck finding jersey knit fabrics in the right shades of pink for the dress. ~_~ The costume is on hold until I actually find fabric. I'll try my local Fabricland next and I'll cross my fingers that I'll have some success there. I feel quite motivated to work on it so I'm hoping that motivation will carry forward!

As for my other costume plans for the year, I did end up commissioning Usagi's middle school uniform from Sailor Moon. I really would like to wear the costume, but I have zero interest in making it myself and I'm cool with that. My friend Pan is commissioning Rei's uniform at the same time so I'm pretty excited for us to Cosplay together. We'll be wearing the outfits at Anime North. I just have to send my measurements to the commissioner so she can get started on the costume soon. This gives me an excuse to re-wear my Sailor Moon wig and get more use out of it and it should be a really comfy costume.

I think Dilandau from Escaflowne is still a bit up in the air for Anime North. I'm ok with waiting on the costume if friend Ammie doesn't have time to complete the commission. It'll be worth the wait. My friend Bonnie has volunteered to Cosplay Van with Pan (who will be Meryl) and me so we're starting to get a little group together. Hopefully we can rope in a few more people and cover the main cast. (^^)

However things turn out, 2014 should be a kind of low key, but fun year for me Cosplay wise. I'll post here again if I'm actually able to get working on Princess Peach or if anything else comes up.
First of all, Happy Holidays to everyone! Thanks very much to :iconjoeycrick: for gifting me 3 months of premium membership. I've never had a premium account before so I'm new to it, but it was a really nice gesture!

I hope everyone that celebrates it had a nice Christmas. Here in Toronto we had a ridiculous ice storm last weekend. It cancelled all my pre-Christmas plans for spending some time with my friends and getting some last minute shopping done. It was kind of a shock to see fallen branches and trees and like an inch or two of ice on every surface outside. I managed to fall on some ice and my house was without power for about 27 hours between the very wee hours of the morning on Sunday until Monday morning. Some people here were without power until Christmas and quite a few people still don't have power back. The storm created a huge mess! It's one of the worst things I've ever seen. I slept through the freezing rain really coming down so it was a real wake-up call to experience when I woke up Sunday morning! I did get to spend some time with some friends that needed a place to stay on Monday until Christmas Eve because they didn't have power at their places. It actually really made for a memorable and kind of touching Christmas and one upside of the weather is that it made for a beautiful Christmas morning. We had tons of snow fall over the ice so the city was blanketed, but in a pretty way. I hate winter, but I can kind of tolerate it around Christmas. Not so much the ice, though, it's so dangerous!

Getting back on track, I really don't have much to add to my previous posts. Usually at this point I have some idea about my con and costume schedule for the next year. I only have a vague idea of my plans. Honestly, I kind of feel like I've hit a bit of a brick wall with cons and Cosplay. It's hard for me to get as excited for it as I have in the past. Not that I don't still love the hobby, but it's becoming a lot more taxing for me. I still only have Anime North on the horizon. I really can't see any other viable cons. It's hard to make travel plans. I would still like to do one or two other cons next year, but I'm still on the fence about it. I will post here if I add a con to my schedule.

In terms of costumes, I'm still hoping Dilandau from Escaflowne will happen. I'm commissioning my friend Ammie to make it for me. My hope is to wear the costume to Anime North this year, but I'm not sure if that will happen. If not, I'll probably put it off until next year. One of the reasons I was going to head downtown last weekend was to get fabric for Dilandau and those plans were ruined. XD Another costume idea I have in my head is to maybe Cosplay Usagi's middle school uniform from Sailor Moon. I have that wig for my Sailor Moon costume that I love and want to get more wear out of. I absolutely adore Usagi's uniform so I'm hoping the costume will happen for AN. I'm currently undecided about whether or not I'll make the costume myself or commission it. I loathe making pleated skirts. It can be really annoying to set pleats. If I can figure out a decent pattern and I can find nice fabric, I may make it myself. Maybe that will get me out of my slump! Of course, I still have to wear my Super Sailor Chibi Moon costume this year too! Hopefully with Ammie as Moon. We'll see if any other costume plans materialize. 

Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful 2014! I'm hoping that I'll accomplish a lot in the coming year regarding work, completing driving tests and maybe moving out. We'll see if I manage to accomplish my goals! :3
I just wanted to write a little update on my current photoshoot, costume and convention plans. It's about time to push back that really long con report about Otakuthon. XD

I actually don't have all that much to write. Things have been pretty quiet Cosplay wise lately. I haven't been working on any costumes since Princess Peach in the summer. I enrolled in a beginners driving class a few weeks ago and I'm in the middle of my in-class lessons. The lessons include little assignments and tests in class so that has been keeping me busy. I haven't even had a single in-car lesson yet, though, so practicing is going to keep me busy well into November.

Over the last couple of months I've been trying to think of costume ideas and things I want to work on, but I haven't found inspiration to work on anything that catches my fancy. I'll probably give up on getting anything new done this year, but hopefully over the Christmas season I can get started on a costume. I still have to wear and get photos of my Super Sailor Chibi Moon costume that I got from Ammie and I'm still hoping to commission her to make me a Dilandau costume for AN next year. Other than that, I'm not really sure. I am debating buying an outfit for Halloween. Just a silly costume idea, but it won't be something I make myself. I'll keep on thinking about new costume ideas for 2014. I would like to sew again sometime soon.

In terms of cons for 2014, I'm actually still on the fence about things. I'm done with cons for 2013 since I'm not going to Youmacon after all. Anime North is the only con I have pinned down for sure. Otakuthon and Con-G are definitely out. I might see about travelling with some of my friends to an American con, but I'm really up in the air about what I can attend. I'm hoping to move out and change jobs next year so I have a lot of different factors to consider before I pick any cons to attend.

I did participate in a couple of fall photoshoots last weekend. It's been quite a while since I last participated in a photoshoot outside of a con. I worked with my friend Stillvisions and I shot my RE4 Ashley costume with my friend The Letter Jay as Leon. Later on that same day I participated in 2 shoots of my Sam costume from Trick 'r Treat. This time it was with my awesome friend Ammie who Cosplayed Laurie. :3 I can't wait to see how the photos turned out! I really appreciate Stillvisions working with us.

I'm not sure if I'll shoot again this fall. I would like to get some shots of my Halloween summer dress if that's possible, but we'll see. I'm just trying to soak up the season. I love the month of October. <3
I had a bit of a mixed experience at Otakuthon this year. The con had some really low moments for me and some other awesome experiences. I definitely enjoyed hanging out with my friends that were there especially since I pretty much rarely see both my local and Montreal friends these days. My friend Kira who lives in Montreal is an absolute sweetheart who helped me out when I was wearing Princess Peach. She helped me get flat shoes when my feet were hurting and she brought me Montreal bagels on Sunday (which are so absolutely amazing... normal bagels have been ruined for me!) XD

Getting to the con went pretty well. I can't say Stillvisions and I ran into any major problems getting to and from the con except that it was really expensive as we travelled together with no other travel buddies so the cost of gas, parking and the car rental were really high. I stayed at the Hyatt hotel, which was a bit of a trek from the con. To get to the con involved taking some underground tunnels and a trip through a mall that was attached to the hotel building. That was quite the experience in Sailor Saturn and Princess Peach! Our hotel was hosting some sort of contest winner weekend for a beer company so our hotel was full of older women who had won a trip there for the weekend. XD It was quite a contrast to the con attendees in the hotel, but the hotel did have a great pool.

The con itself was both interesting and kind of typical. I liked how the con had a cafe that offered bubble tea along with Japanese snacks and dishes. I can't say I wasn't overjoyed to find the gaming room was offering the board game Betrayal at House on the Hill, which is one of my all-time favourite games. I had to sit down with some of my Montreal friends to try it since they had never checked out the game before. The video game concert on Sunday afternoon was awesome! The orchestra did an amazing job playing an assortment of music from series like Pokemon, Castlevania and Chrono Trigger. They also played one of the themes from Doctor Who, which was a treat! I really didn't check out anything else. Anime content has kind of lost its appeal to me.

Speaking of Anime losing its appeal, I'm thinking of shifting my focus in the future regarding cons. It has become clear to me in these last couple of years that I no longer really care for Anime content like I did back in 2001 when I first started attending cons. My interests have really shifted to video games and the paranormal. What that means is that I'm probably going to start attending fewer cons and try to find cons that are a little more diverse with their programming and fandom focuses.

Not to say that Otakuthon wasn't fun, but I definitely struggled with the language barrier at Otakuthon as Montreal is a mixed language city with both English and French. The amount of times I was stopped and people tried to talk with me in French (to which I could not really reply) was a lot higher than last year. Not that it's a bad thing since Montreal is primarily a French city, but I definitely felt like a lot of my weekend experiences were lost in translation and at times it was incredibly frustrating.

I did wear all of the costumes that I said I was going to bring. I didn't wear Integra for very long on Friday of the con and I wasn't able to do a shoot of the costume. I'm not sure when I'm going to wear it again (if at all). Maybe I can do a private shoot of it at some point. I would love new photos with my new glasses, but it's kind of an incognito costume without a Hellsing group. I changed into Sailor Saturn in the evening and had a great experience with the costume. I met some lovely Sailor Moon Cosplayers and I did a shoot with SolarTempest that I think will yield some awesome photos! :3

I was so proud to be wearing Princess Peach on Saturday now that I updated the costume! It looked so much better. The new hoop skirt and the adjustments to the bodice made it look a lot more accurate and much nicer. I received quite a few compliments on the construction and how pretty I looked and I took all of the compliments to heart. It honestly meant so much to me after spending so many months working on the costume. Peach was a real leap in skill level for me. I'm not sure I want to tackle another project like it, but I'm really happy with how it turned out in the end. I was stopped for dozens of family photos and pictures with little kids. It was quite the experience like when I wore Snow White to the Cosplay Picnic a few years ago! I did a shoot with EleventhPhotograph and Stillvisions also photographed me so I'm really looking forward to the photos from Saturday. (^^)

I did wear Celia on Sunday, but I didn't do a shoot of the costume. I'm going to retire the costume unless I can do a shoot one day at a farm or in the woods. It was a fun costume to wear anyway.

At least I accomplished my mission of buying more rings from Catherinette Rings. I purchased one of their rings last year and I absolutely loved it so I bought a few more designs this year. <3 Love their work!

I had some down moments while at the con on Friday when my confidence was down and I had to deal with a negative environment. I really appreciate my friends stepping up to help me out. A big shout out to my friend Mike for helping me out when I hit an emotional low. I can't thank my friends enough for helping me back on my feet!

Overall Otakuthon was fairly fun. I enjoyed wearing most of my costumes and I loved the video game concert. The language barrier was a real difficulty for me, though, and I struggled a bit emotionally during the weekend. I doubt I'll be returning to Otakuthon again. It's definitely off my schedule for 2014 unless I have a really good reason to go back. I can always visit my Montreal friends outside of a convention. For 2014 my only confirmed con is Anime North. I am considering expanding my horizons and perhaps attending MAGfest because it seems like it might better match my interests. What else I might do in 2014 I still need to decide.

I'm also not sure about photoshoots for the rest of the summer. I was planning to do a couple, but I'm kind of in the mood to take a break from wearing costumes. I know the fall shoots will definitely happen, but I might take the rest of the summer off.

I should have some of the photos from Otakuthon back in the next few weeks so when the photos are posted, I'll be sure to post some of the highlights here. (^^)
I was on the fence for quite a while about my costume plans for Otakuthon, but I think I have it figured out. Here are my plans:


- Integra (Hellsing Ultimate)
- Sailor Saturn (Sailor Moon S)


- Princess Peach (Super Mario Bros.)


- Celia (Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life)

I was originally hoping to bring my Shinku costume to wear on Friday afternoon, but I didn't realize my wig was in such a sorry state. I tried finger combing it out, but the wig clips for her pigtails are beyond messy. Honestly, even if I made them look ok, it's not really the style of wig I wanted in the end. I really did want a proper wig with a split for the pigtails instead of just a bob with clips. My costume has a shelf life as the velveteen is degrading around a couple of seams so I can probably only wear it once or twice more. I figure I might as well make every wear count. I'm going to order yet another new wig (I think that'll be wig #3 for the costume) and hope I can do a private shoot of the costume and maybe wear Shinku to a con next year before I retire it.

Instead, I dug out my Integra costume. I bought new glasses for the costume and I could really use some photos of the improvement. The old glasses were a little too big on my face. XD I'm of course, bringing Princess Peach. I'm looking forward to shooting the costume with EleventhPhotograph and any other photoshoots I can do of the costume would be amazing. It was a bit of a tough choice to decide between Sailor Saturn or Super Sailor Chibi Moon for the con, but I think the wig for Chibi Moon would be more difficult to transport versus the staff for Saturn so Saturn won out in the end. One of these days I'll get photos of Chibi Moon.

I'm really excited about seeing and exploring Old Montreal for photos this year. It'll be a great backdrop for Peach! I don't have a lot of plans for the con aside from Cosplaying. I would like to go swimming and check out the video game orchestra concert on Sunday of the con. Other than that, I'm hoping to hang out with friends and hopefully eat some good food! This is pretty much my summer vacation so I'm hoping that I'll enjoy it! :3
Given that Con Bravo just ended, Atomic Lollipop is this week and Otakuthon is just a couple of weeks away, I should reassess my summer con plans.

I posted in an entry last week that I was planning to go to Con Bravo last Saturday, but I wasn't feeling well that day so I scrapped plans to attend the con. I'm a bit disappointed that I missed it, but c'est la vie.

I am planning to attend Atomic Lollipop for at least the Saturday of the con. That shouldn't be an issue because I live near the con and the cold I had will definitely not be a factor as I'm almost totally better now. I have no idea what costume I'll wear, but I'll pull something out of my closet. I've never made it out to Atomic Lollipop before so I'm looking forward to checking it out. (^^)

After some heavy debating and discussion with Stillvisions, I've decided to still go to Otakuthon. It's going to be a little costly since Stillvisions and I are going to be splitting the cost of a car rental together, but I think it's for the best so I can get my Princess Peach costume to the con. I have a shoot set up with EleventhPhotograph, and hopefully I'll get a chance to shoot my Peach costume with Stillvisions as well. (^^) I'm debating about what other costumes to bring, but right now I'm thinking Shinku, a Sailor Scout costume and maybe Celia would be nice. For the Sailor Scout costume, I'm considering Super Sailor Chibi Moon or Sailor Saturn since I haven't really worn either costume yet (although I did briefly wear Saturn at Con-G just to try on the costume).

I'm hoping to get a chance to do a couple of shoots before the end of summer to get some pictures of some of my older costumes that I have very few photos of. Right off the bat I'm thinking China Sherry and Saki from Onechanbara would be nice to get some photos of.

Although Otakuthon will probably be my last con for the year, this fall I'm hoping to do a few autumn/Halloween themed shoots with friends. I need to meet up with my friend Sakura to get some photos of our Halloween Lolita Asuka and Rei costumes together. I still would like some photos of my Halloween dress that I made last year. I'm also hoping that plans will come together in early October for Ammie and The Letter Jay to come to TO so Ammie and I can do a Trick 'r Treat shoot. Ammie made Laurie's Little Red Riding Hood outfit from the movie so I think wearing Sam with her would make for an awesome shoot. (^^) We're also considering doing an RE4 shoot and that would be with Ammie as Ada, Jay as Leon and myself as Ashley. We'll see if that comes together.

The next few weeks are going to be really crazy with Atomic Lollipop, Otakuthon and then two of my dear friends are getting married at the end of the month. I'm one of the bridesmaids for the wedding so I know it's going to be a very exciting and busy end of August. (^_^)

I'll update again right before Otakuthon with my final list of planned costumes.
It's been nearly 2 months since my last entry and it's been a bit of a hectic summer thus far. It seems these days deviantART is a little dead. I haven't been posting many new photos here since I haven't done a shoot since Anime North. I was hoping to get some shoots this summer of a few old costumes that I have very few photos of, but I haven't been able to arrange anything and sadly, the house of one of my photographer friend's was robbed and his camera was taken among other things. I had been hoping to work with him on a couple of shoots so that's cut off those plans. I feel absolutely awful for him because it was a shitty situation. :(

As it stands, I still don't have photos of my China Sherry costume that I made for AN. At some point this summer I'm hoping to wear it for some sort of shoot. It's a bit of an underwhelming costume to wear on my own so I'm not sure if I'll bring it to a con.

I did, however, just finish altering my Peach costume so the dress fits a lot nicer now. The bodice still has a bit of excess fabric, but it's nowhere near as bad as before so that makes me feel a lot better. I had planned to just pull up the dress from the shoulder seams and from the neckline, but instead I altered the shoulder seams, the sleeves, the bust seams, and I also completely took apart the bodice and skirt and adjusted the gathering. It turned out to be a lot more work than I expected! I also completely re-did the collar because the shape of my old collar was ghastly! The new one is much smaller and the scallop pattern looks much nicer. Taking more time with it really made a big difference! I also purchased a 4-hoop skirt to replace my 3-hoop one. The extra hoop supports the weight of the dress a little better and gives the dress a slightly nicer shape. I'm looking forward to re-wearing the dress with the new updates!

Speaking of re-wearing the dress, my next major con is set to be Otakuthon, but things have become more complicated with the con so I'm not sure if I'll be at the con after all. I'm having trouble securing roommates for the hotel and travel buddies so despite pre-registering, there is a decent chance that I won't be going. I'm kind of disappointed, but at this point, I'm a little sick of trying to figure things out and I wouldn't mind not going. We'll see how things work out.

I should be attending Con Bravo this upcoming Saturday. I wasn't intending to go to Con Bravo, but I'm thinking I might go to hang out with some friends. No idea what costume I might bring, but it would have to be something simple since I'll probably be taking transit to get to the con. I'm also considering attending Atomic Lollipop for a day next month since the con is now in my area of the city. No idea what costume I would wear. Maybe Bulma again because it's somewhat simple to wear. I'll decide closer to the con.

I was hoping to go to Youmacon because I have a badge for the con, but plans for that con have fallen through because it was just too complicated. As such I won't be attending Youmacon. After Otakuthon (if I'm able to attend it) I'll be taking a break from cons until next year. Hopefully in the fall I'll find inspiration to get working on a new costume but as of this moment I'm taking a break from sewing. After Princess Peach it's nice to take some time off, but I hope I find something new to work on before Christmas to keep my sewing skills sharp!
Anime North has come and gone for another year and I have to say that it was one of the best AN's that I've attended. After a while all of my AN experiences sort of blend together (given that this was my 12th time going to the con) but there were no major setbacks or issues with the con and it was a lot of fun.

The 2 panels that I was a panelist on both went pretty smoothly despite the fact I wasn't as prepared as I wanted to be. We had a nice turnout at the Anime Statues and Figures panel and it was really enjoyable discussing different aspects of the hobby with the crowd and the other panelists. I learned quite a bit. The Resident Evil panel also turned out better than I expected. The turnout was awesome. We really didn't know what to expect with the panel suddenly including a special guest (we were given really no warning about that) but the Axeman guest was a really great guy and he had some really fun stories about working on the set of the RE movies. We had a good time discussing RE6 and the future for the franchise after that. I can only imagine what RE7 might be like if the rumours about it being announced at E3 are true!

Costume wise, I really enjoyed the costumes that I brought to the con despite the fact I had to change my plans right before the con. I didn't get photos of Hotaru, but it was a very comfortable costume to wear with the cooler weather. Sadly, I was unable to do a shoot in my new China Sherry costume. What sucks about it was that we had an RE6 group and a lot of people in the group are not local so I'm not sure when we'll ever get together for photos. Thanks to Colombian_Otaku (Jake), Ammie (Ada), Jay (Leon) and Natalie (Helena) for being part of a group with me! I had fun hanging out with you guys.

My Princess Peach costume had a great reaction and I took every compliment really to heart because of how much effort I put into the costume. I did a quick shoot at the Cosplay For a Cure booth and it was a great experience. It was fun to be able to contribute to a booth with a great cause and get some pretty photos in the process. I've mostly found a lot of hallway shots of the costume that I love to pieces. I saw a lot of other really awesome Peach Cosplayers at the con and they really inspired me to go back and fix up parts of the costume that I kind of skimmed over. I really should have taken more time to fix up problem spots, but in a lot of cases I felt like I was at my wits end with parts of the costume and just left it, but after spending 3 months on the costume, I want to be 100% happy with it and not just ok with the overall picture. Hopefully once I'm done taking in the bodice, re-doing the collar and spreading out the gathers around the skirt, it'll be something I'm truly proud of.

I have to send a big shout out to the awesome Mario and Luigi Cosplayers that hung out with me for a bit on Saturday evening. I totally forgot their names because my memory sucks, but they were really fun and acted in character. They even found a strap from my shoe when it fell off and I thought it was lost (I was wearing my Shinku shoes as a backup in the evening and the black strap fell off). They really were my heroes! They made the experience of Cosplaying from a video game series I loved as a child really memorable and fun!

I also owe my friends Pan and Adrien a huge thank you for helping me get around in the costume. Pan especially helped make sure my costume looked presentable and they were patient with me being slow.

I did re-wear Integra for a bit on Saturday night, but I mostly changed to get food (from the nearby Japanese restaurant that has food that's to die for) and I wasn't wearing the costume for very long so I don't have photos of it. My Sunday costume (my Dragon Ball Bulma costume) did go over really well. I didn't bother doing a shoot because I already have lots of pretty photos of the costume, but I had a blast wearing it. It was a pretty quick costume to make last year and I feel like it's always a great experience to wear. I'll probably "retire" it for the next while because it's gotten lots of wear, but I need more simple costumes for summer that are like it.

I really should try to make something like my Bulma costume for this summer once I finish fixing Princess Peach. Surprisingly I sort of feel like making something else but I have no idea what. My only stipulation is that it has to be something comfy and easy to make. XD

Anyway, AN was pretty chill. Aside from my panels I didn't really venture into con events. Princess Peach kept me from being too mobile on Saturday. I really didn't get to check out Artist's Alley or the Dealer's Room until Sunday of the con. XD Doing panels was a bit of a fiasco this year so I'm not sure how I'll approach the con next year. I probably won't take on a costume project like Peach next year, though, although I would be tempted to bring Peach to AN again. Maybe next year an Escaflowne group can happen? I still have my heart set on commissioning a Dilandau costume from Ammie. It's my dream costume so I want it to happen. (^^)

Next up is Otakuthon. I'm hopefully going to get lots of awesome photos of Peach there. Not sure what else I'll bring. Probably a Sailor Scout. If I make another summer costume I might bring something else that's new to the con. Con Bravo is probably out for me, but I am tempted to check out Atomic Lollipop since it's not too far from my house. Hopefully there will be random photoshoots. I need photos of China Sherry and I have a couple of old costumes I have almost no photos of which needs to change. Farther off in the future, Youmacon is looking more and more likely. I'm pretty sure I'm going to attend it, but I need to work out the logistics. I'm pretty happy I have a break between cons, though. Anime North was pretty tiring. I'm glad I got a chance to socialize with so many friends, however. AN is a great con for seeing local and out of town friends. It's definitely a con that I treasure.
So I kind of lied about revealing my "secret" costume a few weeks ago. I only just finished it on Sunday (although I was patching up a couple of holes in my sleeve lining a couple of nights ago). (^^);; The costume I've been working on for the last 3 months is Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros. I only kept it a secret because I knew making a ball gown was going to be hard and I was worried I would start it and not be able to make it work. I almost did quit working on it a few times. The costume is made from high quality satin and it gets little snags over nothing. It was really heavy to work on too so I literally cried while trying to gather the skirt to fit it for sewing it to the bodice.

I posted a photo of the completed crown and wig on my Tumblr. You can see it here:…

The wig is an Arda Luthien that my friend Pan helped me style. She trimmed my bangs, my sideburns and curled the side pieces. It looks like a cute moustache. :D The crown was made by my friend Adrien as a commission. I sort of sprung it on him semi-last minute (about a month ago) so I'm really happy he was able to make it for me. It was his first time resin casting. He made my brooch as well. The crown attaches to the wig using magnets so it's really quite ingenuis. Hopefully the magnets won't scramble my brain. XD I appreciate the support of the few friends that I did mention I was making this costume to: Pan, Adrien, Stillvisions and Amber who kept me grounded when I wanted to quit and also I owe a big thank you to my mom who helped me spend countless hours gathering the skirt and peplum and who sewed the collar onto my dress after I made 3 failed attempts to do it myself. I learned a lot from this costume, but I mostly learned that I never want to make another ball gown again! XD

Anyway, AN is tomorrow and at this point I'm figuring out my final costume plans. It's been a bit hard to figure out what I'll wear because the weather for the weekend seems to be cooling off. I was anticipating 20+ degrees Celsius (about 68 Fahrenheit) but the forecast for Friday at least is only 12 (about 53 F) and that's getting a bit on the chilly side for summer type costumes. (~_~);;

Here are my Cosplay plans for the weekend:

- Hotaru Tomoe (Sailor Moon S)
- Sherry Birkin [China] (Resident Evil 6)

- Princess Peach (Super Mario Bros.)
- Integra (Hellsing)

- Bulma (Dragon Ball)

I was hoping to bring Sailor Saturn, but the staff takes up a lot of space and with the weather, I just don't think it'll work. :( I'm really disappointed because I've been planning to wear it to AN for months. I'm bringing a couple of ball-joint dolls to con that I'm hoping will sell or it'll be a colossal pain in the butt to get them home on Sunday. I'm definitely not packing light for the con. >.<

Anyway, regardless of scrambling to figure out costumes, I'm really excited to attend AN again. It's always my highlight con of the year and this will be my 12th Anime North. I will be a panelist for a couple of panels:

Anime Figures and Statues on Friday at 7PM and Resident Evil on Friday at 11PM

The actor who played the Axeman in the RE movies will be a guest panelist for the RE panel. It's sort of news to all of us other panelist as we weren't really given advance warning about it. I'm not quite sure how the panel will go, but we'll roll with it.

To everyone going to the con, I hope you guys have a great time! I'm looking forward to it being a fun weekend. (^_^)
As I type this, here in Toronto we're currently experiencing a winter storm (and yet we're already several weeks into spring) so it's kind of hard to picture summer right now. Hopefully we'll get out of the grip of snow and cold weather soon and finally be into spring. I'm getting geared up for the summer con season. AN is a month and a half away now so I really need to get moving on the costume project I've been keeping under wraps. I'm almost to the point with it that I'll discuss the costume. I've actually teetered on the brink of giving up a few times because I couldn't make parts of the costume work. I'm about to hit the point where I bring everything together and I can finally tell if everything has been working. I hope it doesn't look awful! This costume has become a money pit so I have to make it work somehow!

Otherwise for AN things are looking pretty good. My plan is to wear Sailor Saturn, probably Casual Hotaru Tomoe, my secret costume, China Sherry Birkin and I'm thinking of re-wearing my Bulma costume on Sunday of the con. I have to balance quite a few things at AN. I'm hoping to sell a couple of ball-joint dolls at Doll North thanks to a friend that's allowing me to display them at her table on Friday evening so I have to coordinate handing off my dolls. I also have 2 panels to think about. Apparently the Resident Evil panel that I'm on will be late Friday night but I'm not sure when my other panel on figure collecting will be so my schedule is kind of up in the air.

Anyway, with the progress that I've made on my costume for AN, I should be posting about it in a few weeks. I would really like to get the costume done by the end of April although I already know I'm going to have problems with some of the accessories but I may have a backup so I'm crossing my fingers.

As for other summer plans, my friend Stillvisions booked hotel space at the Holiday Inn for Otakuthon in August. I wasn't really planning to go again, but some of my best friends have decided to check it out so I figured why not give it another shot. My whole family is going to Newfoundland over the summer, but I can't go with them so going to Otakuthon will be a mini vacation for me (as much of a vacation going to a con is). XD

Youmacon has kind of come up again as a potential con to attend. I swore I wouldn't go again, but I've been potentially offered a badge and I may have ride and hotel space. I'm really on the fence about it because I really need to save more money. I still live with my family and I've been putting money away over the last few years. I'm trying to decide if I want to move out and rent or if I want to try to ramp up my savings and try to save enough for a down payment probably on a condo. Either way I want to save more money so for this year I'm probably not going to make any more super complicated or expensive costumes after AN. I'm probably going to be taking a break from sewing for a while to be honest. My current costume is driving me nuts so I would rather take a break. I'm not going to many cons this year so I can just re-wear costumes. I still need to debut Super Sailor Chibi Moon for one, on top of all the new stuff that I'm bringing to AN. I'm getting a bit drained by Cosplay anyway.

As a bit of an aside, I've been getting photos back from some shoots from last year (such as photos of my Halloween Rei costume from Youmacon taken by SolarTempest and all of the shoot photos from the shoots around Halloween that I did with Stillvisions) so my costume backlog of photos from 2012 and earlier is now gone. Thanks so much to all of the awesome photographers that I worked with for taking and editing the photos! It means a lot to me!

Stay tuned for another update about AN!
Con-G is over for another year and sadly, I was a bit underwhelmed by it. I think the cold weather and the fact that the con floor was quite crowded dampened my spirits the whole weekend. The hallways were so busy and there was nowhere really to sit and hang out with friends. Not to say that the con didn't have some really awesome points (I loved hanging out with my friends), but for Cosplay, the location wasn't very inspired. I didn't end up wearing my Nurse Rebecca costume because it wasn't really a great location for it and I didn't Cosplay on Sunday.

I did, however, wear my new Sailor Saturn costume for a bit. I asked Ammie for the costume last year and after creating a boot pattern for me during New Years, she whipped up the rest of the costume to give me last weekend. My plan was to debut it at AN, but since Con-G made for a great opportunity to get the costume from her, I tried it on for a little while on Saturday night. I did not have my Silence Glaive, but I did wear it long enough to be asked to participate in a Cosplay video for Z Shall:…

His video showcases a lot of amazing costumes from the con. He also asked me for video footage while I was Cosplaying Sailor Moon on Friday so I'm in the video twice. It's pretty cool to see my costumes in action. :3

I did do a shoot with EleventhPhotograph of Moon with Ammie as Jupiter. I saw a few of the shots on his camera and they looked great despite the lack of an interesting backdrop. I'm looking forward to seeing his photos later. (^^) SolarTempest grabbed a few quite shots of my Saturn costume so I might have one or two photos to post of the new costume later. I'll wear it again to Anime North.

I did wear my casual Hotaru costume for a bit on Friday evening and I wore Edonia Sherry for a little while on Saturday afternoon, but I didn't do a shoot in either costume so sadly I won't have new photos to post of either costume. Anyway, I'm still waiting on the winter photos that Stillvisions took of Sherry so I'm sure he took some solid shots that I can share down the line. There's always next winter for more shoots too. (^_^)

Con-G was underwhelming to me because the programming didn't really interest me. I've been to so many cons over the years of various sizes and types (over 50 in total) and I think they're becoming a bit of an old hat. Not to say that I'm giving up on cons, but I think I'm losing my spark a bit after the last few disappointing experiences.
Next up is AN and AN is always a neat con so hopefully that'll turn things around. I know for this year I'm back to being a panelist as I'll be helping with the Resident Evil and Anime figures (collecting) panels. Hopefully that'll be interesting. I'm also still really excited about my costume plans the con.

I can say that it's looking very likely that I'll be attending Otakuthon again in the summer. I think it'll be fun to give the con another shot.

I have said that I'm planning to go to Con Bravo, but I think if I attend that one, it'll be a one day thing instead of the full weekend (much like Fan Expo if I do attend it again this year).

Con-G is definitely out for next year although I have heard that the con will sadly be shutting down after 2014. It was nice to check out and support, but I think it's time to move on. I just need to figure out what I'm moving on to.
Con-G is almost here and I'm pretty excited about it. It's a fairly small con in Guelph, Ontario and it's nice to have a somewhat local event to attend in the dead of winter. My last con was Youma in early November so I'm starting to get a bit antsy!

I'm still solidifying my con plans, but here is what I'm thinking my schedule will be like:

Sailor Moon (with Ammie as Sailor Jupiter)

Sherry (Edonia) - Resident Evil 6
Nurse Lolita Rebecca - Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

Hotaru Tomoe (casual outfit) - Sailor Moon S

I'm doing a shoot with Mike on Friday of Moon, but other than my weekend is wide open and no shoots are planned so I'm not 100% set on when I'll be wearing things. Hotaru is a pretty good choice for Sunday because without my Silence Glaive (which I'm not bringing to Con-G) it's a pretty simple to wear and easy to pack costume.

Con-G should be fairly chill and quite fun. I'm looking forward to the chance to be social anyway! It will be nice to see a lot of my local friends there. :3 Hopefully I'll get some nice photos of my costumes to post later as well. If you'll be attending the con, I hope to see you there!

As a Cosplay aside, I just finished up my China Sherry costume on February 7th. I was fidgeting a bit with my belt because I made my shirt a little too short and I didn't like how it sat over the shirt. I'm using snaps to hold it in place for now, but I'll see if I need to fiddle with that later. Overall I'm pretty happy with the costume. I may try to get a preview shot of the costume later (if I can find a decent location to grab a quick shot of it). XD Speaking of shots, I already posted one photo from the day, but I was able to get photos of my Edonia Sherry and my Lisa Garland (SH: Shattered Memories) costumes on the 8th. We had a snow day and since I live near Stillvisions, he offered to do some shoots with me. We shot Sherry in a wooded park area. It was kind of rushed because the weather made it really extreme (I nearly froze and Sherry is a pretty winter appropriate costume) but I think we got at least a few solid shots. I'm looking forward to sharing those photos later on. :3

We shot Lisa in a street near Stillvisions. We did 2 super short shoots with Lisa; one in the early evening and one at night. I just wanted some shots of Lisa walking outside in winter to imitate her walk with Harry from the hospital to her apartment. Stillvisions posted a couple of iPad shots so you can see the conditions we were working with. It was a winter wonderland! I really appreciate Stillvisions being a trooper and working with me! Thanks so much to him. (^^)

As awesome as it was to get outdoor winter shots of my costumes, I'm ready for winter to be over. XD I really hope spring arrives early this year! It has been bitterly cold lately so warm weather can't come soon enough!
Now that January is almost over, I think it's about time I take a moment to post about my convention schedule for the year. This is actually going to be a very light year for me. I'm a little disappointed about that, but who knows, plans might change and I might add a con or two to my list as the year wears on.

My current planned conventions for the year are Con-G next month, Anime North in May and ConBravo in July. ConBravo is still a bit up in the air. There is a chance that I might go to Otakuthon again, but I'm unsure of that. I'm a little sad that I don't have an American con on my list for the year. Since I'm giving up on Youmacon after the mess that was the con last year, I don't have plans to cross the border. It's probably a good idea to save money, but we'll see if something comes up and I do end up travelling.

I've mentioned this already, but I'm still working on my Resident Evil 6 China Sherry costume. My cargo pants are done. I'm altering a white blouse now by adjusting the cuffs (I have one done), creating a new hem line and taking it in a bit. After that I just need to modify a belt I bought by swapping the buckle and taking it in and my Sherry costume will be done. I should have it done in the next week or two. I'm kind of slacking off with sewing. XD

At least this year started off on the right foot. I was able to visit Ammie and The Letter Jay on New Year's Day. Ammie lives in London, Ontario and I live in Toronto so it's not often that I get to see her and Jay. We had an awesome day hanging out. She took my leg and measurements and made the boots for the Sailor Saturn fuku Ammie is making for me for Anime North. Although I did Cosplay Sailor Saturn before, my costume was borrowed from Ammie so it wasn't a perfect fit. For AN Ammie and I will be Cosplaying Saturn and Pluto together and I'm really looking forward to Cosplaying Saturn again. With the staff my friend Adrien made for me it'll be epic to pose with. (^^) I'm really excited to see Ammie Cosplay Pluto again. She looks so elegant as Sailor Pluto!

The Letter Jay gave me the shoulder harness and even a radio pouch and gun holster for my upcoming China Sherry costume. He handmade them out of leather and they look fantastic! It's going to be awesome to pose with the gear he made me! I'm so beyond thankful for his gift. I'm looking forward to sharing his hard work with you guys when I get to wear the costume in May. :3

I'm super grateful to Ammie and The Letter Jay for all they've done for me. They're really wonderful people and super talented. They're both the ACP picks for January. ACP made a great choice for their first picks of 2013!

Regarding my future costume plans, I'm going on a fabric shopping trip this Saturday and I'm looking to pick up material for another costume for Anime North. I'm not going to say much about this costume until I find fabric and start working on it. I'm really not sure if I can do the character justice, but if it turns out I'll post about it in a couple of months. (^^)
The year is starting to wind down and I'm beginning to gear up for next year. I purchased pants and a white shirt for my upcoming China campaign Sherry costume from RE6. I'm not making the costume from scratch, but I need to modify the shirt and pants before I wear them. It should be interesting to see how they turn out when they arrive and I get working on them.

In case anyone is looking for a calendar for next year, the Futurecon 2013 calendar that I did a shoot for will be coming out next month and you can pre-order it here:…. Money raised from the calendar is donated to Epilepsy Toronto so it's for a good cause. Participating in the calendar shoot was a really fun experience.

I've worked through a lot of my costume backlog and have posted most of my favourite photos here on deviantART. I'm not sure what costume photos I should post next. If you think I should post more photos of a particular costume of mine here on DA, let me know in the comments. (^^)

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season whatever you celebrate! Best wishes for a fantastic New Year. Merry Christmas!
Just a quick update as the holidays are approaching and things are still pretty quiet. My next con isn't until February and I'm not planning to make any new costumes for the convention, but I am starting to collect pieces and look to making Sherry's China campaign outfit from Resident Evil 6. From my Edonia costume I already have a scarf and wig and I own black boots that I can use for it. I found a belt on eBay that I'm going to gut to make Sherry's belt. I still need to order a white shirt and decide if I'm going to make or buy cargo pants. Sherry's pants are such an odd shade of green that I haven't decided yet how I'm going to tackle them. My awesome friend The Letter Jay is making the shoulder harness for me as a gift which is taking a huge load off my shoulders when it came to planning out this costume and I really appreciate it! Anyway, I'll try to get the costume done in the next couple of months as I find time and material to work on it. It would be nice to get it done well in advance of Anime North when I plan to debut the costume.

My main reason for posting right now is that I'm trying to do a clear out of some of my figure collection. I own a lot of Anime toys and I honestly don't have the room for them all. I just want to downsize my collection to save space.

You can view my sales post by clicking here. It's on my old Livejournal which is pretty much inactive, but LJ is a great place to make a long, detailed post. I don't have a Facebook account so it's hard to spread the word. I'm selling Nendoroids, Figmas, Sailor Moon goods, ball-joint dolls and even a few costumes and outfits. I'm located in Toronto, Ontario and I'm offering international shipping on most of the items. All my contact info can be found in the Livejournal post and there are lots of ways to contact me.
Youmacon this year was kind of a mess. I still had a fun time with my friends, but the organization was really lacking. I spent 4 hours in line waiting to pick up my pre-reg badge on Thursday night of the con. Got in line just after 8PM and received my badge just before midnight. The hotel's wristband policy to access the guest floor elevators was understandable, but some warning would have been nice. The hotel requested names of the 4 hotel room occupants at check-in to distribute the wristbands, but we were planning to have a 5 person room. Thankfully I was able to shift rooms before our 5th hotel roommate joined us on Friday of the con and I stayed with Ammie and Jay. It was just a tremendous inconvenience. To help ease the hotel check-in for Ammie and Jay, I took Jay's spot in the pre-reg line on Friday while he got our room and I spent another 2 hours in line. To say I was unimpressed with reg was an understatement. (>.<)

I also found it really confusing to find things now that the con was split between the GM Center and the COBO Center. There was a lack of printed schedules and the online schedule was inaccurate. I walked with two of my friends to the COBO Center on Friday night after 9 to go to the dealer's room because the online schedule stated it would be open until 10, but when we got there it was already closed.

The con wasn't all negative, though. My friend Sakura did finish her Halloween Asuka costume so on Friday of the con we hung out as Asuka and Rei for a bit. We did a quick shoot in the hotel lobby with SolarTempest. We're planning to do an outdoor shoot together next fall. (^^) Ammie and I only got a chance to wear Hotaru and Mistress 9 for a little while on Saturday. Thursday was out for Cosplay and carrying around the Silence Glaive on Sunday with check-out seemed complicated so we switched our plans. We were recognized quite a bit in our costumes, which was nice, although it was a shame we couldn't wear them for longer. We did a quick shoot at the DeathCom booth so we'll have some photos of our costumes. I quite love the dress Ammie made me. :3 It's such a sweet Christmas present.

I had a lot of fun re-wearing my Ashley costume for a RE4 group with Ammie and Jay. Stillvisions joined us for a bit as Dr. Salvador. We didn't really do a shoot of our group although we did get a few shots also at the DeathCom booth. Eventually we'll have to do an RE4 shoot in the fall. (^_^) Of course, the most exciting thing about the weekend was our RE6 shenanigans. Jay Cosplayed Edonia Jake and Ammie was Ada Wong. I picked up my Edonia Sherry coat from Ammie at the con and I absolutely love it! Ammie's attention to detail is outstanding. Shooting with Elemental on Saturday night was a great experience. We decided to re-wear our costumes on Sunday because they were pretty warm and comfy. We did a shoot with a photographer named Sai and we really like the resulting photos. He was a lot of fun to work with. I'll be sharing photos here in the coming weeks.

So Youmacon was a bit drab. I'm not sure if it's worth the time and energy to attend it next year. My friend Stillvisions (who has almost always been my ride to con) has said he isn't really interested in going to Youma again so I think that means the con is out for me too next year. Oh well. Unless I have a really good reason to go again it's a con that I can skip. It was nice to make a few new friends at the con though! I'll also miss hanging out with Ammie and Jay as Jay is local to the area and will continue to support the con. I'll have to see if I can find some other con to fill the void.

Back tracking a bit to Halloween, it was a rather rushed night as I had to set up all my decorations right as it was becoming dark and it was quite a rainy night. That didn't put a damper on the fun though. I did wear Halloween Rei for a bit and Stillvisions took a few outdoor photos of me with my decorations. It's hard to say if any of them actually turned out. Despite the weather, my friends made Halloween a rather nice experience this year. We sadly only had about 8 carved pumpkins this year, so we didn't have a field of jack-o'-lanterns like last year. I don't think anything could top last year's Halloween though!

To make up for the lack of photos of my Halloween Rei costume at Youma, Stillvisions was kind enough to offer to take photos of me in costume if we had a nice day this month and since the temperature yesterday was rather mild, we stopped off to take a few photos in a park near my house. It was a quick, but really fulfilling shoot. I'm looking forward to seeing how the photos turned out! Stillvisions has a bit of backlog right now so I don't suppose I'll get the photos back until next year though. As it stands I don't have any photos from Youma of Rei so I can't post pictures of the costume quite yet. (>.<);; I do have to say that I must have developed some positive karma because I forgot a little star wand that I had made as a prop to go with the costume in the park where we were shooting and only realized it at 1AM this morning. I got up early this morning to look for it and I expected to find no trace of it, but my wand was lying in the leaves where I forgot it so I don't have to remake it! That's a lucky break!

One really awesome thing that came of Youma was that I found out the Halloween picture that I submitted of my Sam costume was picked as a winning entry for October. The unfortunate thing was that the calendars were never available at the con so I'm not sure if I'll ever get a copy of it. It was nice to add a touch of Halloween to the calendar anyway! Also, I was rather surprised after returning from Youmacon to find out that I was picked to be American Cosplay Paradise's female Cosplayer of the month for November. I'm really quite touched and it means a lot.

Finally, to finish off this very long entry, my friend Ammie has created a deviantART account. Check out her page by clicking here: :iconammiechan:. Her costumes and artwork are out of this world so keep an eye on her profile to see what she comes up with next. (^_^) Remember that she takes commissions! She's made all of my Sailor Scout fukus as well as my coat for RE6 Sherry and my Nurse Lolita Rebecca Chambers costume so her work is top notch.

Next up for me is a 3 month con hiatus until Con-G. I don't have many cons planned for next year, but I'm creating a list of costumes to work on for 2013. I'll post about that later on. (^_^)
Happy Halloween everyone! I'm a day early, but I have a feeling that the next 48 hours are going to be crazy given that I still need to pack up decorations for Halloween tomorrow and then on Thursday I'll be heading down to Youmacon with Stillvisions, Elemental and Emily. I figure it's going to be a hectic, but really fun weekend. I still haven't quite settled on my costume plans, but so far this is my costume schedule:

Halloween Rei - Evangelion Figure design

Ashley - Resident Evil 4
Sherry (Edonia) - Resident Evil 6

Hotaru Tomoe - Sailor Moon S

I may end up wearing Hotaru on Thursday and I'll probably make a costume change on Friday, but I still haven't decided what to switch into. If I have space for it, I might pack Integra as well.

I'm going to be re-wearing Ashley at the request of The Letter Jay and Ammie who will be Cosplaying Leon and Ada. I'm always up for RE4 goodness. (^^) Hotaru is a bit of a surprise costume. I'll be Cosplaying her black dress outfit that she wears for most of Super. It was suggested by Ammie when she told me she was thinking of Cosplaying Mistress 9. Ammie made Hotaru's dress for me as a Christmas present so we could Cosplay together. It was very sweet of her and I can't wait to Cosplay Hotaru again! (^_^)

I completed my Halloween Rei costume last week. I decided to wear it to the Silver Snail Halloween party last Saturday. It really wasn't an outfit for that kind of party, but it was nice to have a chance to try the outfit on in advance of Youma. I found out that I needed to add a few more snaps to the top so I should be good to go for the con now. I may wear the outfit on Halloween and see if I can get some photos with my decorations at Stillvisions' place. I'm not sure if we'll have time or the right weather conditions for that though. :(

Sherry is probably the costume that I'm most excited about for the weekend. Sherry was one of the few really good things about RE6 in my opinion. Ammie and I have a shoot scheduled with Elemental for Saturday evening so we should have some awesome photos after the con of us as Sherry and Ada. If Jay gets his costume done in time we may also have a Jake.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Halloween! I can't believe how quickly the month went by and that the big night is almost here. I hope everybody enjoys the holiday!