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Steven Universe - Pink Diamond

Here's my first Steven Universe fanart! I have been super enjoying this show since the whole family started watching it earlier this month! What about you? Are you a fan? Who's your favorite gem or gem fusion? What do you love about the show?
Also, do you like the art? ^_^
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Quite a surprise that Rose Quartz was actually Pink Diamond, and she left behind a legacy who could make things right...
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Pink is the best ^^
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Can someone explain how her gem is so many people!!!?
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Looooooove the show and love this piece!!! Great composition and positivity about Steven/Rose/Pink's situation love-love-love 

As for me, Peridot is my favorite but I love all the characters SO much, I especially relate to Pearl, and my favorite thing about the show (other than the queer and body positive representation) is that its a show about solving problems with love and compassion, from simple disagreements between friends to big ol' galactic wars. SO GOOD.

What about you?
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This is so adorable!!! Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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