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Richesse Academy App Sheet

This is the application sheet for #Richesse-Academy!

Please include all this in your description as well.

Name: Your character's full name.

Age: Your character's real age. (12 - 18)

Gender: Your character's actual gender.

Group: The group that your character is in. (Russet, Sterling, Aurous)
More info here - [link]

Personality: Your character's personality in paragraph form or if it's too long, just put "READ DESCRIPTION." 5 sentences minimum.

Quote: Something your character would say / Says often.

Full body + Chibi of Character: It's pretty obvious.

(In description)
Biography: Your character's history. Doesn't have to be tragic or complex, nor long.

Birthday: The day and month of when your character was born.

Additional Information: Anything extra goes here~ (ex: Sometimes wears glasses, is straight)


EDIT: Changed text outlines, looks much nicer.


Brushes used:
[link] by ~MouritsaDA-Stock
[link] by ~foley-resources
© 2011 - 2021 strawinmyberry
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Well this is weird - I made one but then I realized I didn't draw full body, only from head to the thighs.
asddfsghsoiuagfuigiuafsdghfiodugiufdhgiufdhgiudfhguiafg GAHHHH
strawinmyberry's avatar
Don't worry, that should be okay~ You don't have to re-do it.
aaaaalima's avatar
No birthdays? ; A ;
strawinmyberry's avatar
Oh wow, thank you so much for reminding me! ;A;

I added it to all the app descriptions.
aaaaalima's avatar
Your welcome~ ^w^
halcyon-moon's avatar
Here is my application! Do I request to join the group after this??? :D


Please tell me if I did anything wrong!
strawinmyberry's avatar
Well, enrollments aren't even open yet. ^^;

I won't decline your app and ask you to do it again, I believe you did everything right. C:

But I won't accept it neither, because we aren't open for members. Please wait patiently for enrollments to open and then request to join the group.
halcyon-moon's avatar
Oh! I see, then when it's time, you'll take it into consideration! Haha... i'm so scatterbrained sometimes....
strawinmyberry's avatar
Yep! Aw, it's okay. I'm scatterbrained at times too. ouo
halcyon-moon's avatar
Do we download this and put stuff on it? And if so then how do you get rid of the writing (for the quote and drawing) is that the downloadable version?

Or can we just draw our own one?
strawinmyberry's avatar
Yes, you do.

On the .PSD file you simply delete the layers with the unwanted text! ouo

If you don't have Photoshop, the .PNG file already has the text removed for you.
halcyon-moon's avatar
Oh ok! Thankyou! :D
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