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The Known Lands of Carcerem -- Commission

Well, this one took me a looooong time and is probably my most work-intensive and complex map to date. I've lost track of how many hours I spent on it... 30? 40?

A single continent, cut off from rest of the world through a giant chain of mountains and treacherous seas.

Need a map? I'm open for commissions! Send me a note!
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do you use a special software to achieve such a work or do you just draw?
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It's just drawing in Photoshop.
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That is a fine looking map. 
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Thank you! It's a bit reduced in size; the version the client got allows for a better view on the details of the different locations.
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Wow! Just wow! Your best work so far.
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Awesome map! Like the clouds and icy mountains
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Awesome job Wired!! :)
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Game of Thrones? My friend Tristam is a fan of it
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Great looking map! Drawn well with great colors. Nice work.
Very cool piece.
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Gorgeous map. If I had the space would love to have it hanging in one of my rooms.
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Thank you. Glad you like it! :)
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That looks amazing! What program did you used? Or is it hand-drawn?
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This was completely digitally hand-drawn on a Wacom Intous tablet in Photoshop CS5 and Adobe Illustrator (for the cities and locations). The only pre-made parts I used were a couple of parchment textures I combined for use on the oceans and the base territory.
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OK, that's wow.
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