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star wars emoticon Lets do a challenge! How did Isabella and Mira get to this point? Why is Mira a Sith? Why are they battling other than the age old bitter rivalry between Jedi and Sith? Is Isabella going to kill Mira or subdue her? Should you wish to accept this
mission you must write two sentences or more.
Story time. GO!icon: Tap and run -star-wars 

Everything I drew except I painted over the background so it wouldn't take too long. Very pleased at how it came out. Might do this more often. You can find it here.…
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All you'd need to do is replace the last line in the previous pages of these two where Mira is saying she "knows what she's getting in to" and Isabella says "Do you?" 

Replace that with Mira saying "I'm not afraid."  and Isabella responding "You will will be."   

Boom.. there you have it =P Jedi training commences.. the story can lead to here from there. 

But ultimately Mira would fall to the dark side "because" she loved Isabella and because she cannot fall out of love with her, she isn't fit to be a Jedi.   

They could have had a huge fall out about the Jedi Code and why love should or shouldn't be allowed and Isabella despite her feelings would defend the code and Mira would point out a flaw in asking if every Padawan is just a 'tool' or 'pet' for their Masters?  Are they not meant to form bonding and caring relationships with their Padawans? Or does none of that matter because Jedi do not know love. 

It could end in a severe battle of ideals, because in reality the notion between Jedi and Sith is that the answer lays in between, they are both extremes of the opposite side, but the truth lays in the middle.  Mira could be trying to speak of that 'middle' but Isabella doesn't want to acknowledge it as too much "Jedi" thought is going through her mind, the mind of thought that wasn't there the night she kissed Mira.   Because it caused their feelings to grow and Mira to question the 'Code' more and find flaws within it.  

That conversation could culminate to Isabella saying something to the effect of "I never should have kissed you.." and leaving her to her own devices.  This would hurt Mira enough, not just the conversation, but failing her master, but also her anger about it.  She would run away and set out on a journey to prove there IS a 'grey' area but would fall to the dark side along the way. 

Mira falls because she doesn't have a true master to teach her how to balance in the middle because she'd only known "two" extremes, and only started understanding a 'middle' ground after her moment with Isabella.   

Isabella would have the sense talked into her by her "Mom" at her estate she returns to in her room when she has to 'think' but before she goes to apologize to Mira and have that conversation is when she found that Mira had run away.  

Years later is when they would run into each other again.  

She is sent to track down a rogue Jedi whom runs with a mask to cover her (very much like Red Hood) and she finds this rogue Jedi helping her along some turns and hurting her on other turns.   In one scenario there is an item they are both after (a McGuffin) where they share a bit of a conversation.   

To the reader and to Isabella they have no idea that this fallen Jedi is Mira, maybe she uses a voice modulator through her mask, so her voice isn't recognized, and maybe because she's shrouded in both light and dark energies Isabella can't sense who she is.  

Alright, the McGuffin they are both after is one where Isabella needs to obtain to take back to the order and Mira needs it for a different reason though it isn't specified.   The fight kicks off with Isabella saying her case on keeping the box and explaining to the rogue Jedi(whom is Mira.. but let's call her Phantom for now) about how she has helped her before and been an ally but also has been an enemy, so she asks her on this day to be her ally and lt her take the McGuffin back to the Jedi council.  To which Phantom would reply "I can't let you do that."   

They would then have their duel with which would end with Isabella slashing the mask off and disarming Phantom, and whilst holding her hand, she gets a look at her face (the picture in the shot above) and it is revealed to be Mira. 

Isabella's response afterwards would be one of shock, almost being unable to react, this is the person she'd lost all those years ago whom had run away back before she could give her all the answers she wanted when she was ready to cast aside her pride, yet now, face to face with her again, didn't have the words... 

I would continue, but I like to leave those in suspense ^_^ hehe hope you enjoyed my ramble =P