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Published: October 9, 2016
Please follow the guidelines below closely for character creation. Doing so will increase your chances of being accepted, and if you’re confused about something, please note the group or comment on this journal. We’ll answer to the best of our abilities.

Physical – in regards to hair, a rainbow of color is unacceptable. As for eye color, no multi-colored irises either.
Outfit – characters must be drawn in the winter outfit of your school’s uniform. If you are unsure of what they look like, please ask a moderator or look at the journal Astraea Information. If accidentally drawn in the summer variation, that is acceptable, but the winter outfit is recommended. Any other outfit will be unaccepted.

Names can be associated with nationality if desired. Nicknames are also acceptable.

Self-explanatory. You may pick any age between the years twelve and eighteen.

Select a class from your school’s class list. Can be found in the Astraea Information journal.

What year is your character in school? One through six?

Self-explanatory. How tall is your character? Please make it realistic in regards to their age.

The weight of your character. Please make it in alignment with their height and age.

The month and day of your character’s birth.

Must be a minimum of 250 words with no maximum limit. We highly encourage creative personalities like temperament, outlook on situations, etc. and the fact that your character’s personality should be unique to them. It is also recommended that, when creating a personality, include five traits minimum – three positive, and two negative (or vice versa).

Must be a minimum of 350 words with no maximum limit as well. With the history of your character, be imaginative. Write about their family, how they came to be a student at Astraea, and their story before arrival.

Self-explanatory. What does your character like? List at least five things.

What does your character dislike? At least five things.

Is your character interested in becoming Etoile? A simple yes or no answer will suffice, but explanations are always welcome.

Self-explanatory. List the clubs your character belongs in. They can be found in the application page.

Extra Information
Self-explanatory. What are some other features about your character not mentioned above?

Below is the main application with information; this is just the template, so the specific school templates can be found within the gallery that also include the clubs.

Application Information
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