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Ir photography with Nikon D70

By stratys
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Hope it's usefull :)

This took me some time to write and organize so comments are welcome :D

-sorry for my english-
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greate sir, thank u ...
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Looking around the www for an explanation of why CS5 turns my D70 ir shots red when imported into bridge/ps. Haven't found one but thanks for the note about CS2 ruining the WB, it's good to know I'm not alone- must be a glitch in ps.

Great tutorial, very helpful.
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Wow , I think I just don't know anything about my D70 :D :D thank you so much :hug: :XD:

Love the tutorial :XD:
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This is amazing!
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Very well written! I finaly learned how to use custum white balance on my D70!

Thanks for taking the time to put this all together!
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Hi, I have one question about the uses of the D70.

I would like to know wether this camera can perform sequence shots such as this [link]

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Thank u very much! This tutorial was wery useful for me (and for my Nikon D70&Hoya R72)! :) Very accurate and cute designed tutorial.
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This tutorial has been so usefull!! thanks a lot!
awesomely done, thanks a lot for sharing! :handshake:
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Thank you! I was have Nikon D70s...but I didnt try IR and now I am to sorry:( I hope to find a use one...
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Nice tutorial, i also have a D70... gonna try it at the weekend for sure ;)

Thanx for it
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This is sooo helpful. Im a complete noob to photography and REALLY want to get into IR so this has cleared some stuff up. Thanks!
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thanks for tut. I will add you a link in my journal
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Thanks, Its really helpful :D I will tryout IR inshAllah.
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Hiya! :wave:

Would you mind if I added this tutorial to our Tutorial journal?

*CindeeRoo :)
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This is very excellent, however with my very bad memory I am wondering if you have a printable version?

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unfortunately this is all I have :/
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:thumbsup: this is something I've been quite curious about, and this tutorial really brought some light about it. Thank you for writing this!
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(and this should be in your gallery imo. ;) )
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ahah naah. It's just something I don't do or appreciate anymore so it was a bit dislocated from my taste now.. it's still here to anyone that needs it though.
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I've found it interesting that you suggest to set the WB on white paper, not blue grass. Most tutorials use the green grass method, I'm using it myself as well. What Kelvin and hue does paper give? Does the type of paper matter?
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