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For Mike by stratosmacca For Mike by stratosmacca
This is the piece I did that was included in in the Mike Wieringo tribute sketchbook that was sold at Heroes Con 2008.

Since the original drawing I'd done only a few days after Mike passed was just a rough sketch and quite sad, I decided to use the same characters (Jarek and Mike's cat Charlie) for a new piece and add a touch of fun and celebration to it.

In the sketchbook itself, my drawing was placed next to Matt Wieringo's own contribution (Matt, btw, is a wonderful artist in his own right), which was pretty freakin' cool. I was absolutely honored to be a part of this project.

Happy birthday, Mike.
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suburbanbeatnik Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
This is a fun little picture- I especially love the bounding cat. :)
MichaelWKellarINKS Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
Marker-Mistress Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
Everytime I see this my eyes well up :cries:
Well done man, you have to show me the tribute sketchbook (or where can I find a copy myself?) ;)
stratosmacca Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2008  Professional General Artist
Thanks, D.

As for getting a hold on a copy of the sketchbook, from Todd's blog:

there are still some a tribute to 'ringo sketchbooks available--i brought some home--and they can be yours for the cost of a $10 donation to the aspca and $2 for postage (domestic sales *). you can either use our paypal account or send a check or money order payable to me todd dezago to;

ringo sketchbook
52 calendar house rd
elizaville ny 12523

* international: please e-mail for shipping costs.
Marker-Mistress Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
Awesome! I shall try to put in an order next week when tip day rolls around, and perhaps you'd like to sign it?? :3 You know, being popular and all? ;) :hug:
Skylanth Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2008  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Awh. I love how all three characters are airborne.
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June 24, 2008
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