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Well to be more accurate :iconvividsyntax: is publishing a book, I wanted to do my part in promoting this. It's going to be a physical copy of his fanfic Sensation. Sensation is a Soarin' x Braeburn romance story that he spent almost 4 years writing. It's about 50 chapters and about 400,000 words long. He decided to have a physical copy made for himself but thought more people might be interested as well. Him and a few others are working to make this real. Your probably questioning how I fit in this. Well, he commissioned me to make the cover art for the book! This is really exciting and terrifying, neither of us have done anything like this before. I've followed Sensation for a very long time and It's absolutely amazing you guys and Vivid is a talented writer and a dear friend of mine. I encourage anyone here who loves Soarburn, gay stallions or heck just a good romance story to buy this book. Vivid showed off the cover art so I think I should too if your still not won over. This is where the cover art is so far, It's still not finished yet but I'm working very hard to make sure it's up to par with his writing:
Cover Draft by Stratus35

Now there is something I want to point out. This book is the NSFW version of the story so you must be a least 18 years old or older to order. I'll leave a link to his Fimfiction page for more information. He already has the order forms so if your interested in purchasing that's where to go. Also If you can guys , spread the word about this. Tell anyone you think might be interested, you'd all be doing us a huge favor and the more support the better. Thank you all so very much, this project means a lot to us. Stay safe, Love you all <3

For more information and order forms:…
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amalgamzaku Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Nice work and congratulations on that achievement, I hope it sells well for you two. 
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