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Doctor Who - Companions

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Companions of the Doctor inspired by Alphonse Mucha. This was a set of Doctor Who fanart pieces I drew this past week. First time I've really had any energy to draw and this was a nice warm-up project. I actually drew each of these individually, but wanted to put them up as a set.

Rose Tyler - roses
Martha Jones - yellow tulips (Meaning: "hopelessly in love")
Donna Noble - forget-me-nots
Amy Pond - sunflowers

PLEASE READ: No, I will not be doing any other companions in this style. These four were the project I set out to do and I finished. Thanks for understanding ^_^

CREDITS: Space backgrounds are edited stock images from dastardly_icons

EDITED 06/15/11: I didn't think I would ever get back to this to do those minor edits, but I did. So, the circles for the other girls now have stuff in them: Rose/Bad Wolf, Martha/Chameleon Arch, Donna/Doctor's Hand, Amy/Engagement Ring. Also, gave Donna some more curves in her hips. Also changed the font for the "companions" text to make it more Mucha-esque.
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NoElSt-art's avatar
So cool! Good work!
So beautiful!! I love it so much! <3 I think poppies would probably be Clara's flower (for the whole remember me thing!) but what would Bill's be? Does anybody have any ideas? Great job!!
MLPAristiscCSketch's avatar
this is amazing :D (Big Grin) Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Emoticon 
wonderlandisonfire's avatar
This is beautiful! I feel like Clara would have forget-me-nots as well, or Peony (which means healing I think.)
BlueFallenDreams's avatar
Friend-zone flowers! XD
SkepticMishap's avatar
How could you do this. How could you give Donna forget me not's. That's just cruel.
Zannolin's avatar
Oh I love Rose!!!!!!
dschram's avatar
If you were to do Clara, her flower would be the poppy. Run you clever boy and remember me.
FyreDragon5's avatar
I look at every one of these past companions of the Doctor, and I can't help but wish they weren't gone.  Love the artwork you did here.  And the colors are great!
Alura-the-Sage's avatar
You chose forget-me-nots.
Excuse me while I go cry in the corner.
Kitsune466's avatar
Had the same reaction.
FinnishFangirl's avatar
JW-ConsultingDreamer's avatar
I'm thinking Clara's could be a rose like Rose's rose as well, seeing as roses seem to appear every now and then around Clara.
CallmeNebraska's avatar
what flower would Clara be? Or would she just be a leaf?
SilverTimberWolf's avatar
So much thought and detail went into this piece, incredible work! <3 <3
AboveArdel's avatar
Well, I'm "hopelessly in love" with this. Seriously one of my favorite DW pieces of all time -- but I think that the "crack" in the universe would be better suited to Amy's circle. Beautiful artwork, though.
Wubkix's avatar
I just realized how much my sister looks like Amy Pond 0-0
Toothless2912's avatar
This is AWESOME keep it up XD
Rhianimation's avatar
I love the way you did this it looks awesome. these four are the best companions in my opinion.
Kristine909's avatar
It's like EVERY companion wears a coat...and so does the doctor but still
MyLostWing's avatar
The sunflowers made me cry... In a good way, though. Great job!
StarofEvening's avatar
Would it be okay to use this on a Subeta profile as long as I don't edit the image and put a link back in my profile? I just love this so much! If not I understand but it would really make my day! :)
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