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Doctor and Rose

Ninth Doctor remains my favorite incarnation in Doctor Who and I just wanted to do something with him in it. It's been FAR too long.

I was going for a carefree moment with the doctor and his companion. You know, right before all hell breaks loose.
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Christopher Eccleston my fav Doctor... "Fantastic!"
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He's YOUR Favorite Doctor?!?!?!?!!? WHAT A COINCIDENCE, HE'S MY FAVORITE DOCTOR AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I love Nine! Thanks for drawing him so nicely :D
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Aaaah, I love this. 9 is so underrated (8 will always be my favorite though) and I love the style of shading you picked for them. :)
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Gahhh Love them
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Ooooh! :o This is very pretty. I like it's simplicity and vividness. :D

Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
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Aw! I was just watching Boom Town this evening, too! Good old nine. I actually got mad when he turned into ten.
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That's SO LOVELY :) those were happy times...
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Love this! I'm so glad there are other Nine fans out there. I love Ten just as much as the next (fan)girl, but Nine holds a very special place in my heart and very rarely gets the love he deserves.
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Niiiiiiine <3 He's still my favourite as well. Great to see new Rose and Doc art from you too :D
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This is great!! What did you use to draw this?
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Thanks. I used Photoshop CS2.
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Awwww!!!! Lovely :D
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Absolutely gorgeous. :D
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Yay! Awesome. :D
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Nine :) I can just imagine the two seconds the locals will tell them smiling is a crime and chase them with lazers and pitchforks...LOL

Lovely colors. I also think Rose's hair looks perfect.
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LOL. That would have been a great episode! Maybe you should turn that into a story!
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