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Minako x Kunzite

Just a little Sailor Venus x Kunzite love!
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What an amazing work of art filled with so many beauties and pleasures my eyeballs can hardly tolerate it. I love everything about this, especially Sailor Venus, my favorite.

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You know what really stunk about in S1 of Sailor Moon Crystal? Was the fact that we never saw the Scouts and 4 Kings act like couples at all. Like it would have been nice to get an embrace at least before the Kings were killed off. In my little shipping head I would like to think the 4 kings get reincarnated inside that cauldron. You know which one I am talking about lol. FYI I am a Brony (MLP:FiM Fan) and in Season 6 there was Sailor Venus and Kunzite ponies in a scene and I flipped. I was like, "At least they are together in MLP lol." I heard that several Story board artists from the show were Moonies; hence the Sailor Moon references sprinkled throughout the show.

ANYWAY I love this of course.

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So cute love the poses

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Wow beautiful couples.

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Need more artwork like this!

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