Moving Sale - Final Weekend!

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I'm moving with my family to Portland, OR at the end of August and we would like to clear out some inventory before the big day. Doing so will not only put a little extra travel cash in our pockets, but also lighten our load. You know, each Erstwhile book is a pound, so every book we sell is a pound less we have to lug with us. Same goes for the Red String omnibus books we have on hand. We have almost a literal ton of books to bring... unless you give them a good shelf to call home.

Red String Omnibus books and Erstwhile Fairy Tale books are available at HALF PRICE!…
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Miss-Amanda-Stars's avatar
Portland is LOVELY.
I just moved from Portland to Seattle and I miss it terribly (But the hubby got a job transfer, so there's nothing I can do. </3).

Maybe I'll FINALLY get to meet you at a con in the area. I've been such a huge fan of yours for as long as I can remember. <3
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I really think I will get Erstwhile volume 2
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What volumes are in each Red String Omnibus? I already own the first 5 volumes sooo.. lol
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Oh yeah, then, you wouldn't want to get them over again. Omnibus 1 has Volumes 1-3 in it and Omnibus 2 has Volumes 4-6. It would be much better to just finish off your set via the single volumes of 6-8. They're all available through Indy Planet.