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::Summer Again::

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Summer Competition entry!

My original character eating a <strike>sea-salt</strike> popsicle! XD

"Summer once again, stepping on the white sands that stretches endlessly to the horizon, feeling the sea breeze blowing through and into the infinitively blue sky..."

... i'm not a poet =w=... and summer? We have it all year round here! =D but its kinda rainy recently...
Comments appreciated! :3

100 Themes Challenge21. Vacation
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She has a very interesting expression. Something partially concerned, but also distracted, like absurd hijinks are going on right behind her.
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Mau506SKHobbyist Digital Artist
I love her simple but cute pose :D
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oooo very cute ~_~
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zamanimatorProfessional Filmographer
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lol darn its not working in the description =3=;
its a tag thats suppose to make a strikeline appear on the words that are marked in between... it works in the journal though...
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zamanimatorProfessional Filmographer
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Kawaii ^^ must fav
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:hug: domo arigatou!!!
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sea salt popsicle!!!!!! =P v. nice!!! <3
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haha =D yea! sea-salt popsicle! :9
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Thank you! :hug:
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:hug: no prob ^-^
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saku: nice cg man...oh, makes me realise i haven been to the beach for a long time...rawr. XD
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saku: the nicest beach i went to was Port Dickenson in M'sia...and normally, i just go to east coast. THe water is darn horrid. lol. but i collect seasehlls. lol.
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saku: Yea, seashells are nice...exept when clearing the sand from inside the shells. But i found some very nice seashells at horible east coast. lol. Big spiky ones~ And i battled with the ants on my legs just to get the shells. (they were normally found in some junk like seaweeds and stuff)
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horrid waters... and thats the nicest beach you been to? o,o! but collecting seashells is nice =D but i really seldomly go to the beach ='D
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thankz! XD
and yea, i've been to the silosa beach a few weeks ago for my friend's birthday =D the sand and the breeze feels good, you should go to the beach someday nya :3
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