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What I like about your OC is the simplicity of design you have for her, and you really pull off her figure and gestures quite well. You...

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Rubes And Sapphy
Had to draw the cutest moment in Steven Universe so far. This was also such a pivotal moment for LGBT representation in kids and family media. It would've been perfect if the special aired during pride month but better late than never.
Sensation Cover Art
This is the finished book cover for the physical copies of "Sensation" written by my friend :iconvividsyntax: It's very rare for me to do paintings in general let alone digital paintings but I liked the challenge it gave. Did this months ago, never posted it thought it'd be useful as a quick break from my string of Steven Universe art lately. Y'all should give his story a read! I followed it for years and it's one of my favorite ship fics ever! he's got plenty of other stories too if Soarburn isn't your cup of tea. He's a fantastic writer, a super nice guy, and I think everyone should meet him.

A link his story here
(NSFW version):…

(SFW version)…



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Hello all! As Pride Month draws to a close I thought to take this last opportunity to talk about ships!! Specifically other ships that I love but haven't gotten around to expressing that love! Here's a list of some ships that I like but haven't talked about.

In no particular order we have:

Sunset Shimmer x Twilight Sparkle 
The compatibility and romantic subtext between these two is so thick you could cut it with a knife. The Equestria series shows us that Sunset and Twilight are very close. Seriously I feel Sunset Shimmer is the closest the series has ever gotten to giving Twilight a genuine romantic interest that actually makes sense and has substance behind it. I just love the similarities that ground them together: They're both hard working, studious, former proteges of Celestia, are both very intelligent, and have a lot of common interests in science and math, and are both curious about the world and strive to understand it. I also love the development of what makes them different and the different ways they absorb information and solve problems: Like how Twilight has opened her mind a bit but still prefers to study hard science and things that can be objectively proven highlighting her "by-the-book" tendencies while Sunset isn't afraid to tackle more abstract and theoretical concepts hinting at her more wayward, "go-off-the-beaten-path" approach to things. That's at least how I see things anyway. But can you tell I really love the idea of these to being together. They just have so much chemistry, it leaves a TON of potential.

Flash Sentry x Sunburst
 This leans more into the crackship side of things. There's no basis for this pairing other than the fact I thinks it's cute. The idea of dorky, introverted Sunburst crushing hard on the handsome Flash Sentry one of the top soldiers of the Crystal Empire just amuses me to no end. I can't help imagine Flash, being the gentleman he is addressing Sunburst as "Sir" and it causes Sunburst to go into a fit of stammering and stuttering, trying to respond back, as his face turns a bright shade of red.

Ignitus x Malefor
The Legend of Spyro was my gateway into the franchise and I loved every bit of it. I played the hell out of the first game when I was younger. The story, the combat, and the humor just hit all the right notes for me. ( anyone hyped for the Reiginted Trilogy?) I found out some years later than during early drafts of the game there was going to be a sub-plot of Spyro finding out who his real father was and the two prime candidates wore Ignitus ( Ignitus was designed to resemble Spyro for that reason actually) and Malefor. I thought it was very interesting and said to myself why not both? So I came up with the idea that Ignitus and Malefor fell in love while Malefor was training as the next purple dragon. Eventually they artificially conceived a egg containing both of their DNA. However Malefor became corrupted by the power and turned his back on his dragon kind, his home, and Ignitus. He sought to shroud the world in darkness with him at the top and declared war on all who opposed, kicking off the start of the game. This turns the whole conflict of the game is just one super big custody battle for Spyro. I still really like this whole concept so who knows I might actually do something with it in the future.

Fox McCloud x Wolf O'Donnell
I knew of the Star Fox franchise for a long time but it was only a couple years ago that I got into it really fell in love with it. I like Fox and Wolf being together because they push each other to be better. That's evident even right now as enemies, they're constantly improving because of the influence they have on each other. I feel the rivalry would continue in their relationship although in more mutually beneficial way than just trying to one up each other all the time. They hold each other to a high enough standard to be better and call each other out on their mistakes or when one is just being an too much of an asshole, this is stuff that I don't too often in animated relationships and that's what really excites me about this ship. Plus I enjoy the rival turned friend to lover kind of thing. I feel there's a lot that can be touched on and fleshed out in regards to the struggles of moving on from the past as they learn how much they start to care for each other. As the two learn how to communicate their feelings, build trust, and grow out of their more negative habits to sustain a more healthy and rewarding relationship. I really love the Fox x Wolf ship and it's pretty high on my list for things I want to explore in the future I'm not sure on Deviantart or somewhere else like Tumblr or something hmm?

Panther x Krystal
On the subject of Star Fox I found myself oddly gravitating towards the Panther x Krystal ship. Now this is one of the much more obscure ships from the Star Fox fandom at least from my experience cause there's almost no art or fanfiction for this specific pairing ( I've looked). To be honest I'm not exactly sure why I'm so intrigued by this ship. I've thought of the idea that Fox starts falling for Wolf while dating Krystal, she picks up on his feelings eventually leading up to them breaking up, and she goes off on her own to travel the Lylat System for self-discovery she runs into the Panther along the way and he tags along with her and the two fall for each on their journeys. I don't know, I do like these characters and I think it's a shame how little development these two have in the canon. Like really, Krystal had potential to a real badass character before she got demoted to a 2-dimensional love interest. 

Hazel Reinart x Ghira Belladonna
Anyone who watches RWBY will know who I'm talking about. Another crackpairing that has absolutely no basis other than I LOVE big, strong, hairy men falling for other big, strong, hairy men. And another ship where there is no art of or fanfic for. This is a ship that only exists for my indulgence. Imagining an AU where Ghira is a single father raising Blake on his own when Hazel finds his way into Menagerie and a fight with Grimm breaks out, Hazel saves Blake, Hazel's injured, Ghira takes him in, sparks fly, Blake grows up with TWO overprotective daddies.

Judy Hopps x Gideon Grey
I LOOVVEE Zootopia and it baffles me that I still haven't posted art for this movie yet. Now for the record I do really love the Judy x Nick ship, obviously given how much development the two have. But I found myself kinda liking the idea of her and Gideon falling for each other. I'm sure there are people who are uncomfortable with the thought of a former bully ending up with their former victim and I totally get why. But I feel that the way Gideon tries so hard to do right for the people he's wronged and how forgiving Judy is, and willing to build positive relationships I think it's possible. I've read a couple of really good fanfics that sold me on this ship even more, one in particular that takes place during Judy and Gideon's childhood.

Amethyst x Peridot
And finally a pairing from one my favorite shows right now. Seeing Amethyst and Peridot's interactions are always a treat, their personalities just complement each other to a T. The socially inept computer nerd getting with a free-spirited, fun-loving party animal just hits me hard. I love the idea of Amethyst getting Peridot out of her shell by taking her to all the cool spots in town and then getting some tacos at the end all while giving her some less than accurate facts about Earth culture. The two learn a lot from each other and it's really easy to be themselves around each other. I hoped it was something that would be explored in the series though from the looks of it, it seems very unlikely now since the leading ship for Peridot is Lapis. I think the concept of Peridot falling for Amethyst or the two getting really close was the direction they were originally going for but since Lapidot got as big as it did they might've opted out of giving Peridot any romantic interest so as not to upset anyone. At least that's what I think. I could totally be wrong and they could've planned for her falling for Lapis or falling for nobody. BUT DAMN if you watch "Too Far" and "Too Short to Ride" those episodes are filled to brim with homoerotic subtext between Peridot and Amethyst.

HOOO that's about all I have for now, this took forever to type up but it was fun getting to go a little in-depth of ships I like and why. Anyway I hope y'all enjoy me rambling about some of my favortite pairings. Stay safe, love you all, Happy Last Day of Pride!!
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