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Doctor Who - Amy x Rory

Eleventh Doctor art is finally making it into my DW drawings. This is actually the second piece I have done with them, but the first one finished and ready to post.

Just a little Amy x Rory fluffiness. =D
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I love how the Doctor is just creeping on them in the distance. :XD:
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I miss them so much. But despite that, I've seen enough companions come and go to know that I can't hold it against the new one. It isn't her fault. And The doctor needs someone to keep him from falling back into that dark attitude he goes into when he doesn't have anyone. So with that said. I eagerly await the debut of the new companion. :heart::heart:
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Oh, I love these two! They're so sweet and perfect for each other. They're (and by that, I mean Rory) are the reason I got over my depression of Ten being gone and started watching series five.
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They're the best companion couple in a long time. This scene makes me think of how a 'happy ending' to Angels of Manhattan would be like. Still, at least unlike Rose and Donna, they have a happy life. And totop it all, Amy lives five years longer than Rory.
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Uh, is this in reference to last night's episode O_O; I haven't seen it yet.
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that's why I was being as vague as I could. It's definitely a great way to end the current series and have the Doctor alone again for the Christmas special.
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I love this! Amy's face is so cute!
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Aww, Amy and Rory are so adorable. They're my favorite Doctor Who couple next to The Doctor and Rose. They don't get a lot of attention which a real shame. I wish Rory would stop dying though, I hate to watch Amy suffer.
This is more fluffy than a very fluffy kitten! Much Amy x Rory cuteness here - I like it a lot!
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omg this sooooo adorable!
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Aww, look at the poor lonely doctor in the background. :<
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Amy/Rory is WAY betther then Amy/The Doctor. Doctor who has been so cruel to male companions lately.. just looks at Micky! The good old times was a bit better, don't you think? With Jamie and Turlough... ah... <3
btw, Rory For The Wolf!
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Rory--not just another Tin Dog.

Though I'm not really sure that Amy would be blushing.'s cute enough that I don't mind.

You should make one like this, with the Doctor kissing a fez, and Amy/Rory the Roman in the background.

.....or not. :D
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lol the doctor is like a HUGe third wheel...just saying.
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THEN he need a companion to keep him company.
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Hmmm...I suppose he does...maybe it's just the pegasister in me speaking, but I think the Doctor should meet his pony counterpart, Dr.Whooves...:icondoctorwhoovesplz: :D
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lol but i means Doctor Song.
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ooooooohhhh...yeah, that probably makes more sense, lol
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but instead, she went traveling around and didnt have a chance with doctor.
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