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After I complete my current queue, I'm closing commissions indefinitely, save for maybe smaller/simpler inquiries (you're always welcome to send me a note/email, but please note that I may not accept your inquiry unless it's a mini-badge or simple sketch).  Due to my schedule, I don't have a lot of time to complete commissions in as stable or timely a manner as I'd like, and I want to spend most of the free time I have to work on personal art and my upcoming zine project.

The only outstanding art piece I have outside of what's left in my queue is my last "Balto"-themed YCH available, if anyone still wants to snag it (details below; send me a note if interested):

White Wolf/Ainu YCH Sketch by Stray-Sketches
"White Wolf/Ainu" YCH
- first-come-first-serve; installment payments allowed
- US shipping included; +$15 for International shipping
- this commission does not come with a background
Bullet; Blue Payment made up-front via PayPal; must be ok with having the finished art shipped
Bullet; Blue Will be inked & finished in colored pencils (done on 8.5x11" cardstock)
Bullet; Blue Canine characters preferred (ask about other species/turning other species into canines)
Bullet; Blue Any gender allowed
Bullet; Blue Small props like collars & harness allowed for no extra cost, large accessories like wings will cost extra
I'm offering "Balto"-themed YCH commissions!!  If these sell, I may also offer one featuring Jenna.

Balto YCH Sketch by Stray-Sketches
"Balto" YCH

:bulletred: SOLD :bulletred:
- first-come-first serve; installment payments allowed
- US shipping included; +$15 for International shipping
- can choose background time of day (midday, sunset, night, etc.)

White Wolf/Ainu YCH Sketch by Stray-Sketches
"White Wolf/Ainu" YCH
:bulletgreen: STILL AVAILABLE :bulletgreen:
- first-come-first-serve; installment payments allowed
- US shipping included; +$15 for International shipping
- this commission does not come with a background

:bulletblue: Payment made up-front via PayPal; must be ok with having the finished art shipped

:bulletblue: Will be inked & finished in colored pencils (done on 8.5x11" cardstock)
:bulletblue: Canine characters preferred (ask about other species/turning other species into canines)
:bulletblue: Any gender allowed
:bulletblue: Small props like collars & harness allowed for no extra cost, large accessories like wings will cost extra

Comment or send me a note if you're interested or have any questions! :D</u></u>
Since I recently obtained some new followers (hello & welcome!!), I wanted to post another commissions info journal, as well as a reminder of where else you can find me online! :D

:bulletblue::bulletpink: Send me a note or email if you're interested or have any questions! :bulletpink::bulletblue:

I accept payment up-front USD Paypal only (I send invoices) || installment payments accepted || I send WIPs at the sketch stage (let me know of revisions/edits at this time) || commissions are yours to post/edit as you please except sell commercially.

Brief Terms of Service: 
(click here for a full list of my TOS)
Allowed: all genders/sexualities, humans, furries, fantasy creatures, feral, blood/gore, swearing, characters from books or movies (will be done in my style)
Not Allowed: racism/sexism/any discriminatory art, very realistic portraits/caricatures of people or pets, reference sheets, comic pages (may do simple panels), mecha, spiders
Case-by-case: NSFW; cartoon versions of real people (usually prefer to do this for friends/mutuals, but feel free to ask)

-done on cardstock paper
-roughly 4-8", depending on badge type
Mini Badge || $15 | done in colored pencils; no name; small props allowed; laminated and slot-punched
Mini Badge-Kashmere by Stray-Sketches Mini Badge-Razeaux by Stray-Sketches
Headshot Badge || $30 | done in markers; includes name and can include multiple props; laminated and slot-punched
Art Trade-Alexis by Stray-Sketches Badge Commission-Fizz by Stray-Sketches
Bust Badge || $45 | done in markers; can include multiple props; includes name; laminated and slot-punched
Badge Commission-Zell by Stray-Sketches Badge Commission-Chiz by Stray-Sketches

-done on 8.5x11" cardstock paper
-small or distant extra characters are 50% of the extra character price!
-pencil/pen sketches & inked pieces can have small color details or sketchy coloring for no extra cost, just ask!
Pencil Sketch || $15 headshot/bust | $20 full | +$10 per extra character
Commission-In Your Arms by Stray-Sketches Commission-Crazyyellowfox by Stray-Sketches Commission-Tidalwave by Stray-Sketches
Pen Sketch || $20 headshot/bust | $30 full | +$15 per extra character
Commission-Beach Paladins by Stray-Sketches Black Butler-Idiots by Stray-Sketches
Inked || $40 headshot/bust | $50 full | +$20 per extra character
Lucky You, Jake Long by Stray-Sketches Inktober2017-Swift by Stray-Sketches
Markers || $60 headshot/bust | $80 full | +$30 per extra character
Kiss Kiss Stray in Love by Stray-Sketches Devilman Crybaby-Devilboy by Stray-Sketches Gift art-Freckles by Stray-Sketches

U.S. shipping is included on all commisisons
International shipping: +$10 for badges | +$15 for full size commissions

+$5 for simple BG | +$10 for moderate BG | +$20 for complex BG
half or partial backgrounds are 50% of background price

rose fabric border c 3 by DiegoVainilla rose fabric border c 3 by DiegoVainilla rose fabric border c 3 by DiegoVainilla

has all of my commission options and terms of service listed


-Twitter (art only):
-Twitter (art/fandom/general):

-Ko-Fi (tip jar; if requested, I doodle for donations!):

-Trello (commission/trade queue):

*Please note: I do not have an active Facebook or FurAffinity account
Copied and pasted this from my original post on tumblr.  I'm bothering to put it here as well since I have a lot of "Nostalgia Critic" fanart posted here and wanted to make things clear as well as give people a head's up.  (Fyi, I will not judge any mutuals/followers who still wish to watch videos on the Channel Awesome site nor Doug Walker's videos on CA or YT, some people are further removed from this than others and some are still processing it/formulating their own opinions.  I'm posting this simply to let others know where I stand since I've so outwardly supported Doug/CA in the past.)


"  A lot of stuff has come up involving Channel Awesome, Doug and Rob Walker, and the company’s CEO Mike Michaud, where a lot of former producers are coming forward with their stories and evidence, wherein CA has had a long history of dismissing the needs of their creators, being extremely unprofessional, and giving out false promises, all of which ultimately and negatively effected peoples’ lives. As a long time fan of the “Nostalgia Critic” show and Doug Walker, I’m disappointed but not shocked (I saw hints before but didn’t know it was as bad as it was).

I have a lot of Nostalgia Critic posts/reblogs and I’m not going to delete them, since I feel like that’s almost like trying to pretend they don’t exist. I’m grateful for the inspiration the show has given me, but please note that my support for Channel Awesome and Doug Walker are severed (I have nothing against Malcolm & Tamara, though, & will continue to follow them as well as other producers on their own individual YouTube channels).

Normally, I wouldn’t feel the need to make a post about this, but the Nostalgia Critic has been such a big part of my life for the past few years that I felt it was necessary to say something & hopefully inform others.

I’m not interested in supporting a person and/or company that seems so ok with treating people that were supposed to be their friends and colleagues like dirt and then not even acknowledging or apologizing for their behavior.


Links to evidence of Channel Awesome’s poor management have been compiled here; supposedly there is another, more organized, list in the making from former CA producers:… "


"Not So Awesome": the 60+ page document detailing the ex-producer's grievances with the company/management…
Had to delete the other journal since I've decided to open up badges as well as general commissions. :D

Full listings of my options, prices and terms of service, as well as examples, can be found on my website and! (I'm giving this site a try!)

If you have any questions or would like to place an order, feel free to comment here or send me a message or email!

Mini Badge - $15
Headshot Badge - $30
Bust Badge - $45

Pencil Sketch - starting at $15 headshot or bust // $20 full-body
Pen Sketch - starting at $20 // $30
Inked - starting at $40 // $50
Markers - starting at $60 // $80

*Please note that there are fees for extra characters, backgrounds and shipping; you're free to ask for a price quote before committing to an order.

If you'd like to support my art but can't afford a commission, I also accept tips on my Ko-fi!   (If you'd like I will doodle something for you as a thank you, as long as you provide a screenshot/proof of your donation)

Mini Badge-LIly by Stray-Sketches Art Trade-Alexis by Stray-Sketches Badge Commission-Chiz by Stray-Sketches Commission-In Your Arms by Stray-Sketches TDIAPT-Satan/Maou pen sketch by Stray-Sketches

Mature Content

Art Trade-Gorefest by Stray-Sketches
I've officially moved from weebly to wix for my official/info site!

rose fabric border b 3 by DiegoVainilla rose fabric border b 3 by DiegoVainilla

Commissions and trades will only be available in 8.5x11" (besides badges, obviously), to make things easier for me and hopefully you guys in terms of ordering.  Larger or smaller sizes will be announced sporadically via journals/social media posts.

Since I still have business cards with the weebly address on it, I'll keep that site up with a "Moved" notice on the homepage until they run out.

Thanks for looking!

  • Listening to: "At the Beginning"-Anastasia
  • Watching: "Coco" later tonight!
little star little star  Mini Badge-LIly by Stray-Sketches Mini Badge-Kashmere by Stray-Sketches Mini Badge-Nikki by Stray-Sketches Badge Commission-Elliot by Stray-Sketches little star little star 

Mini Badge Commissions are Open!
$10 for colored pencils
$15 for markers
US shipping included, +$15 for International shipping

-no name
-laminated and slot-punched
-badges will not exceed 6x9"

❤ simple background (can include small props like hats, scarves, flowers, etc. for no extra cost!)
❤ any gender or species is allowed
❤ can do holiday themes! (please let me know sooner than later if you would like these done and/or shipped in time for any holiday)

Payment is up-front via Paypal invoice

Comment or send me a note if you're interested or if you have any questions!
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The first chapter of my "Free!"/"Gargoyles" AU fic is up!

I'm both really excited and a little nervous to be writing again, but this fic already feels like a labor of love for two shows that have meant the world to me.  Hope you guys enjoy it! :D

To keep things organized, I won't be uploading the fic here, only on AO3.


:star: The Night Before the Future  :star:

Two clans of gargoyles--creatures that turn to stone during the day and come to life by night--reside in the city of Iwatobi. Video evidence of their existence is eventually caught on camera, and the clans struggle to find their place in the world as the city transforms into a bustling metropolis almost overnight.

  • Watching: Bojack Horseman

I'm opening for ALL commission types (badges + full-size), including marker pieces!  I figure getting marker commissions out to you guys a little more slowly is better than waiting until I can buy a jumbo pack all at once, so I'll accept them (keep in mind the more detailed your marker commission order is the longer it will take to finish, but I will always keep you updated and/or you're always welcome to ask me for progress updates!)

ALSO, I'm offering all commissions in the following sizes:
as well as 9x12"
they come in different paper types because not all papers come in the above sizes, but they're all sturdy paper types that won't tear or bleed easily (I've worked with all three).

Please browse my website for prices & terms of service and, of course, if you have any questions or inquiries feel free to send me a note or email! :3

  • Reading: "Free!" character songs
  • Drinking: snapple
Hello, all!  I've updated my website and commission options, so I will also be offering 8.5x11" cardstock commissions as well as 9x12" Bristol commissions; the 8.5x11" commissions are roughly 25% cheaper than the larger commissions and both types will be referred to as full size commissions collectively.  Also, International shipping prices have gone up a bit (+$10 for 8.5x11" and +$13 for 9x12").  You can browse the prices on my site:

Appropriate adjustments have also been made to my FAQ and the Commission Request Form to accommodate these changes.

If you have any questions or inquiries, you're more than welcome to send me a note!

  • Reading: EWOATT by macbetha
Stars Purple by daniya-ART  YCH-Wolf Shiro x OC Date by Stray-Sketches  Stars Purple by daniya-ART
Voltron-Wolf!Shiro by Stray-Sketches Voltron-If You Can Hold the Stars in Place by Stray-Sketches

Still have a YCH to sell involving wolf!Shiro and an OC/fursona of your choice!  (any gender/sexuality allowed; feral only)
The price has also been reduced to $35 (+$5 US shipping, +$10 International shipping), with partial payments allowed!

All info and guidelines can be found under the first image.

Just send me a note if you're interested or have any questions!

~Stray :heart:


Badge prices are set and include lamination and shipping.  Couples' badges are restricted to a 2-character limit.
Mini Colored Pencil Badge
$10 (single-character) / $15 (couples badge)
Mini-Badge-Aquiavel by Stray-Sketches Mini-Badge-Tizi by Stray-Sketches

Headshot Marker Badge
$20 (single-character) / $30 (couples badge)
Art Trade-Alexis by Stray-Sketches

​Bust Marker Badge
$30 (single-character) / $45 (couples badge)
Badge Commission-Zell by Stray-Sketches Badge Commissions-Wolf Couples by Stray-Sketches

9x12" commission price listed are base prices for single-character images without backgrounds.  Prices vary depending on the number of characters, details, complexity, background type, etc.  Please message me for a more accurate price quote.

Pencil Sketch (B&W or multi-color)
$15 (headshot or bust) / $18 (full-body)
+$8 per extra character
Fangirling The Fuck Out by Stray-Sketches

Pen Sketch (B&W or muti-color)
$20 (headshot or bust) / $25 (full-body)
+$10 per extra character
Gift-Howling Night by Stray-Sketches Commission-Cozy Family by Stray-Sketches

$30 (headshot or bust) / $40 (full-body)
+$15 per extra character
Lucky You, Jake Long by Stray-Sketches

Colored Pencils
$45 (headshot or bust) / $55 (full-body)
+$20 per extra character
Cheetah Gal by Stray-Sketches Art Trade-Mar by Stray-Sketches

$60 (headshot or bust) / $75 (full-body)
+$30 per extra character
Lost Forever If I Never Knew You by Stray-Sketches Bonnie by Stray-Sketches

+$5 for simple backgrounds (simple patterns, simple gradients, etc.)
+$10 for moderate backgrounds (open skies, open fields, etc.)
+$20 for complex backgrounds (home/store interiors, forests, cities,complex skies, etc.)


up-front USD Paypal only (I send invoices) :bulletblue: installment payments accepted :bulletblue: US shipping included for all commissions, International shipping may vary :bulletblue: turnaround time is usually 1-3 weeks :bulletblue: I send WIPs at the sketch stage (let me know of revisions/edits at this time) :bulletblue: commissions are yours to post/edit as you please except sell commercially

:bulletgreen: WILL DRAW
  • Any gender/sexuality
  • Animals
  • Anthropomorphic creatures (anthros/furries-canine, feline, avian, reptilian, hybrids, etc.)
  • Fantasy/Mythological creatures (dragons, unicorns, fairies, centaurs, etc.)
  • Blood/gore/violence (as long as it's not discriminatory)
  • Foul language/cursing
  • Characters from movies, books, etc.
  • NSFW (must be 18+; very selective in terms of subject matter)

:bulletred: WON'T DRAW
  • Racism, sexual abuse, or any other extreme hate/discriminatory images
  • Very Realistic Portraits (of people, pets, etc.)
  • Reference Sheets
  • Comic Pages/Detailed Panels
  • Mecha (robots, machines, cars, etc.)
  • Spiders (sorry, I'll do insects and such, but unless it's something like a faceless cartoon spider, these creepy-crawlies are off-limits for me)

I reserve the right to reject a commission for any reason I see fit.


Send me a note here or on any of my other social media outlets with a description of your commission and I will reply with a price quote and whether or not I will accept it.  Please be as specific as possible!


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Hey guys I'm opening 3 slots for mini colored pencil badges for $10 each! :3

Badges include simple backgrounds/patterns, shipping and lamination (they do not come with a name).  Small props and add-ons like hats, antlers, horns, collars, etc. are allowed for no extra charge.

Mini-Badge-Tizi by Stray-Sketches Mini-Badge-Aquiavel by Stray-Sketches


If I get more offers I will open for more slots.  Please comment on this journal or send me a note if you're interested!  Payment can be made to my Paypal (USD only).

Progress on these can be viewed on my Trello account:…
  • Reading: The Starlight Barking
  • Watching: Salem's Lot
  • Playing: Google's witch cat game
Tagged by :iconbluelumi:

1. 13 Facts about ya'self
2. Copy/pasta and answer my questions
3. Post your own 13 questions for your tagged victims

1. Is art something you are pursuing for a career, or only a hobby?
Hard to say, honestly?  I do commissions but I don't have a routine streamlined enough that I'd call it a career, so I'd say it's a hobby I'm trying to grow into a career (or at least a side job)

2. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Hopefully my own apartment and hopefully selling at cons

3. City life, suburbs, or rural/country?
Suburbs--I like all of the above, but I'm most comfortable and adjusted to the suburbs

4. List 5 musical artists you have been listening to recently.
lots of Nicki Minaj; OLDCODEX; Type O Negative; SID; Marron 5

5. Is there anyone who has been an encouraging influence regarding your art?
too many to list; I feel very fortunate to have people on almost all of my online outlets that encourage or critique me when it comes to my art and presentation

6. What is your biggest drawback, art-wise?
lack of confidence and impatience--I tend to draw things much quicker than I should, rather than take my time to study each element, and then get frustrated when they don't come out the way I wanted.  I'm trying to work on pacing myself and working on an art piece in intervals, rather than trying to tackle everything in one sitting.

7. Describe your routine in a typical day.
Wake up, go to work, doodle/watch TV, possible go out (if it's not too late), sleep...I'm quite boring, guys

8. If you can learn any other language other than English, what would it be?
none in particular...maybe Spanish for convenience?

9. How long have we known each other on dA?
10+ years! :3

10. Favourite alcoholic drink?
fruity rum punches tend to be my go-to

11. Are you willing to face your fears [ex: bungee jump when scared of heights]?
depends on the fears; most of the time I'll be hesitant but go through with it (speaking in front of crowds, trying a new skill, etc.), but other things you will NEVER get me to do (anything involving spiders is a hell no)

12. Do you have your own place or still live at your home base?
still live at home; reeeeeally want to move out

13. What are your thoughts on the Vapourwave genre?
the what now?

1. If you could go to any place in the world, where would you want to go (vacation, date night, to live, whatever)?
2. What got you into art?
3. What's one song you can listen to repeatedly and never get tired of?
4. Biggest art pet peeve? (your own or something someone else does)
5. Sunrise or sunsets?
6. If you have a fursona or cartoon persona, what did the first version look like?  What made you change them?
7. What's your dream home?
8. Do you own a body pillow/dakimakura (don't lie lol)
9. What's your favorite medium to work with?
10. Favorite animal to draw?
11. Favorite reality TV show?
12. what's your favorite type of scenery/background to draw?
13. What are you doing for Halloween??!!

Any poor soul who wants to try it out.
I'm going to keep this journal short since there's not too much to report on, but let me start with thanking you guys so much for all the birthday wishes!  I haven't been on DA too often so I know this is late but I really appreciate it!  You guys are amazing! :heart:

Also, I will be going to ConnectiCon 2016 in a week!
I went to this con for a day in 2014, had to skip out last year, but this year I'm going for the entire weekend!  I'm not dealing or anything, just going as an attendee and checking out all the panels, guests and such.  If anyone's going to the con or going to be in the area feel free to say hi!!

In the meantime I'll be getting back to art & general life.  When in doubt I'm almost always on my Twitter: @ StraySketches (not spaces)

  • Reading: Black Butler
Tagged by Percevanche :iconready2create:

Rules: There are no rules...
- Answer the 13 questions that the person who tagged you asks you to answer and then write down 13 questions that you wanna ask the people that you tag.
- You shall tag 13 others.
- Don't answer in the comments. Make a journal yourself.
- If you don't finish this in a week you have to do something the tagger asks you to do.

1. Which animation style do you like, CG, Hand-drawn or clay-mation?
Hand-drawn is my go-to, for sure, but I think they're all incredible mediums

2. Pick which detective show: "Monk" or "Psych"?
I haven't watched either, so I can't say...

3. Facebook or Youtube?
YouTube, definitely

4. Ever traveled outside the states? 
On a cruise, yeah; went to the Bahamas--hella fun!

5. Do you play a musical instrument, or do you prefer singing?
I don't play an instrument (yet--trying to start learning the guitar), but I don't prefer singing in any setting, I'm too shy

6. Western or Eastern dragon?
both are amazing, but I usually prefer European--always been a fan of the big baddies that eat and burn everything

7. Have you played any "Zelda" games?

8. What's you worst fear?
spiders and failure

9. Who is your favorite fictional character?

10. Are you a morning person?
Hell no, I'm more of a late afternoon person

11. Have you read "Johnathan Livingston Seagull" before?
Nope, but if it's any good I'm sure it will make its way onto my to-read booklist one of these days

12. If your school suddenly banned the color red, what's you first reaction?
"Wtf that sucks and makes no sense...good thing I wear mostly black though."

13. Are you allergic to anything?
certain fake silver jewelry, it makes my skin break out if I wear it for a few consecutive weeks

I tag:


Might as well spring back from the dead with a tagged journal.  I haven't quit DA or anything, I've just been hella busy depressed and haven't felt the need to update my DA lately as it's easier to update my sketchblog.  I'm slowly starting to become more active here again, so I'll see you guys in the near future!


  • Watching: Death Note
Hey, guys, haven't been around lately besides answering a few sporadic questions and an upload every few weeks. Unfortunately, that's not going to change until we get closer to the end of the month and I'm done with school (last semester woop-woop!!). I will continue to upload commissions and trades as I finish them as well as go through messages, I'll just continue to be slow about it until school's over.

In the meantime, I found this little questionnaire on Tumblr [post Source:… and I thought it was a great set of questions!

In terms of my art, I'm wondering what...:

-you’d like to see me focus on in my art

-what you like so far

-what you’d like to see improve

-anything that irks you about my art.

-stuff you want to see me draw.

Feel free to answer one, a few, or all of these in the comments below or send me a note if that makes you more comfortable. The more honest the better!
Please don't feel shy or self-conscious if you decide to answer any of these--you're not hurting my feelings nor disrespecting my art; I take it as constructive criticism!


  • Listening to: The Little Mermaid Broadway soundtrack
  • Reading: Firewing-Kenneth Oppel
  • Drinking: strawberry kiwi punch
**EDIT: I will be closing these $10 bust badges this coming Saturday Sept. 26th!  (You may also put an order on hold and/or pay after the 26th, you just have to let me know that you're interested in ordering a badge before then).

After that, I will remain closed for all commissions for awhile.


Badge Commission-Zell by Stray-Sketches Art Trade-Edward Sebastian by Stray-Sketches Badge Commission-Haismaster by Stray-Sketches

I'm offering bust badges for $10 (including US shipping; I am no longer accepting International orders at this time) before I reevaluate my pricelist in a few weeks.

Badges would be done in Copics (and possibly gel pens), cut-out, and laminated. I have a circular hole-punch (rather than a slot-punch), so it's your preference whether or not you want it hole-punched by me.

I accept feral or anthro characters; any gender; any species (human are tough, but I will consider them).

If you're interested, just comment below or send me a note! :3

  • Watching: Markiplier Let's Plays
Wow, I barely even noticed how long it's been since I've posted my last DA journal since I've been pretty active and updated on my other outlets.  To put a long and boring story short, I haven't been uploading stuff on DA as often because I want to try and reserve this place for more finished stuff, and it's just more convenient to upload doodles and quick stuff to my Tumblr (Tumblr's mobile app is, in my opinion, one of most fun things ever; DA, I love you, but your mobile app is terrible).
So I've settled back in school for my last semester and I'm taking my time putting my stuff together and organizing my room.  I'm honestly trying to manipulate it so it functions more like a little art studio rather than a room, but it's still a lot of boxes, bags and piles to go through.

For those of you who've noticed, I've very slowly been trying to chip away at my commission/trade queue.  Once I'm done with everything, I'm going to close all commissions for a short time and will edit my commission prices, since I'm upgrading from Crayola markers to Copics. *Yay!  Professional art materials!*
Any commissions/trades that are currently being worked on/are still in my queue and haven't been paid for will be charged whatever price quote they were given at the time of commissioning me.
For those of you waiting on trade halves/commissions and I still have a few point commissions to wrap up, I am still working on them!  I haven't forgotten about you!

If you are ever curious about the status of your commission at any time, please check my little "To-Do" box located in the lower left side of my DA page; it's the most up-to-date in terms of my queue and I put the date of when it was last updated.

Now onto the good stuff--I'm looking for fursuit tail creators!  I want to update Stray's ref sheet soon, with her proper colors, and I'm hoping to order a fursuit tail soon after!
I'm looking into strictly a tail for now (just a tail; not a partial).  So, if you're a freelance or professional fursuit maker (or if you know of one) and you offer tails, please post your prices and/or examples below!

Please don't expect an immediate email/order from me; right now I'm just browsing and keeping my options open!

  • Listening to: Disney Weddings soundtrack
Just giving everyone a head's up, I've returned to NY for the summer and am in the process of adjusting to life back at home.  I'll be spending the next few days/weeks unpacking and organizing my stuff as well as job-hunting, which means that commission progress is going to be a bit slow.

Feel free to message/note me with any questions or concerns you have regarding commissions or otherwise, but understand that it might take me a few days to get back to you.

1. Darthinion full-body marker/colored pencil of anthro Vitani and Zira Status: Ready for Inking-PAID
2. RamenWolf1485 (2) char. full-body w/ BG Status: Coloring (up to flat colors)-PAID
3. Wolf-King45 Alyus, Sam & pups in cave pen sketch Status: Not Started-UNPAID

1. Zee-Stitch bust badge of her fursona Stitches Status: Not Started-UNPAID
2. hinatasBFF (3) bust badges Status: Not Started-PAID

1. Wolf-King45 4 B&W sketches; 5 color sketches (2-full-body for all)-PAID Status: DONE (Not Uploaded Yet)
2. Wolf-King45 9 B&W sketches of "Once Upon a Time' chars as wolves (2 body-poses for all)-PAID Status: Not Started

Art Trades Bullet; RedCLOSED
1. WolfHomeLuver98 Status: DONE; waiting for other half
2. Rainie-Painie "Attack on Titan" chars as dogs Status: Sketching; their half DONE