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- Welcome To My Adopt Page -

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Important Updates

Important Update's Box
This box will have important information for people to know. Such as if you are checking up to see how your custom is going? You can check here to se if anything is stopping me from working on it!


August 2nd-12th

I got sick. Started otu a stomach bug, but now its just a pesky fucking Upper respiratory infection. I'm having the worse headaches/migraines of my fucking life. Making it hard to even open my eyes, and my breathing is so wack i'm having a hard time just doing that. Today was easy enough to ty and get a custom done, but I can feel another headache creeping up so I'm working the best I an.

July 29th - *Working on customs from the shadows* nyahahaha

Going through my to do list and refunding a bunch of stuff so I can finally get more time to work on customs :D I know refunding is kinda bad, but you guys have no clue how happy I am to finally be able to refund!! The breeding grid is all up for offers for the people who bought slots, if they want a refund or not is up to them! I don't enjoy breeding anymore so I'm happy to finally push that whole mess into the trash!I'm going though my notes to make sure I have everything in order :D AAAAA

June 21st - HEWWO! ;3c I haven't posted many customs sorry I've been.. existing? I wont be here June 25th-26th! I'm going on a trip with a best friend but once I return Customs will start back up! I've made so much progress on custom list! In the mean time I'm trying to collect some extra money for the trip since I wasn't aware we'd be doing something besides the main trip, and I didn't save money for it. Ether way, thank you! <3


But no seriously, working on customs mainly right now! Mystery Egg reveals are on the back burner and Adopts will only be posted if necessary (I owe King-Coco some points rn vwv)! Had a collab planed with someone b u t thats... maybe temporarily ouT THE WINDOW- *Shrugs* Things happen vwv

I'm feeling fantastic though which is amazing, My head is clear with little doubt and I'm enjoying customs so much right now, so I'm going to work on them while this spark of motivation is here!

April 1st - HEY DUDES! GOING ON A HIATUS FOR A 1 WEEK! I've recently gone through a big change in my life, regarding my gender, my name, pretty my whole identity. I also lost some friends who I cared about deeply so I'm just- a big off right now. Many friends have pushed me to take a break and I think this is something I should do! I will return on the 7th or 8th on April! I can't wait to see you all soon!

March 11th - Customs will resume on Tuesday! Monday is the funeral and I recently got sick- its a normal sore throat and headache but with how I was breathing my mom thinks something worse is happening concerning my heart. ;w;

March 7th Update- Some drama went down and my gf dumped me so now i'm single... But I'll be gone most of Monday for a funeral and its gonna be an emotional time so I'll be a bit quiet adopt wise! Thank you for your understanding.

February 18th Update- Everything has been, more or less ok! A lot of bad things happened that I haven't let on to most people; but I'm trucking through!

I got a job in Dec., which take up a bit of my free time now, plus school. I am working on my customs list, even if I post nothing! Most times I'll start one custom, get an idea for another custom and start on that one instead! Plus my to do list isn't completely accurate and i'm still missing some things on it! I thank you all for being so patient the way you have been. I have had a few angry customers and I'm very sorry for that- but so many things happened that out of my control and took up so much time.

Thank you for your support!

November 20th-…

November 12th- I haven't updated this because I didn't seem anything to be deemed, uh well, important. So here's an update! After we moved the first time, some issues came up and we have to move again. Meaning towards the end of THIS MONTH- I'll be kinda inactive as we have to move two huge ass fucking houses, into one... semi ok sized house *Sighs heavily* I just wanna die.

I also started school! My times are from 10:30am-12pm and then 1pm-2pm! It's been cool so far! I've been working steadily on my to do list, with commissions and adopts stuff ;w; Remember I have two accounts my dudes <3

October 13th- I was excited to get back on a shcduel to draw again however, I can't draw where I use too. I'm a bit picky on where I can draw, as i use a tablet and cant just draw on my lap like most. Either way I have to draw some where else, and when asking when we would move I accidentally caused my step dad and his mother to get into a really bad fight. Now i think it's all my fault and my anxiety is driving me off the wall- I can't draw right now... sadly

October 12th- I'm not going to normal high school, so far it seems. I will be instead try to get my GED and hope for the best. I don't like the idea of being 21 and in high school to be honest. Either way, I had some crappy break downs... I'm trying really hard to not stop making art, since I have the breeding chart I really need to finish. Here's to hoping for the best-

October 11- Mom had her surgery today! Yay! Everything went fine, but she can't really work or drive for the next 4-6 weeks. However, we found out that the Court's judge messed up, and now we owe the court - $1,200 before November 1st. I'm ready to just give up... I have to push things back even more and I'm beyond dead inside. I have no faith in anything anymore-

October 9th- Found out we have to move AGAIN, with in 6 weeks. This is going to further delay me getting to my desktop. My stress levels are out of this world-

October 7th- We moved!! Currently all of my started customs and files, are at my old house. We have no clue when we wil be able to get them. Customs are currently on hold- I apologize to those who have been waiting a few months.


Got smacked with sudden motivation to work on Mystery egg results, and a batch of adopts. I'm thinking Fairy Themed! so im working over time now that I'm not AS sick as I have been! 

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Sun Jul 1, 2018, 6:40 PM

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