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Doctor Donna - Forget me not

I totally love the dynamic of the Doctor and Donna. Their friendship was so fun to watch and Donna quickly became my favorite companion. I think part of it was because there was no romantic element to it. I'm all about shipping Rose x Doctor (nine, ten, meta-crisit doctor are all good pairs to me) so after Rose was gone, I wasn't really interested in seeing another companion crushing on him. To be honest I haven't really seen another companion that I would want to see with the Doctor in a romantic way. But that's just me.

Anyway, I was trying something a little different out with the art on this one. It's a bit more cartoony than my other Doctor Who fan art. Had to add the Forget-me-not's to the background because I'm evil. I like the bittersweet it adds. I did the same for the companions piece I drew last year.
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  The Doctor and Donna Noble were a funny team. I really liked them in 'The Unicorn and the Wasp' and Tennant and Tate have presented a few times on the radio-they really bounced off each other well!
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Awesome work I can't wait to listen to big finish audios with her
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Is that the dress she wore in 'The Fires of Pompeii?! I love that dress!
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So good!! but the title killed me.
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argh no.. anyone but Donna!! TT_TT
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oh.. there went my heart
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AGHHHHH!! YOUR TITLE. :O MAH FEELS. :iconthefeelsplz:
this breaks my heart and makes me smile at once... oh Donna. I miss you...
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I hate 10 rose! but good drawing! i think the forget me not's are the best flower of her and the meta crisis doctor!
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I loved Donna. I mean, I liked Martha but she just frustrated me at times and I missed Rose. Donna was like all us Rose/Doctor shippers onscreen! She wanted them to be together as much as we did! And she did everything in her power to help them be together.
I miss them ;_;
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I completely agree with all of that! I almost would have been ok shipping Amy x Doctor 11, but Rory was a better choice entirely once they started including his character in episodes. At any rate, after Martha being all, "Why doesn't he love meee!" for an entire season, Donna was fantastic.
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Agreed. I did like Martha but her crush and soulful looks kept distracting me from the aliens. But I really like this piece its very vibrant and bouncy but the flowers *ow my fan girl feeeeels*
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i have to admit that one of my favorite companions was Martha, she just loved the doctor so much but couldn't stand to see him hurt himself
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Ah, you kill me... the flowers...

Donna was my favorite, too. <3
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You are evil!!!!! This so nice and sad too
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I'm such a Donna Noble fangirl, I love this.

How do you think of River, by the way?
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River... Meh. I liked her better in her first appearance in season four and the fifth season I found her intruiging. The sixth season, I ended up just being a bit indifferent. Her story started to bore me when they tied her to the Ponds. ^^;
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Oh Donna... You will always be my favorite companion. T-T
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Donna is my favorite companion on NewWho. I love this art
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I love the Forget-me-not's in the background. She was my favourite Doctor-companion and I was so sad to see her go! I haven't really watched the show since then, though I still intend to, I just never feel like it when I am choosing what to watch.
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Donna's one of my favorite companions, I think I actually prefer her to Rose even though I am a Rose/Doctor shipper. I always thought Donna acted a bit like a big sister to him even though she's so much younger, as he looks younger. I know what you mean about being meh towards others being romantic towards the Doctor, probably why - though I don't hate her or anything - I never really warmed to Martha until she was in Torchwood.

I have however shipped others with Doctor from before Rose, I think one of my very first 'ships' in any fandom was Doctor/Romana, I was convinced the were boyfriend and girlfriend when I used to watch reruns and old tapes of classic when I was little with my Dad :D also, unlike everyone else at the time I liked Doctor/Grace... but then she shares my name ^^; so yeah.
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DONNA! I love this! Thank you for drawing this. Not enough people do art with Donna. She's fantastic, and I love her. I'm the same with you - I love Doctor/Rose, but Donna really is my favorite, and for the exact reason you mentioned. LOVE!
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