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Hey Everyone, we’re back the new music! :D (Big Grin) 

Today we’re releasing a Mini EP with three new songs. The best part is, these tracks are completely FREE!

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Track Listing:

  1. Breathless Tonight
  2. Tremble
  3. Why Did You Leave

Visit our website to download these new tracks for free:

Alternatively, click this link to hear the songs on YouTube:…

Thank you to everyone who has supported us through the years. We sincerely hope you enjoy the new music!

Yuting and Griff

P.S. Previously we mentioned there would be actual videos to accompany these new songs. Unfortunately we weren’t able to finish them in time. We decided we’d rather get the new music out and create the proper music videos when we can.

P.P.S. There had also been mentioned that a song called It Will Be Alright would be released at some point. While it didn’t make it onto this Mini EP, we still plan to release it at a later date, don’t worry. Wink/Razz 

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Hey, it's been a while, how are you two doing?  I'm quite looking forward to hearing these three new songs, my internet is being super slow right now otherwise I'd listen to them this instant!  Also I am psyched that you're going to give It Will Be Alright a little more love, I still really like that song.