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Empire of Dream - volume 1 comic cover


Empire of Dream prequel : Prequel pixel pixel pixel by Strawberry-Tate > Chapter 1 : Empire of Dream - Chapter 1 comic cover

- Start the comic -

- Destiny's past -

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

tiny lotti by Strawberry-Tate I will finally post the new pages of Empire of Dream. Normally you can discover a page every week, unless I want to rework some pages, but I try not to be too slow. As for the prequel, I thought perhaps to post alternatively each week a page in French and one in English to please everyone, and to propose a translation under each page so that the non-French speakers, and the people who have difficulties with English can do a translation on their side with a simple copy/paste. In addition, it will make it easier for me to make corrections if I ever make mistakes in the text. 

The site Empire of Dream is currently under construction (in French at the moment), but I would probably post all the pages in French there when I will start to work on it.

Also, for the moment, I have no support site like Patreon, or Tipeee. My comics and my drawings are completely free on the internet. But if you wish, it's possible to support me with donation link just below or simply support me via social networks. Thank you in advance.

Despite of all that
, I wish you a good reading !

Magical whale - pixel art deco by Strawberry-Tate 

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Art © DSloupa / Strawberry-Tate

Days of publication : One per week !

Staff :

 Lu-Lubianse for Shinn the Dragonfly.
KaenDD and Lu-Lubianse for help with texts.
KaenDD for help with colors, translation and Backgrounds.
Setra-art for Empire of Dream logo.
Pathea for help with the group, social networks and future characters and collaborations.
Strawberry-Tate for scenario, drawings, colors and graphic research.

Empire of Dream A story and graphic novel © DSloupa/ Tate. 2006 - 2018 

This comic is protected by copyright, You do not have permission to use these pages for any reason.
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nilquetoast's avatar
Ohh, I thought this was familiar! Howdy! I Saw your icon and something about it was so incredibly familiar that I had to check things out. Lo and behold: A story I read once when I was still in my early days of DA! I'm looking forward to rereading this.
Strawberry-Tate's avatar
It's really nice of you, i'm always happy when someone remembers my story. I still have to put the rest of the comic on my gallery, I did not have time to correct the texts. Thank you and have a happy new year ! :hug:
Streetfair's avatar
WOW!! I am so excited for this!!:wow::yay: 
Eeehhh I wish you the best of luck my friend, may it turn out awesome!!:la::heart:
Strawberry-Tate's avatar
Thank you very much, I am really happy to read this, I hope you will love the story ! :heart::hug:
ZomaTheDragon's avatar
Je me souvenais plus comment ca s'appelait, et j'ai cru que ca avait disparu de la circulation. Je suis contente que cette BD fasse son retour!
Strawberry-Tate's avatar
Merci ! :hug: En faite la BD n'était plus disponible sur mon Deviantart car elle avait été publiée en maison d'édition, donc je n'avais pas l'autorisation de la laisser sur mon site comme j'étais sous contrat. Mais suite à des erreurs trop importantes de l'éditeur, j'ai demandé à récupérer mes droits pour qu'elle ne soit plus publiée, et pour pouvoir la remettre sur mon deviantart. Donc vous pourrez découvrir le tome 1, et probablement une suite si j'ai l'inspiration de la poursuivre ! :) 
Aspi-Galou's avatar
La hype est réelle ! Hâte de revoir EOD <3
Strawberry-Tate's avatar
Pathea's avatar
Ca fait plaisir de revoir EoD libre ! 
EoD est liiiibre Sock -Talk- 
Strawberry-Tate's avatar
Lotti est un elfe liiiiibbbbbrrrreeee !!!!! Run 
Cartoonmoviesfan's avatar
Cartoonmoviesfan's avatar
Ourka's avatar
Owhiii !
J'adore la couverture, j'ai trop hâte de lire la BD !
Strawberry-Tate's avatar
Merci beaucoup, j'espère qu'elle te plaira. :hug:
Ivaalo's avatar
Bien hâte de lire la BD ! =D Bonne chance ! ^w^ Et quel adorable dessin !
Strawberry-Tate's avatar
Merci beaucoup Ivaalo ! :hug:
jojodragone's avatar
Très belle couverture! :aww:

J'ai hâte de lire la BD! :la:
Strawberry-Tate's avatar
Merci <3333 J'espère qu'elle te plaira, les dessins datent de 2012 donc mon style sera un peu plus vieux. :XD:
jojodragone's avatar
C'est pas grave! ^^
Comme ça, on peut voir l'amélioration! ^^
FireMoon9's avatar
C'est sympa le dessin, j'aime autant le personnage et le background !  J'ai bien hâte de lire la BD! Je te souhaite bonne chance aussi pour ton projet ! C= 
Strawberry-Tate's avatar
Merci beaucoup Firemoon, j'espère de tout cœur que l'histoire te plaira ! :)
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