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Clerith Month Begins December 1st - 31st

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⊰∫ CLERITH MONTH 2015 ∫⊱

December 1st - December 31st 
Please use #ClerithMonth for all of your entries on tumblr, twitter, dA!

It’s finally the most wonderful time of the year… I’m talking about #ClerithMonth of course and I am so excited! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ With the remake due sometime in 2017, I figure it’s time to make this last year really memorable for all of us. And what’s more memorable than an awesome celebration for clerith? I decided to make this celebration a little different and make the event last all December long. I know this is a very busy month for people and I thought this would be more inclusive for everyone if they had a longer time to participate. 

There will also be a Question of the week that people can answer if they’d like to. I also decided to make a giant Clerith Headcanon Questionnaire. There’s no rules to this one, just pick and choose what you want to answer and share it with the fandom, tag as #UltimateClerithHeadcanons please. 

One last thing, everyone knows about all the hate within the fandom (on both sides) and sometimes it can be really difficult to stay in the fandom. So I had the idea that maybe during December we could go to other shippers and send them some love... especially clerith fans. 

☁ Themes ☁ 


❀ Rules ❀ 

» All works must be your own and clerith-centric. 

» No hate toward other ships or characters allowed. 

» Please do not make any LTD posts this month. I don’t want any negativity in the fandom. 

» Any kind of fanwork is welcomed as long as it’s been done by you. 

» You’re invited to interpret the themes any way you want.

» I understand December is busy, so don’t worry if you’re late with your entry, I’ll reblog the entries all month long.

» Please tag all NSFW material as #nsfw so people who don’t want to see it can hide it.

» If you can’t make an entry but you contribute something for clerith anyway, please tag it as #ClerithMonth.

» Please use #ClerithMonth on ALL social media websites (twitter, instagram, etc) and please also tag as #ClerithWeek AND #ClerithMonth for themes during the 4th - 10th

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