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Doctor Who River - Oh Sweetie

Had a bit of fun drawing the Doctor and River Song. River is definitely growing on me since the start of the sixth season.

CREDITS: Background stars are stock art courtesy of ~dastardly-icons
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I don't like River, but I kinda do.. Named my puppy after her :p
ForeverDreamer12's avatar
River is totally badass
DoctorWho-Love's avatar
Nice Wrk, Very very very nice work *-* I add to my favorites then. I LOVE IT, Oh I love it!
doctorwho90's avatar
river is not voldo she is a clever woman....voldo is stupid character in soul calibur
PurrtyFace's avatar
Ugh, I despise River... she's like a Mary-Sue... just not as bad.
Okay, I don't despise her... just find her hard to tolerate sometimes.
weikelm's avatar
How is River even remotely a Mary Sue? She's got to be the most unlucky woman in the universe.
TumiaArtStudio's avatar
he's got an awesome fez
The most babass battle couple of the Who-niverse XD
OMG fezes ARE cool!!
Amortentia26's avatar
This is precious <3
WestEndChick's avatar
love this pairing
Meadenadia's avatar
Adorable! She's plotting to take the fez, I can feel it... ;-)
doctordonna131's avatar
oh yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fezes are cool. So are Stetsons
Contractor815's avatar
"Don't worry; I'm quite the screamer. Now THERE'S a spoiler for you."

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My OTP (well, OT3 of course because you can't leave the TARDIS out of that relationship XD)~

Great pic, wonderful coloration... but we wouldn't expect any different from you~ ^_~
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shaggykorean's avatar
they both know how to drive the family car!
tchelsaetehrock's avatar
"hello, sweetie!" xD i love River she's so perfect for Eleven, although she had some slight competition with human!TARDIS
Pwesty's avatar
Very nice Gina! Love your style!
SailorKnightWing's avatar
Me too, she's become my favorite character. She and Rory. Such a cute composition.
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