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Stalking His Prey by stratosmacca Stalking His Prey by stratosmacca
I was going through some of my old artwork last night and came across this drawing I'd done of One-Eye, my favorite character from Wendy and Richard Pini's excellent comic series ElfQuest.

It was done back around 2000 or so and was used as the main graphic for my old EQ site, The Definitive One-Eye Website. I've been meaning to revamp the thing for years, because I'm still very much a One-Eye nut. But alas, my time is kind of limited these days... Still, I'm hoping that one day I'll manage to get around to it.

Colors on this piece were done by Val Staples.
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joeiepaul Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2010
Wooo One eye a sweet elf not forgotten!
Faeliscity Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2008
Very well done! You captured the Pini style very well...
afke11 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2007   Traditional Artist
Oh I remember visiting your One-Eye site! I started one of Pike myself, but like you time demanded I did other stuff.
Still think this is a good picture. One-Eye in almost-action. Oh, didn't you create a moving GIF of him too? Always nice to find old stuff back. X)
stratosmacca Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2007  Professional General Artist
Thanks! :) Yeah, I did create an animated GIF of him for a school project years ago. I still have that one on my site:
Fazzey Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2007
Yay!! It's Oneeye!! He dosn't get enough love!!
stratosmacca Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2007  Professional General Artist
I agree! :D
Fazzey Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2007
When I was younger he was right below Strongbow in my fav list.^^;
morcondil Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2006
I saw the pencil version of this a long time ago, nice to see it coloured. Good job portraying one of the coolest ElfQuest elves!
petersen1973 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
HA! Good old One-Eye. He was one of my favorites. I can remember sitting on my grandmother's couch when I was 12 reading the ElfQuest graphic novels.
SolitusFactum Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2006
*fangirl mode kicks in* I love it so much! It looks just like one-eye, same colors and everything! :)
thenumber42 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2006  Student Traditional Artist
One-Eye! ELFQUEST!! :hug:
Shame we lost him so early...
Man. I love that series. Particularly the first...8 volumes I think. Awesome stuff. Nice job on the lighting!
LupaLuna Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2006  Professional Writer
OMG!!!! ElfQuesT!!!:glomp:
stratosmacca Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2006  Professional General Artist
A fellow ElfQuest fan? Coolness! :D
HabitualFlippancy Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Woo wee. Whata flash back. That's the second time in two days that someone on my flist has uploaded Elfquest fan art. I feel 10 years younger! :) Great job on this!
Liamdeno Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2006   Digital Artist
very nice =] I like the shading ect =]
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June 23, 2006
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