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Blake's 7's Jenna Stannis, the Liberator's resident pilot and the object of Blake's affection. When we first meet Jenna, she's been arrested by the Federation for smuggling and is meant to be shoved off on the prison planet Cygnus Alpha. Along with Blake and Avon, she is one of the first to take control of the massive ship the Liberator.

This drawing is dedicated to my husband and was created for him. He demonstrated loads of patience while waiting for this to be completed (which took over a couple weeks in total), and I'm very glad he likes it :love:

It was painted in openCanvas (while listening to The Beatles' Live at the BBC album continuously), with background additions in Photoshop. A couple of the brushes I used on the background were created by :iconscully7491:.
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I have been reading you and your husband's Blue Milk Special non-stop for three days now. I finally finished and began re-reading and researching all the numerous other pop-culture and sci-fi characters you reference. I have now begun watching Blake's 7 and am 5 episodes in. No-one has seen me for days.
Whilst Jenna is not yet in this outfit when I last left her, the likeness of the face and the strange alien gun are perfect! You are a truly talented artist in every way.
I have both your website and 'Once Upon a Caper' open in other tabs by the way. Wondering which of your artworks I should buy, and whether it is feasible to ship it to Europe.
To you and Rod (another left-handed Kiwi, yay!) thank you for basically outlining everything I have done this week. I am trying to find ways to support you and you wonderful work.