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MMP Round One: Cornflower

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My entry for Murder Mystery Pageant ([link]). It's Lizzie again, in case you didn't notice. Her favorite color is Cornflower blue. So I had to use her for it. I LOVE LOVE how she turned out, especially the portrait. I like it better than the one I did for TCP.

I haven't turned her in just yet, so CC is welcome.

Bases: *zapatones
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She looks great! Her design is fantastic. I think you should doll lizzie more, she seems to bring good things out of you.
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Aww thanks, Debb. I think I have to agree, I will be dolling Lizzie more.
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Considering that you've asked for CC, I can hardly not give it even though I'm struggling here. I think that more dramatic shading on her boots would work a treat. Just create a new layer and go crazy with a black/very dark blue brush several pixels thick. Her tights could possibly do with some more darker shadows especially under the dress and under her knees just to give them more definition.
Other than that, I'm stumped. I'm really impressed with this Keke. You're doing so well on character, colour and fabrics that I don't know what else I can say.

If you want any more CC I'll zoom in and look more carefully, just ask.
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Okay, I shall go work on those thing. XD And I love the fact that I've stumped you when it comes to CC. That doesn't happen very often. lol
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No you're right it doesn't... It's a character flaw of mine that I always see the flaws in other people and stuff
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That could be a good thing but also a bad thing at the same time.
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Love. Her! (Sorry for not having a bigger vocab XD )
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Thank you. And I don't mind you not having a bigger vocab. XD
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It amazes me how fast you doll! She looks good, I like the texture on her tights and the color palette suits her well.
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lol Thank you. When I get an idea and I have the time it doesn't take me long.
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