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I just wanted to wish all of my friends, watchers, and everyone else a very happy holiday. May your days be joyful and your New Year bring you luck!

Much love~
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I just caught my own 9999 pageview kiriban. Go me! :D
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Anyone want to catch it? I'll make you a pretty thing if you do... ^_-
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4 more pageviews and I'll be up to 6666... thanks guys! ^^

Currently bored and trying to study for my anatomy final (it came up so fast!) I'm planning on posting some of the artwork I've done for my program soon, I'll probably put it in its own folder.

Hmm... soo.... I've been kind of considering getting a nose piercing. I got my ears done in 2nd year of university and have grown to really like earrings, although I'm lazy and don't wear them very often unless I'm dressing up ^^;

But yeah. I have a nice nose, it doesn't stand out on my face or anything (maybe I'll post a picture?) but it would be a change, of course, so I was wondering what you internet people thought of piercings in general and whatnot. Anyone here have one?

My research suggests that if I took care of it and didn't end up liking it, I could remove it without too much trouble or scarring. Plus I'm going to be entering a career where I am doing a lot of freelance work, probably not always face-to-face, and I think there's a certain expectation from clients that artists like me won't necessarily be particularly conservative people in terms of fashion. So I'm not really worried about it affecting work, though I'd just take it out if I thought it would.

Well, I guess it's back to learning about skull fractures for me...

Happy hallowe'en, everyone :)
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Ganked from :iconmrshatake: :

"Hear ye, hear ye, all those who read this journal.

The first 10 deviants who post in this journal will be featured. I will go though your gallery and choose 3 of your deviations I like the most and post them in my journal for everyone to see! This can include art or fiction!

The catch?

You have to put this in your journal as well if you posted!"

I'm not even sure I have 10 watchers who will comment on this, but we'll see how many I get. :)
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Today is Earth Hour 2008. At 8 pm tonight, Saturday, March 29, turn off all your lights and standby devices for 1 hour in support of global action on climate change.

Cities all over the world including Guelph (my university), Toronto and Calgary have signed up to participate and I'm encouraging participation amongst everyone I know as well.

For clarification, a standby device includes things such as power bars, anything containing a clock, switched off televisions and computers, stereos and cell phone chargers. Unplug them all and turn out the lights, just for one hour.

For anyone who wants more information on this event and what it stands for, visit