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Small Lady x Black Lady

Small Lady Serenity and Black Lady
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I can't help my feelings for the evil version of her on the right side of the screen. However, I saw a drawing where she was crying because she realized how much of a bad girl she was. Princess Serenity tries to comfort her but her head was turned away because she thought she didn't deserve any forgiveness:… This Part 2 here doesn't have color, but you can at least see that Princess Serenity pulls Wicked Lady closer to hug her and kiss her. Surprised and confused, but still crying, Wicked Lady accepts it:…
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I can't wait to finally see Small Lady's dress in Eternal. It suits her better then the regular Princess Serenity gown she had in the 90s.

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Oh, gosh, yes! I hadn't even thought of that possibility! I would love to see her in her manga dress for Eternal!! <3