2016 Costume and Convention Plans
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Published: March 8, 2016

Greetings! I’ve been on a “hiatus” from Cosplay for the past few months. I did finally pass my final road test that I took at the end of November so after that I took a break from costume work in December. Since the Christmas holidays, though, I have been working on some costume projects. My hiatus has pretty much only been from actually wearing costumes I guess. I finished my Splatoon Inkling Kid costume back at the end of January. Granted that I didn’t really have a lot to work on for that costume. It was attaching the tentacles to the wig, creating and sewing pink stripes onto the shorts, making a mask and adding lettering detail to a shirt. It should be a pretty comfy costume to wear and the construction process was fairly smooth.

After I finished that costume, a few days later, I started brainstorming for other costume options for the year. My Madoka school uniform costume is on the backburner. I'm definitely going to make it for Anime North 2017 though. I've been putting it off for too long so I'm setting that as a goal that I want to stick to. For costume options for this year, I looked through my list of favourite characters and I landed on a bit of a throwback. I'm currently working on a Sakura Haruno costume from Naruto for Anime North. I'm going to be making her Shippuden outfit. The costume seems a bit out of left field at this point, but I have Cosplayed as Sasuke in the past along with an Anbu and Haku. I've always liked Sakura, though. I don't think she gets enough credit for her awesome abilities. I figured the costume shouldn't be too difficult and it should be fun to wear on Saturday of AN and to various cons in the summer.

I'm almost done modifying a mock of the shirt. I'm using an old New Look Juniors pattern that's for a Chinese style blouse. I finally found a pattern brand that actually works with my petite frame! Too bad the pattern line has been discontinued for years so I can't find more patterns of that type! I picked up this pattern probably a decade ago and I re-discovered it as I did a pattern inventory. It needs a bit of work, but I'm hoping that I can work out the kinks! It has a great fit for the overall shape that I want. I've already finished modifying a pair of boots so the costume is definitely happening. I also already have material purchased for the costume and a wig so once I actually get the sewing done, the costume will be good to go without tracking down any more materials. I'm hoping to get the shirt done this month and hopefully at least start patterning the skirt. Adding bandages to the shorts, modifying gloves and making armbands shouldn't be too difficult. Wish me luck! I hope the fabrics that I'm working with prove to be easy to sew! I'm hoping to get the costume completely done by early May.

I'm still amping up to tackle another year of the Nominoichi at Anime North. I have plenty of Anime figures, video games, old wigs and other random Anime goods that I'm looking forward to selling. Every year I figure that I'll finish with the Nomi because I won't have much stuff left to sell in a future year, but I'm always surprised by how many old goodies that I dig up that I'm willing to part with. I've been trying to ease back on collecting figures and goods these last few months, but I still buy or pre-order the odd thing. A collector's collection is ever evolving! Anyway, at the moment I'm gathering the items, taking stock of their condition and taking photos for a pre-sale listing so that's been keeping me busy on the side.

It's still a little outside of the convention season. I am a bit excited for getting out and about with conventions again. I haven't Cosplayed or been to any sort of Cosplay event since Fan Expo last year. This year I definitely want to get some photoshoots done. Dilandau is still on the agenda and Sailor Mercury and Super Sailor Chibi Moon too. Dilandau still needs a bit of work. I'm going to be working with my friend Adrien soon on fixing up the belt. I kind of put that on the back burner until now as well.

I am very excited for Anime North. I'm definitely going to be wearing my Inkling Kid costume probably on Friday of the con and Sakura Haruno would be my Saturday costume. I would consider bringing something else like Dilandau or Super Sailor Chibi Moon, but I'll see how ambitious I feel about costume changes. Friday is going to be super busy with the Nominoichi and Saturday always goes by way too fast! Sunday is my casual day so I try not to Cosplay so I can take in the dealer's room and artist alley quickly before they close for another year. I'm even hoping to make the trek over to Doll North this year. Anime North is definitely a con that you want to have a game plan for!

I am debating about attending more conventions this year. Another one day of Fan Expo is likely and if APOP is at the Science Centre again, I will most likely give it another shot for this year. I would like to go to one other con. I've heard whispers about the potential of a new con called YetiCon so I'm looking into that and with the dollar still being weak, I am highly considering taking another look at Otakuthon. Again, it's all very much up in the air, but I would definitely like to do something exciting this year so we shall see! I do like that I have started working on costume projects so hopefully the enthusiasm and energy will carry forward into the rest of the year!

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Glad to hear you passed your driver's test after the hassle you went through earlier! Good luck with your cosplaying endeavors, and as always, I'm looking forward to seeing how great they turn out! :iconraritysmile2plz:

Also, if you don't mind, there's something I found fairly recently that I kinda want to share with you. All I can say without spoiling it: it's just absolutely BRILLIANT. :icondashlolplz: (Heads-up: the video's about 2 hours long) youtu.be/J1n0pVxS4sw
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Thanks Joey! I appreciate the support. I'm glad that I'm done worrying about learning to drive. Now I can focus on other matters. I'm glad I have the drive to get sewing work done. 

Thank you for the link! I'll check it out when I get a chance.
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go knock them out with awesomeness