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DigimonTamers: 50DarkFics no1
Title: Power Born From Anger
Author: Takato Metallium/StrawberryHedgehog
Fandom: Digimon Tamers
Characters: Jenrya Lee and Takato Matsuda, pairing will be/is Jenkato
Prompt: 015: Angry
Word Count: 400 words
Rating: PG-13/T
Jenrya has never seen Takato so angry, so full of utter rage. It's scary and his arms tighten around Shuichon as she clings to his shirt, wailing in fear. She shouldn't even be here in the first place, but his undivided attention is on his friend. Somewhere in the background he can hear Juri sobbing over her loss, and he knows that all it's doing is making Takato angrier.
Takato's normally kind, gentle cherry eyes are narrowed dangerously, to the point where the expression on his face almost makes him unrecognizable. His teeth grind together, fists clenching into fists at his side. He can barely breath, the anger he's feeling makes it hard to do so. He can feel his nails biting the palm of his
:iconstrawberryhedgehog:StrawberryHedgehog 3 0
NaNo: Loki headshot by StrawberryHedgehog NaNo: Loki headshot :iconstrawberryhedgehog:StrawberryHedgehog 5 3 NaNo: Hades headshot by StrawberryHedgehog NaNo: Hades headshot :iconstrawberryhedgehog:StrawberryHedgehog 11 10 ::MM:: The Forsaken One by StrawberryHedgehog ::MM:: The Forsaken One :iconstrawberryhedgehog:StrawberryHedgehog 23 15 :MXYL Redesigns: Sonia Acorn by StrawberryHedgehog :MXYL Redesigns: Sonia Acorn :iconstrawberryhedgehog:StrawberryHedgehog 15 3 :MM: Team Miles by StrawberryHedgehog :MM: Team Miles :iconstrawberryhedgehog:StrawberryHedgehog 18 1 :Sonic OCs: Ben the Thylacine by StrawberryHedgehog :Sonic OCs: Ben the Thylacine :iconstrawberryhedgehog:StrawberryHedgehog 18 8 ::Lei Khan:: Berserk by StrawberryHedgehog ::Lei Khan:: Berserk :iconstrawberryhedgehog:StrawberryHedgehog 4 2 Us Against the World by StrawberryHedgehog Us Against the World :iconstrawberryhedgehog:StrawberryHedgehog 4 3 Can You Feel The Sunshine? by StrawberryHedgehog Can You Feel The Sunshine? :iconstrawberryhedgehog:StrawberryHedgehog 4 3 ::Concept:: Lei Khan by StrawberryHedgehog ::Concept:: Lei Khan :iconstrawberryhedgehog:StrawberryHedgehog 9 10 ::Concept:: Xiaoling Khan by StrawberryHedgehog ::Concept:: Xiaoling Khan :iconstrawberryhedgehog:StrawberryHedgehog 8 3 ::Concept:: Xue Khan by StrawberryHedgehog ::Concept:: Xue Khan :iconstrawberryhedgehog:StrawberryHedgehog 9 3 ::Concept:: Xiaolian Khan by StrawberryHedgehog ::Concept:: Xiaolian Khan :iconstrawberryhedgehog:StrawberryHedgehog 5 16 ::Sonic OCs:: Shun Li by StrawberryHedgehog ::Sonic OCs:: Shun Li :iconstrawberryhedgehog:StrawberryHedgehog 12 3 ::MM Concept:: Buns by StrawberryHedgehog ::MM Concept:: Buns :iconstrawberryhedgehog:StrawberryHedgehog 10 6

Random Favourites

An Unlikely Love
An Unlikely Love
Every fangirl dreams of meeting her favorite idol
Having the chance to win their heart over
For many the dream remains a fantasy
But for one girl her dream is a reality
After a strange and bizzare turn of events
She now lives among a legion of dark entities
The life she once knew was now a mere memory
And a new chapter in her life has begun
Taking a deep risk and going out on a limb
She finlaly comes face to face with her idol
Their first meeting was awkward but exciting
Maybe the hero and his fan will get along?
After much time has passed and many tries later
His love for him has grown to new heights
He may not show it but he slowly starts to get used to her
And so their unlikely friendship slowly turns into an unlikely love
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His speed and agility help us out of every jam
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Flying high is her skill and speciality
Her skills are unmatched and no one can top her
She may be silent and scary to her enemies
But deep inside beats the heart of a great fighter
I may look weak but I am is far from helpless
My strength lies within my strong spirit and mind
When things get tough my friends rely on my strangth
Who says power has to always be brute strangth?
Our team is beyond any other ordinary team
We fight with our skills,our hearts and with each other
No one can put us down and no one can take us out.
We are a trio of heroes;we are Team Blitz!
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Update tiem!

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 9, 2010, 3:16 PM
  • Listening to: Boys & Girls - LM.C
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First off, much thanks to shadowscookie for the subscription ♥

So...completely disappeared off the face of the planet for a couple of months. I've been incredibly busy but now that AiCon is over and done with for another year and I'm not stressed out like I was, I might just be able to start drawing again.

So here is my AiCon 2010 report!

I ran into the girl who cosplayed Orgy!Roxas last year when I was TwilightTown!Roxas, and we're planning on a Katekyo Hitman Reborn! group next year 8D So far we have Tsuna (her), Reborn (her friend) and TYL!Lambo (me). Hopefully I'll be dragging some of my friends into it ONCE THEY GET AROUND TO READING IT /cracks whip. If I see them again I'm going to have to warn her friend that I'm going to be grabbing him for yaoi pics if he does Reborn, since Reborn/Lambo is my OTP ♥

Speaking of which, I was disappointed at the lack of KHR characters >| You'd think the theme being CRIME there would have been some, considering the series is about the mafia and all. Surprised at the lack of Naruto this year, as the last couple of cons there's been at least several Naruto cosplayers running around. This year there was only a Sasuke, a Kanan and a Karin. I guess the popularity of it is going down or something >>

I brought all of two things 8D AN EPIC HAT and a Strong World!Robin phone dangler. I guess I'm starting to gauge what I can and can't buy, and what I actually want. Since I read manga and watch anime online, I can live without manga and DVDs.

I've never loled so much in my life. Epic panels were epic. Especially How To Survive a Zombie Apocalypse.

Day 2 of AiCon was probably just as awesome as day one. I totally MISSED Hoowee's fanfic panel, which I really wanted to go to, but because I arrived a little bit late I ended up hitting Tentacles & Mechs instead (since I consider it a bit rude to just show up in the middle of a panel, though I know it probably isn't). Lost a point for the audience but ended up making up for it with the Saiyuki question.

Who's Subtitle Is It Anyway was awesome. Aside from Cosplay Mystery Date the other day, I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life. I also thoroughly enjoyed Avoiding the Trap of the Mary Sue later on.

I was going to stay for the Mahjong panel but wanted to slip into the auction, and I'm glad I did. I scored a figurine of Megurine Luka, my favourite Vocaloid ♥, and a plushie of Miroku from Inuyasha, though I've been long out of my Inuyasha phase since high school nine years ago.

Thank Kami...there are no words to express my love for this event. Growlithe in the orgy cloak was brilliant!

The after party...well, I wouldn't have been half dead during it if Nikki and I hadn't walked from the uni to the Brisbane, only to be told that we had been moved up to the Alley Cat, which was untrue. Luckily on our first stop at the Brisbane we met Josh and Kit, Josh who lived up Federal Street where the Alley Cat is located and ran up the hill to get his car to drive us back down to the Brisbane. He's officially our lift monkey ♥

The Brisbane wasn't that great this year, due to the double booking with the crew of the SEA SHEPHERD of all people. It was so...awkward and the smell of pot outside eventually made my stomach churn. I don't have as bad a reaction to it as Sammi does, but it still makes me queazy since my nose is so sensitive to smells. I wasn't even brave enough to go back into the bar and find Kit when it was decided to move to a different pub, so I sent Josh in to do it instead 8D (he'd already admitted he's a doormat). Happy to hear that there's talk of next year's after party being at the Welcome Stranger.

As always, AiCon gets 150% happiness vote from me ♥ You guys are amazing and incredible and here's to doing it all again next year!

That's it for now~ Expect some updates on art soon (maybe ._.) ♥

Journal Design by SkadiWu

PS Brushes: wyckedBrush Darkresources JamesRushforth




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