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:EBC: Kota of Ice Empire


||General Information||

Ice Empire
Siberian Tiger [Tabby coloration]
1 year

||Other information||


|Momma's boy| |Bold| |Curious| |Adventurous| |Protective|

|Momma's boy|
Kota loves his mother very much, his father too. When he isn't out trying to explore, he will almost always be found with either parent, though he often prefers to curl up next to his mother. Whenever Ceres tells him to do something, he will act as if it is his personal mission. If anyone were to say anything bad about his parents, he would have no hesitation in attacking them.

This bold little cub has absolutely no qualms with going after something he desires. If there is a question to be had, he will ask it very directly, if not a little bluntly. He will take whatever it is that he wants, and in his mind, absolutely nothing will stop him, save his sister or mother of course.

You know what they say. Curiosity killed the cat. Well it's a good thing he's a tiger. Kota absolutely loves to stick his nose into everything figuratively speaking. From the moment he could walk, he was exploring everything, from the den, to the whole camp. He should probably be kept out of the blacksmith's den though, as, no doubt, he would probably attempt to play with the fire, and various pieces of armor.




Kota was born to Silver gladiator Ceres, and gladiator Calidius both of Ice Empire. He was one of two cubs born. His sibling, Ruka and him are two months old. This two month old may be young, but he sure is quite the pawful of trouble. As soon as he could properly escape the den, he immediately made an escape attempt, wanting to go and explore the whole wide world. Though he wanted desperately wanted to explore, he wouldn't [*coughcouldn'tcough*] disobey his mother. He loves his family very much, and is quite protective of his sister. He plans one day to be the best silver gladiator there ever was, besides his mother of course. He wants to walk the same pawsteps his mother did, though he doesn't know that she used to be a fighter in the coliseums. When asked about the coliseums, he will tell you that they are a dark and scary place and that he would never be caught by mangy hunters.

More to be added as I roleplay him.

To be updated...




Crispus [brother]
Ruka [sister]
Plato [half-brother]
Orpheus [half-brother]


:bulletwhite: = Neutral || :bulletblue: = Friend || :bulletgreen: = Close Friend ||
:bulletyellow: = Crush || :bulletpink: = Love || :bulletred: = Dislike/Hate ||
:bulletorange: = Family || :bulletblack: = Jealous || :bulletpurple: = Respect ||

Ice Empire

:bulletorange:/:bulletpink: | Ceres | Silver Gladiator
"She's my mama, the best mother and silver gladiator there ever was! I hope one day I can be just as proud and powerful as she is."

:bulletorange:/:bulletpink: | Calidius | Gladiator
"My father is the best gladiator ever! He's so strong and fast. Will I ever be as big as him?"

:bulletorange:/:bulletpink: | Ruka | Cub
"Ruka is my baby sister. I love her to pieces. Touch one hair on her pelt, and I'll rip your eyes out!"

Outside of Ice Empire

None yet.

||Wanted Status||

Not currently wanted

||Empire Statistics||
Empire Points: 0 EP
Stealth: 0
Intelligence: 0
Strenth: 0
Defense: 0
Speed: 0
Stamina: 0

For: :iconempiresbeforeclans:

Kota (c): me
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