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Knights of the Magical Light

By stratosmacca
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I've been waiting to show this for a while now. This is the Visionaries pin-up I drew for the second issue of cereal:geek magazine (which is now available for purchase!), and it's something I'm pretty proud of.

Visionaries remains one of my favorite cartoon series of the 1980s. And that's saying a lot, being that it only lasted 13 episodes, and most series aren't able to make much of an impact on me unless they go 65+ eps to tell their stories and flesh out their characters. The voice acting, animation and storylines of Visionaries were all brilliant, and I highly recommend checking it out if you ever get a chance.

This piece was definitely a labor of love-- it went through several different colorists until we found the right combination to make things work. In the end, colors were done by :icontmvgabel:, me and :iconbustatoons:.

Incidentally, my husband :iconrhannah:, has written the accompanying article for this pin-up. Pick up a copy and check it out!
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Th3F0rgeHobbyist General Artist
Your fan is so much better than the comic version done by IDW
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Th3F0rgeHobbyist General Artist
Labor of love is correct.
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BMWTaylor Traditional Artist
Wow, your description sums up my thoughts EXACTLY about the series. I haven't watched the show in three decades but somehow I've never forgotten this franchise.

Oh, and the artwork ain't too shabby either. ;)
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Fantastic man.
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Anomaro-KarisuHobbyist Digital Artist
I always felt bad for the guy who had the power of a snail. =p
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BrakkartHobbyist Artisan Crafter
That would be Darkstorm. Not a snail though, a Mollusk which wasn't that puny at all, the thing could throw fireballs!
Anomaro-Karisu's avatar
Anomaro-KarisuHobbyist Digital Artist
But a snail is a mollusk. He could have had an octopus, but no!
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Colonel-HardstoneStudent General Artist
I happen to saw it in the 90s, back then I didn't have a clue why they stopped it after airing for a few months [ it turns it they produced only 13 episodes ]. Awesome work, there is not much fan art for 'Visionaries' here coz not many people know about it. 
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I can still recite the rhymes used to activate the staffs of power. Is that wrong?
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stratosmaccaProfessional General Artist
No, it's awesome! :D
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"To the shrine!!!!"
Lol. So great. Thanks for this
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great job!
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Exceptionally good! :)
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Looks like a modern comic. :)
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Another phenomenal show that ended before it's time.
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Yay! lol, Visionaries! :D
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By natures hand
by crafts by art...
once was one
now fly apart!

Damn! Visionaries was one of the coolest comics/toys/toons ive ever had! Thank you so much for bringing the memories back!
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D-MACProfessional Traditional Artist
Man, I love Visionaries! It was really the only 80s cartoon that I became obsessed with as a kid. I had all of the different power staff rhymes memorized and my friends and I used run around the playground pretending to turn into animals and fighting Darkling Lords. :)
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Wow, that takes me back. Nice work!
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One of my favs from the issue. Oh hey I was in there too ;)
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stratosmaccaProfessional General Artist
Hey, thanks! Small world, eh? :)

Just checked out your work-- great stuff!
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Thanks! I have loved your work from a far, from the world if I'm not mistaken. Val turned me onto your Deviant art page!
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Sorry forgot. Really great work on this. You did them justice with it... :D
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