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Okay so here's the story:

Sephiroth is a paladin, Light Yagami is a wizard, Vash is a ranger, Kakashi is a ninja, Roy is a sorcerer, Ichigo is a fighter, and Yami is the DM. They were all playing a nice game of Dungeons and Dragons when Sephiroth failed an epic saving throw by rolling the dreaded "1". This is what followed that event.

Lol, I got the idea for this randomly at like 11:00 at night and just did a really quick doodle of the scene. I then took it to color and so far it's been one of my most highly successful and well-liked pieces I've ever done.

Haha sometimes doodles can surprise you!^_^
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why didn't you include Edward and Alphonse Elric? You have Mustang in here which where the sparks begin flying between ed and roy it's hysterical