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The Doctors' Daughter

The Doctors' Daughter.

Those who don't get the joke... The title of the Doctor Who episode is called "The Doctor's Daughter" and during this episode, some folks copy the 10th Doctor's DNA and create a "daughter" from one parent. Her name is Jenny.

The actress who plays Jenny is the actual daughter of Peter Davidson, who played the 5th Doctor back in the day. She is married to David Tennant, who played the 10th Doctor, and has had a daughter with him. David Tennant's favorite Doctor character growing up was Peter Davidson.

Yeah... it can make your head spin XD

EDIT: Colored and finished the art.
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oh how cute! i think Peter has a great son in law in David. 
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So basically the Davison/Tennant family is the most Whovian on the planet.  

I've heard their kids like Matt Smith's Doctor Those little Daleks...
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Dignity Laugh Dignity Laugh Dignity Laugh Dignity Laugh And the connections in Doctor Who has just gotten even weirder!
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Dude, this is so like Jerry Springer
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That is exactly what happened. You nailed it!
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When I heard that David Tennant and Georgia Moffat were going to get married, my first thought was that she should have business cards made calling her "The Doctor's daughter's, wife."
Or something like that.
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correct my dear correct
Also, add to the equasion the following:-

The Doctor's T. A. R. D. I. S. is "the Doctor's Wife." 

In another episode, The Doctor married River Song. 

River Song is the daughter of Amy Pond and Rory Williams. 

Explore/explain the relationships/relations re Jenny and Re Susanrom THAT information!! 

Love the artwork by the way. 
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So... This girl is NOT Susan's mother?
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No... More like her half-aunt.
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I really wish they'd touch upon what happened to the Doctor's family... Or at least have him mention it a bit more...

I'm getting tired of most of the new Generation ONLY seeing river as the Doctor's Wife...

What happened to the first one dammit! We know she had to have died before the Doctor even stole the Tardis in the first place... Otherwise she would have been with him from the beginning...

I'd like to think the Doctor rather faithful to his family members, especially his wife...

And we know that Regenerations don't effect Time Lord Marriages, because of his feelings for Rose from 9 - 10...

But I REALLY want to know what happened to Susan... because she CLEARLY lasted a long time with her original appearance... And for all we know she lasted right up to the time war with it...
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I agree! I am so sick of people who have been watching it for the last couple of years just completely ignoring all that stuff! I haven't even been in this fandom a year and I try to keep it straight and practical! I'd like to think the Doctor isn't even married to River because I don't recall him telling her his real name and because the time line they were married in was aborted, causing the events to cease to exist.

And I agree with you on Susan. I want to think she and Romana are safe somewhere but that hope is dim.
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Yeah, well, deciding to start watching the show at the very beginning and go through the entire series to get all the references made in 10 and 11, and adding in the Regeneration of the War Doctor, I wanted to think that Peter Capaldi was the Doctor who had to worry about not regenerating again... And Fans wanted to think that 10's "First Regeneration" didn't technically count... But no... Low and behold, It did, and Matt was the one who had to worry about regenerating... WHEN IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN CAPALDI!!!

But hey, at least now the Master is capable of returning... Seeing as how the Time Lords are free... I wonder who the next Master will be...

Well seeing as how all the audio dramas are now in fact canon with the series... We DO get to know a LITTLE bit about what happened with Susan... I REALLY want to listen to that Audio Drama but I don't know where to look for it...

Romana however... I could actually care less really... She used one of her HIGHLY VALUABLE 12 Regenerations to change her appearance... Because she wanted too... Romana, I hope the Daleks fried you good...
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I want to listen to all of Eight's audios because he intrigues me. But I thought Ten's original regeneration and the one that made Handy had counted as two separate regenerations... I'm now slightly confused.

I think you can find it on the Big Finish website if you have the title. Nothing a little research wouldn't solve.

I can't help liking Romana. I look like the strange hybrid child we'd get if we mixed her. Sarah Jane, and Clara's DNA. Besides, I don't have her regeneration episode on Netflix. There aren't many classic serials on there and I don't think there are any with Six. I want to watch Trials of a Time Lord so bad!!!

I also wanna see the Doctor Who 1996 movie. Have you seen it?
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If you know where to look, you can find every episode of Doctor Who somewhere online for free... Including the Movie... I've watched the entire series like this...

Yeah, I've seen it, it's the only thing of Number 8 I could find... And really, the movie isn't that bad if you ignore certain things and take certain things certain ways...

Fans think 10's regeneration didn't count because 1. He was still David Tennant, and 2. It acted more as a healing than just a regeneration... Taking a bit of already existing number 10 and using that DNA to repair the damaged number 10... Not a regeneration just a repair...
Winters-Dawn1221's avatar
I think it counted because it grew Handy who, technically, is twelve. Ten was really eleven and sprouted out as twelve and thirteen from the same body and... Does any of that make sense? Where'd I put my demonstration chart?

Do you think they thought Doctor Who would get this big and complicated back in the summer of '63 when they were planning it?
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Oh-ho ho, brilliant. I mean, totally wrong, big accident, universe goes bang in five minutes, but...brilliant! XD
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Seriously, one of their kids needs to be another Doctor. They have a Dynasty going!
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Or maybe their kid marries the 15th Doctor actor. 

But their firstborn together, Olive, seems to have the "doctory" features from both David and Peter... (she has Peter's eyeshape and David's nose and similiar ears\chin to her dad - and I'm pretty sure Georgia David and Peter have the same lips\mouth and so do Olive) I don't exactly know how that would look like on a girl, but propably doctor-y enough. The other two kids (Ty and Wilf) look like male versions of Georgia Moffett (who looks like her mother Sandra Dickinson - the chick who plays Trillian in hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy) and nothing like David or Peter.

And then the 15th Doctor and Olive Tennant have a child who marries the 20th DOctor actor, or somthing.
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That woman has a LOT of D.W. in her life.
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And together they made the ultimate time-baby!
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The only thing they have to do now is have one of David Tennant and Georgia Moffett play the 15° Doctor, and end up married to a direct descendant (maybe great-grandson or something) of Patrick Troughton. (who could easily be Peter Davison's father due to birthdates, so his great-grandchilds are of the same generation as David and Georgia s' kids.) Then Patrick s' great-grandkid and David\Georgia s' kid (who played the 15° Doctor) have a kid, and by the time of the 20° Doctor, that very kid would play a part in Doctor Who as one of the Doctor's relatives or something, and then marry off the actor that plays the 20° Doctor.

So, you have someone who married the 20° Doctor, was the daughter of the 15° Doctor, the grandkid of the 10° Doctor, the great-grandkid of the 5° Doctor, and the great-great-grandkid of the 2° Doctor, all-in-once! They would be Doctor Who nobility. (Even better if somehow also biologically related to Frazer Hines\Jamie McCrimmon, Elisabeth Sladen\Sarah Jane Smith, and\or Tom Baker\4° Doctor, maybe even ALL AT ONCE. Then they would be Doctor Who royalty.)

(Maybe in 2063, for the Doctor Who 100° Anniversary, they will make a Doctor Who kingdom, so there really can be a Doctor Who Royalty\Nobility. If they have enough technologies, they could make a TARDIS-shaped island or something, either that or repurpose a part of the British Isles. The kid of Olive Tennant (or at least one of the kids of David and Georgia) and of Patrick Troughton s' great-grandkid, could be the one to found the kingdom as a sort of "first Doctor Who Queen"... "Queen Susan Georgia Troughton* I of Who" sounds quite "Fantastic!" to quote The Doctor s' ninth incarnation outside the Time War.

* Or Tennant (MacDonald), Hines, Baker, Hartnell, Pertwee (Perthuis is the french spelling, yup the 3° Doctor was french), Davison (Moffett), McCoy (Kent-Smith), McGann, Eccleston, Smith, Gallifrey, ecc...
ok, I know love and romance must have played some part in their marriage, but try not to imagine him jumping up and down in fanboy glee at getting added to his favorite doctor's family tree.
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Hello, I really love your drawings about Doctor Who. May I ask you a permission for me to share them with more of my Chinese friends? I believe they'll all enjoy your drawings as I do. I'll surely put your DA ID and homepage along with the pictures. Thank you very much!
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