Focus Feature #9 - Octopi and Squid

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Squid by Jimmyct Squid by AkulaShuvelle squid by Andrew-Ross-MacLean Ze Squid by shataka Squid by ZoeStanleyArts Squid by Pimpstress22 Octopusses by pinchi Escape by element-dragon Squid by scrumtrulescence Homeless Squid by diogenes Squid-in-a-Jar by Twilight-Star:thumb203187883: Be_My_Valentine by Arinnka Trois Coeurs by LunaticShade:thumb75535227: Octopus by chibighibli Octopus by corey5566614 blub blub octopus by masukoona B L U E B E R R I E by xXMandy20Xx An Octopus for a Friend by talim101 Octopirates arr arrr by yuki-the-vampire Octopus color Love by Porcelain--Hearts:thumb58652797::thumb120888054::thumb130034313: Octopi by ggatz:thumb57088658: Ink'd by Kyrelamyl The Bucket Sailor. by owlink Pulpo by raulmas cephalopod. by city-in-surrender Agressive Expansion by Artisticaviary Octopus Treat by SpaceTurtleStudios:thumb160177677: A Squee-d by ArchangelRobriel:thumb206907293::thumb200033622: Octopus Logo by FigBeater
Snoozy Squid by MegLyman Octopus is Love by Pandagrass:thumb74843763: octopus one by flamingi Puppeteer by MegLyman Toddler Octopus by MegLyman:thumb200033725::thumb125401575: .:Octopus Lineart:. by littleitchysister:thumb203536508: Red Octopus by goosezilla Octopus by Elora-Danen pink octopus by smushbox Friendly Octopus by MegLyman:thumb155186607: Octopi Your Thoughts by Hopiamanipopcorn:thumb112711637::thumb192861200::thumb106165794::thumb158569378: catch the stars by detail24:thumb159491002::thumb207802949: Pink Octopus. by smexy-sarah
octoluv by aconite Bath time by carmine-voleme Calligraphy Squid by Mai-Ekaki Squid Friend by pullmeoutalive octopus by Little-Rachel Octopus Heart by glitterkunt Hannakin commission by AnnekaTran Socksopus by yuki-the-vampire old old octopus by runn3r-SIX Octopus by LizardLife Octopi by Enpu2 Kawaii Orange Squid by KawaiiUniverseStudio Kawaii Purple Octopus by KawaiiUniverseStudio:thumb184119015: Octopus by RJDaae Octopoo by Potatoskin
Octopus love by SexyPie Octopus by SpiritOfTheFire Squid by Psywing Squid by xCho Tri the Squid by Oscihedgehog Love Squid by qeius Squid by Z0mbieCandy Cute Squid by Boarfeathers:thumb161164572: Skookyspry icon by Oni-chu Octapus by biag Squid by I-Hasa-Muffin:thumb196442929::thumb194335027: Squiddy free avatar by ararothea octopus by SueWithers Octopus for the animal project by Gnog:thumb204425390: Octopus cupcake by ToasterStrudel-PhD Octopus adoptable -closed- by RomanticaKH octopi av by fruitsyy lassurdoinpersona - Gift Avvie by candysores:thumb184483674: AV - Octopi Kisses by firstfear MadxMarionette by Valotoxin Free avatar: Octopus by Jitomate
I love octopus by Illeander
:thumb204163762: Octopus Stamp by ladieoffical I love Octopuses by WishmasterAlchemist:thumb105053576: I :Heart: SkelOctopus by Tami-Stamps:thumb184426012: Jumping Squid Stamp by SquidPig
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inspired me to finally create an account. ~
fruitsyy's avatar
aww i just saw this, i loooove octopus <3
thankyou for the feature :D
Enpu2's avatar
Thanks for the feature! :D
Goodbye-to-you's avatar
This is a great article and you chose some awesome works to include in it! Glad to see there are so many other octopus/squid lovers like me. :dance:

and I cannot thank you enough for the feature! :heart:
Too sweet. C:
carmine-voleme's avatar
thanks a lot for the feature, I'm so happy right now : ) <3
SquidPig's avatar
Thank you so much :thanks:
pinchi's avatar
Thanks for the feature! Great collection of squids you have here :-)
FigBeater's avatar
Thank you for the feature! 8D
owlink's avatar
thankyou for the feature!
ararothea's avatar
Thanks very much for the feature! How exciting.
RJDaae's avatar
Thanks for the feature! :D

That aside, this is a really awesome collection of Cephalopods! :wow:
stratopharius's avatar
You're welcome and thank you :D
Geiru's avatar
this is all pretty cool. :D
lemonysocks's avatar
Thank you for the feature! <3
qeius's avatar
Thank you for the feature, sweets! I love me some octopi and squiddies.
stratopharius's avatar
You're welcome~ and who doesn't? ;)
Gitoku's avatar
Thanks a lot for the feature^^
Erdile's avatar
SpiritOfTheFire's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature! :heart:

why there is no octopus icon on dA? D:
stratopharius's avatar
Good question! D:
lyndzapedia's avatar
Aww, thank you so much for the feature, I really appreciate it!
Hopiamanipopcorn's avatar
oooh, so nice, this collection :D octopi and squiddies <3
WinGrims's avatar
Thank you for featuring me! ;w;

This is a wonderful collection. <3
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