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The Doctor Dances on Planet Rose

The Doctor Dances on Planet Rose.
9th Doctor and Rose Tyler dancing on a planet filled with aliens that look like roses. The aliens are the glowing orbs underneath, but they have the flower tops as camouflage. Rose is wearing a dress in Tardis-blue. I dunno, just wanted to do something cute and sweet with them.

Pose referenced from *syccas-stock
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Since I don't support the idea of a mutual Doctor/Companion attraction, (except maybe if 8 is involved) I'll choose to see this as a "fatherless daughter takes her father figure to the dance sort of thing".
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This is my FAVORITE Doctor Who Relationship. Alot ot of my freinds prefer the 10/Rose relationship or even the 11/River one. I'm not against them, but this will always be my #1 favorite pairing!m
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That's beautiful! :clap:
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ooooh how i love this couple. plus...the 9th doctor is my favorite one
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sooooooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuute!!!! :faint:
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Oh, haha! I thought I recognized this art style! I love "Red String," and it's really awesome to see my favorite Dr. Who duo drawn this way! I love it! I was so sad when the 9th doctor had to end his run, but at least he ended it with a kiss. This is a really sweet drawing. Love it!
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Yay for Nine love :heart: This is just too sweet and I love their faces :)
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Sooooo.....does that mean they're stepping on hundreds of little aliens right now?

Kidding! Kidding! This is a beautiful piece of work. :) Nine-x-Rose don't get enough love so it's nice to see cute fanart of them. :D
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Heheh. Nah, they're stepping on the shedding petal skins... like our strands of hair! XD
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Haha, oh, that's good then. Cx

I love this so much. I wish the Doctor and Rose had danced more in the show. :heart:
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I love the fact you paired Rose up with the 9th Doctor. Everyone pairs her up with the 10th Doctor, and while that's sweet, I enjoy the relationship Rose and the 9th Doctor have. She was with him first and he was so cute with her.

Thank you for drawing them. <3
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Oh, I'm a big shipper of this pairing! I like to draw them whenever I can get the extra time =D
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They are so cute together!
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Awww, this is really sweet and lovely! Fantastic job! :love:
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Awww. This is super sweet. I love art of 9 and Rose. :)
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Oooh pretty :3
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OMG! :eager: I love it!! I always enjoy your style of art. And these two are so sweet together.

Moar please! :typerhappy:
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